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Rosario Dawson can look pretty hot, as in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour and in the movie Sin City. This is pretty much the only reason I’ve posted on her. Other than that, there’s not much of a reason to. She can’t really act and her knee-jerk, East Village politics are a bit much to take.

In a fawning New York Metro article on Dawson virtually every stereotypical East Village reference is name-dropped: Allen Ginsberg, Karen Finley, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Jonathan Larson, etc. (Interestingly, there’s no mention of how, despite her daughter’s 7-figure net worth, Dawson’s mother is still the beneficiary of a rent-controlled apartment, much to the chagrin of her neighbors.)

We learn that Dawson was “discovered” at 15 by Larry Clark and cast in that exploitative and transgressive™ piece of crap film known as Kids, which the Metro writer of course calls “the most controversial film of the nineties.” (“Controversial” is culturalese for daring, open-minded, progressive, etc.)

Also, of course, we must be told that Dawson is “African-American, Cuban, Irish, Native American, and Puerto Rican”. (Ding. Street cred points. With the Left, it’s always important to highlight a non-European’s ethnic makeup; it’s an essential descriptor.)

We learn that Dawson was arrested at the Republican convention “while filming an activist movie,” (Ding. Extra street-cred points) and what her upcoming projects are:

Dawson will add three impressive jewels to her scuzzy crown this year. The first is her stage debut, as part of the Village’s most famous export, the free Shakespeare in the Park Festival. She’s playing Julia in a revival of John Guare’s seventies multicultural musical version of Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona. Then on Saturday, August 27, she’ll march at the head of the sprawling Howl! Festival of East Village Arts parade representing all that is good and bohemian and full-lipped about the neighborhood…. But Rosario’s shiniest gem will be added this November, when the actress joins all but two members of the original Broadway cast of Rent in Chris Columbus’s film version of Jonathan Larson’s romantic East Village musical… If ever a role required unbridled enthusiasm, it is that of Mimi in Rent: Mimi, of course, is the heroin-addicted stripper who has a serendipitous AIDS remission before the finale, so she can trill the final song.

Let’s see, in addition to the abovementioned name-dropping, we’ve managed to squeeze in the words “multicultural”, “bohemian”, “heroin”, and “AIDS”. Elsewhere in the piece one finds the words or phrases “activism”, “artistic integrity”, “nihilistic”, and “idealism”.

Geez, was the Metro writer using Funk and Wagner’s Glossary for Politically Correct Hipster Journalism or something?


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  • What does shakespeare in the park have to do with “the village”?

    Wrong neighborhood. Quiff-stain chicken-banging moron.

  • Me

    I love you Rosario!!!! Watching you makes me reazlize what life is about. You are so happy and fun loving, I used to be like that. I just want to get that back myself so bad. You should come hang out with me!!!!

  • juan

    The problems with the bloodline references include the fact that Rosario is not Native American and Irish. Rosario has never met her biological father. The man she continues to refer to as her father is Greg Dawson, a local small time criminal in the lower east side of Manhattan whom her mother Isabel had married. Greg is of Irish and possibly Cherokee descent. Rosario and her mother Isabel have perpetuated this lie as a marketing scheme for many years.