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Roy G. Biv “Perspectives in Perspective”

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Roy G. Biv’s debut album is an in depth look at what rock and roll should sound like.

This independently released album entitled “Perspectives in Perspective” shows a plethora of influences on the band. Weezer, The Beatles, Radiohead and even some U2 can be heard in all of the tracks encompassing this album.

Beginning their musical journey in the heavily laden Chicago music scene, Roy G Biv is a spectacular display of poise and talent. In track 1, vocals are soft enough to intrigue, but are not drowned out by the music. The hooks are catchy and pop ridden. The tone in the vocals are professional and appropriate for the style of music portrayed. The talent doesn’t stop there either. The soothing harmonies and head bobbing melodies continue throughout the entirety of this disc. In fact, there are virtually no flaws in this record. Even the mixing and production, an area where even some of the best albums have flaws–especially in the independent scene—is way above average and deserving of attention by the musical world.

If you like emo, pop or rock and roll—buy this album. In a year, you can tell your friends that you liked these guys before they made it big.

Jeff Petermann
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