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Rowling to Read From Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Midnight

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There are parties all over the world for the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight at midnight and they will all be jolly and festive in their own special ways. BUT, none will be quite as impressive or regal as the special Potter party at Scotland’s thousand-year-old Edinburgh Castle.

Potter series author J.K. Rowland will read to 70 children from the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince there at midnight. The children, who will each receive a copy of the book, won competitions to report on the event on behalf of newspapers from around the globe.

The select 70, between 8 and 14, will arrive in high style, having been transported in 12 carriages drawn by black horses adorned with black ostrich plumes. Fire-eaters and jugglers will line the way to the castle, decorated to resemble the entrance hall of Harry’s school Hogwarts.

Live footage will be shown outside the castle on a big screen for more than a thousand other young Potterians, and the same footage will be broadcast live at Barnes and Noble bookshop in Manhattan, where Potter audio-book actor Jim Dale will host a launch party.

But it won’t be in a castle.
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  • DrPat

    Did I tell the BC crowd that I actually got SPAM about the Potter castle party? The title was something like “Winner: Harry Potter special party in Edinburgh”.

    I viewed it as source only, so I know it didn’t say anything more than an initial line about this event at the castle on the Holy Hill, before the instructions to “open the attached file for details.”

    Is nothing sacred!?!

  • Eric Olsen

    freaky, and no, nothing is

  • katie rutter

    i would like to know what the chapter was seen as i wasn’t allowed to stay up till 12:00 last night!

  • Rebekah Ruddock

    I have been reading since 12:01 am and i havent put the book down once. Ia m reading it now im on chapter four it is GREAT!!!!

  • Aaman

    Amazon has to be insane – they’ve sent me the book by UPS – I don’t think UPS does weekend delivery, and that would be terrible – I might end up disappointed and have to take this up with them.

  • Aaman

    Cool – I just received mine – UPS via USPS – didn’t know that was possible:)

    Excuse me while I take care of baby, mommy and Harry

  • Arash

    [Edited] u can read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    [Editor: You cannot post copyright violations]