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Running My First 11 Km Race

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I finally subjected my legs to 11 km of running and, was quite surprised that my legs actually withstood it. I had registered for this event some three months back and wanted to train but hiccups were happening all the while, with the major one being the return of my hairline fracture. Along the way I obviously got a wee bit lazy.

So seriously, this is the first time that my legs actually endured 11 km during the recent Energizer Night Race 2011. The most I ever ran was 10 km almost 23 years ago.

It was a superb run at Sepang International Circuit (SIC). Yeah, you read it right. We ran on the very track that the Formula One (F1) drivers raced the previous weekend during the Malaysian Grand Prix!

The night was surprisingly cool, having rained the entire Saturday morning and at noon. Thus, it became a pleasant evening run when I was flagged off at 8:30 p.m. Cool as the evening was, the event was marred by the lack of watering points. A lap of the SIC is 5.5 km. The one and only water point (which strangely served us Gatorade in cans) was at Turn 14 (it’s approximately 5 km of running).

The SIC is not flat. It has a gradient of 5.6% at certain corners. And it was further marred when there were no drinks at the finishing line itself.

Now armed with that experience, I reckon that I need to get myself a camelback or waist pack. One thing for sure, that will mean that I need to accustom myself to running with additional weight or distraction.

I’ve always needed to run light. The most I would carry along during trainings or even actual run has only been my iPod to keep me focused on my run. Now with the camelback or waist pack, this is bound to be some additional weight.

I seriously have no idea how I actually competed the run. My iPod died on me halfway through and decided to sing static tones instead of my chosen playlist. The runner that I was marking decided to slow down. It was a count of luck that the devil and angel in me came out to keep my mind entertained.

I had initially registered for the 11 km run but was later given a media run of 5 km instead. Torn between the two distances, I actually made up my mind to run in the 11 km only at the very minute I arrived at SIC. Check out the devil and angel in me that had me pretty much entertained during my 1 hour-and-20-minute run.

Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that on my next 10 km run in June for the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon, the whole run will just be brilliant with sufficient water point.

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