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Rush Limbaugh Goes Elite Over UAE Ports Deal

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Once again I offer the disclaimer that I am a loyal Rush Limbaugh listener and think the man has talent of amazing heights. I also agree with almost every word the man utters/teases/satirizes.

Here lately, however, I’ve caught Rush in a few faux pas, the most major being his stance on the Dubai port deal. This is not to say that Rush is necessarily wrong on the Dubai port deal — which he is totally for — but it is to say that Limbaugh hasn’t adequately given both sides of the story.

For a man who pledges never to quit until everyone in America agrees with him, Rush really set that goal back quite a bit; not only with his stance on the Dubai ports deal, but how he totally fails to get a handle on how the American public feels about it. Alas, I fear, too many years at the top of the talk radio circuit has turned my beloved Rush Limbaugh into an elite that so many of the mainstream media has become.

If Rush had a grip on us more ordinary folk out here in la-la land — ordinary in that we are the middle class and we carry this country on our backs — he would at least have an understanding of our reaction and he would at least address it without derision. And I’ve lamented before so I’ll lament again, Rush Limbaugh has very little female input into his thought processes and once again, it shows.

Since 9/11, Rush has blasted the air waves with the misdeeds of the radical Muslims. He’s in total agreement with the administration’s decision to monitor communications between Al-Qaeda and American citizens. He’s derided the so-called “cartoon riots” as well he should have. He’s preached about the Palestinian problem and the horror of suicide bombings.

All of a sudden Rush forgets all this and comes out championing a deal with the United Arab Emirates to run this country’s ports. This is not to say the man hasn’t given his best effort to convince his listeners not to over-react, get more details, and not to allow fear to guide us, until finally, he resorts to deriding what I think is a very normal reaction to the sudden pronouncement of this deal sprung on the American public with no warning.

All across the fruited plains, politicians, actors, and producers of fine consumer products understand the importance of public image. One would think that radio talk show hosts would understand such as well, but there you have it. Either Rush Limbaugh doesn’t have a clue or he chooses to ignore it. He’s been accused of toadying up to the administration and his pontification on the glory of the UAE seems to be toadying if I ever heard it live. For if Rush really cared about his listeners instead of George W., he’d be, at the very least, presenting the view of the American public in a logical fashion rather than spending much of his show telling us how stupid we are.

We begin with the attack on our lawfully built buildings on our own soil via ramming by our lawfully built airplanes, resulting in the murder of over 3000 of our peaceful citizens all pursuing their own happiness. Somebody needs to tell Limbaugh that it wasn’t soldiers murdered on 9/11, it was us ordinary mortals.

Let us move on to the great head-chopping Muslim reality show. Indeed, with a mere click to a website we could see the heads of our citizens roll across our computer screens and even the now-elite Rush has to know this is not good PR.

How about the cartoon riots? At the risk of being labeled insensitive to Muslim sensitivities, I’d offer that most Americans consider rioting over cartoons to be a bit over the top. Rioting that we’d just as soon not happen on our own soil. Let us not forget the two weeks of car burning in France that preceded the cartoon riots, another great sight bite that Americans witnessed. I think we can conclude that behavior is stupid, certainly non-productive.

Of course, there’s Al-Jazeera spouting radical Muslim nonsense, not to mention the latest kind and sweet pronouncement from Osama Bin Laden or his designee of the day. We move on to Iran’s honest leader who publicly declares the Holocaust did not happen and Israel needs to be wiped off of the planet. Israel, we wonder; then perhaps the United States of America? It’s really bad PR, Rush, for countries to call for the annihilation of another.

In between all of this there’s sight bites such as the Palestinian mother who waxes on about the glory of suicide bombers and brags about her own two sons who went to meet Allah in such a blaze of glory. Rush, listen to me; we might be stupid out here in la-la land but surely you understand there is no way dumb Americans will ever accept the notion that sending one’s children to their deaths is somehow a noble thing.

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Rush would probably argue back to my diatribe that none of this has anything to do with the United Arab Emirates. He’d likely chastise my prose that it does mention the fact that our California ports are run by the Chinese, as are the two entrances to the Panama Canal. Well Rush, Americans don’t like that much either and goodness knows we’ve been complaining about illegal immigration for about forever only to be ignored by this administration.

Rush would also be the first to preach the consequences of behavior. Well Mr. Limbaugh, do you think maybe the American backlash has something to do with radical Muslim behavior? Do you think there’s a price to be paid for how you act and how your actions are perceived? To which I must add that so-called “Moderate Muslims” are mind-numbingly silent on the behavior of their radical brothers and indeed, Americans are bombarded with news of arrests of would-be terrorists living in our country. I would remind Rush that his beloved UAE buddies still engage in the economic boycott of Israel (why?), that three of the 9/11 hijackers came from the UAE, that every day as our lazy congress critters get off their Abramoff-fed behinds and do some investigating, we find even more evidence that the UAE are not the angels he depicts.

Mr. Bennesh, that Colorado teacher who labeled this country the most war mongering country ever, paid a price for his actions. Rush was all over that story. He calls radical feminists “femi-nazis” and okay, some of them do get a bit carried away.

But the radical Muslims and the UAE Rush loves? It’s only Americans who should suffer the consequences of their behavior I must conclude is Limbaugh’s belief.

Hey Rush, maybe the UAE should spend some of their oil wealth trying to improve the image presented by their fanatical cohorts. Maybe the UAE and others in the Arab world should take a look at America’s rabid reaction to having them live amongst us, and what? Get a clue maybe?

The overwhelming reaction to the news that the UAE would be managing our ports by the American public was not knee-jerk and I resent Rush Limbaugh’s insinuation that it was. Or is my reaction to Colorado teachers teaching our young people lies about my country knee-jerk? Or is my reaction to the femi-nazis, who carry on as if their right to a late-term abortion was guaranteed by Thomas Jefferson himself, knee-jerk?

Frankly I’m right pleased that the radical Islamofacists got a kick in the teeth over this port deal. Perhaps they will take a step back and consider the sort of behavior Americans consider appropriate. They don’t have to agree with our standards nor do they have to adopt it. They can continue to chop heads off and display their pride for all to see. They can burn cars, blow up their children, and riot over cartoons all they want. We Americans have no right to impose our mode of living on other countries and societies.

We don’t have to do business with them. It’s as simple as that.

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  • I normally don’t agree with Rush and listen to him only rarely when I have to pick between him and the abominable Dr. Laura. Sometimes I even listen to Air America instead. But on this issue, Rush is one of only two radio figures who have it exactly right, and the fact that the other one he agrees with is Neal Boortz is a very telling sign that even if he’s in the minority he’s on the side of righteousness for once.

    Oh, and Pat. You seem to have posted part of a short story in your bio by accident.


  • Dave,

    Well I hope I fixed that short story thing. Although it’s still showing the same on my screen.

    I never said Rush was wrong on the ports deal. Who gets involved in right and wrong anyway any more? It’s just that the American public had this sprung on them by politicians who seemed not to care a whit about what we think.

    And by me Rush is not bothering to consider it either.

  • The bio thing can take up to 6 hours to update for some reason.

    I’m not sure the American people are as paranoid about Arabs as the media is making them out to be. Most of the people I’ve talked to seem not to have fallen for the scaremongering of the political opportunists in congress. Once the facts are explained to them it becomes pretty obvious how right Bush was and how wrong his opposition has been on this.

    And it wasn’t ‘sprung’ on the American public. The public has never had a say in who runs these freight terminals. It’s a business decision. No one consulted the public when the governments of China and Singapore took over the terminals on the west coast.

    IMO the problem here largely results from absolutely abyssmal media coverage of the issue, where they consistently get basic facts wrong and repeat the incorrect statements of politicians without bothering to do any fact checking.


  • MCH

    Maybe Rush is back on the Oxycontin…

  • “And I’ve lamented before so I’ll lament again, Rush Limbaugh has very little female input into his thought processes and once again, it shows.”

    Why does he need female input?

    I don’t agree with everything Rush says (I’m more libertarian and secular than he is), but I listen to his show as a break from traditional female shows. I can get plenty of female input on “The View” or “Oprah.”

  • IgnatiusReilly

    “la-la land” is Hollywood or Los Angeles. I thought you lived on the east coast?

  • Rush has become a god to so many people. Although he believes we can’t survive as a nation without him, how can a man who makes $35,000 an hour relate to the average person on the street? He holds an unnamed cabinet post in the Bush administration and when he says he is on loan from God, it bristles the hair on the back of my neck as nothing else will. I am sickened by his so-called expertise and no wonder he lost weight. He exasperates all the calories contained from his brain to the microphone.

  • not a Rushan

    And don’t forget Rush came up with this brilliant opinion: “Trees are useless until you cut them down.” Every one of his shows contains at least one of these nitwitticisms.

  • Let’s all remember what Rush Limbaugh is, first and foremost: an entertainer. His entire purpose is twofold: (1) To sell advertising time. (2) To lure as many listeners as possible into listening to those advertisements. Everything he says is, to some extent or another, designed with those purposes in mind.

    Neither his fans nor his detractors should take him so seriously.

  • MCH

    In all my years of listening to Rush Limbaugh, he has made only one statement I agree with; while bashing Bill Clinton’s avoidance of serving in the Vietnam War, Limbaugh said, “Never trust a draft dodger.”

    Limbaugh’s military record…
    **Student deferments
    **Medical deferment for a pilonidal cyst (a pimple on his ass)

  • tommyd

    Rush Limbaugh is a paid agent of the Bush Adminstration. Or in other words, Josef Goebbels reincarnated.

    How anyone can let themselves be brainwashed by that f’king a-hole is beyond me. But then again, there were many smart, well-off, Germans in the ’30’s who believed what Goebbels said, so never underestimate the stupidity of the herd.

  • Rick

    “Do you think there’s a price to be paid for how you act and how your actions are perceived?” I agree, but its a two way road. I suggest our country would benefit if we thought about that price a little bit more.

    There’s so much wrong in your argument that I really don’t know how to start. First of all, you appear to be entirely ignorant as to what the United Arab Emirates consist of. They’re about as far away from radical Islam as Vegas is from radical christianity. If anything, we should be encouraging these people, giving them ground to stand on as they attempt to build relations with us. Of course, you made it perfectly clear that you don’t care about doing anything other than bundling all Muslims in one basket. The right wing has really shown its real racist self this year, and I’m impressed that Rush’s business instincts outweighed his racist instincts on this one.