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Another music recommendation. This one has a lot of bang to it. She’s RPM. I assume it has some sort of connotation to revolution but I have no idea what it really stands for, so whatever. One thing is for sure though, her entire promotion rides on her rebellious, anti-establishment image. Her songs are fairly typical nonconformist rants (as oxymoronic as that sounds, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean though), but there are some decent songs in there (referring to her most recent album, Irrational Anthem) when she’s not trying to be all against the world. If you want to compare her, I’d say she fits in some where between a wannabe-early-days-Alanis and non-teenage-angsty-Avril. Some stand out songs include: “Don’t Be You,” “Liquid You,” “Talk You Down,” and “Happy Song.”

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  • i like how she swiped the dennis miller quote for “Goddammit” (“..i’m not born again, i got it right the first time”)