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Rumsfeld vs Reality?

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Either our government agencies aren’t working from the same script, or a lot can happen in one day:

2/24/04 – Defense Intelligence Agency chief Adm. Jacoby: “Taliban attacks have reached their highest level since the collapse of the Taliban government.[They] are a serious threat, potentially eroding commitments to stability and progress in Afghanistan.”

2/25/04 – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: “I’m not seeing any indication the Taliban pose any military threat to Afghanistan.”

Would you buy a used country from this man?

“Low mileage!” …left.

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  • Shark


    Yeah. Okay.

    Rumsfeld has never been known to lie before. Might as well give him the benefit of the doubt.


    My bad.

    “Don’t be pissin’ on my back and tellin’ me it’s rainin'” —Dirty Sharky

  • Ash

    Granted that you have two statements made by two different people that contradict each other.

    However, why by default assume it is Rumsfeld that is wrong?

    In truth, every day you can find contradictions like this, especially by taking quotes out of context, as you have done here.