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Run Larry Crowne Run

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When the movie first started showing “U-Mart” which seemed to mimic the well known department store K-Mart and Tom Hanks made his entrance, watching him pick-up trash in the parking lot made me first think of “Forest Gump!”  I suppose Mr. Hanks knew the part well to play a character like that but this man, “Larry Crowne” was a bit smarter than Forest Gump!

Julia Roberts played the college professor Mercedes Tainot and as beautiful as she is, I first thought she was going to be a villain but as the movie progressed I warmed up to her.

What I liked about the movie was the way it seemed factual and modern. It was believable to me. Especially the way Larry’s life had taken a turn. It was realistic for this day and time with so many people losing their homes, jobs and spouses.

There is still hope today and this movie set the example that we all must go through “stuff” to become better people by leaving the past behind.

Visit the site at: LarryCrowne.com to watch a trailer.

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