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Elliston, on Trinity Bay in Newfoundland, Canada, was officially declared “Root Cellar Capitol of the World” in 2000.

The town boasts 135 documented root cellars (of which two are pictured above), some of which are nearly two centuries old.

The website is chock full of things root cellar-related: there are links to Frequently Asked Questions, Cellar Folklore, The Root Cellar Report, Root Cellar Construction, and a virtual Root Cellar Tour.

What’s keeping you?

Get on with it.

My interest in the subject was occasioned by Barbara Damrosch’s informative January 20 article in the Washington Post.

In it, she noted that the best introduction to the subject, including building your own root cellar, continues to be Mike and Nancy Bubel’s 1979 book, “Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables.”

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  • One year when I was a kid, I really got into planting vegetables in the back yard, which resulted in a half-ton of potatoes (bounty can be a real bitch sometimes). Fortunately we had an aunt who had a root cellar nearby, so the family had potatoes for about a year.

  • DWR

    Ok. I’m hearing how good these root cellers are in the NORTHERN parts of the country. How about central Georgia? Would they be effective? And just how would I go about building one? I plan on a “hillside” model being as how the back yard has a “good slope” (around 20 degrees or so). Think I’d rather dig than mow…