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Romney’s Lawn? Who Toils to Deliver the Boston Globe?

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Squaring the Boston Globe has learned that Massachusetts Governor-elect Deval Patrick has taken delivery of his morning newspaper from suspected illegal immigrants. Patrick, an early riser and Boston Globe subscriber, has possibly also waved and said “Gracias” to his Boston Globe carrier when picking up his paper at 5:30 AM in the driveway of his Milton home. Patrick may also have tipped his carrier directly with cash or through a tipping program for newspaper carriers administered by the Boston Globe

Deval Patrick’s Boston Globe newspaper is delivered to his million dollar home by Publishers Circulation Fulfillment (PCF). PCF has provided distribution services for the Boston Globe since 2001, and provides similar services for the New York Times. Hundreds of Boston area immigrant laborers work with PCF. They obtain batches of Boston Globe newspapers at several distribution centers every day around 3:30AM and deliver them via prescribed routes to Boston Globe subscribers in the greater Boston area, including Deval Patrick. The vast majority of PCF's Boston Globe carriers are immigrants. Their legal status is unknown.


Deval Patrick emerged here to pick up his Boston Globe newspaper, delivered to his door by a firm that uses suspected illegal immigrants.

PCF officially maintains that these carriers are not actually employees, but instead serve as independent contractors. If so, PCF would not be required by law to verify legal immigration status of the Boston Globe carriers. A recent want ad published by PCF seeking such “independent contractors” does not state any requirement for immigration status. According to a phone message at PCF offices (1-800-537-5354) all that is required is that contractors “must be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers license and a dependable vehicle.”

Squaring the Boston Globe called the PCF job line only to hear a recording ask:

If your prefer English press 1.
If you prefer Spanish, press 2.
If you prefer Portuguese press 3.

Neither PCF nor the Boston Globe could be reached for comment, but in Friday’s Boston Globe another supplier of illegal immigrant labor is quoted as saying that a customer “doesn't have to ask” whether his contractors are legal immigrants because “I'm a company”. Jerry Giordana, the president of PCF has assured the Boston Globe that “It’s your paper. Your subscribers. And our promise to deliver.”

The story of Deval Patrick’s possible encounter with illegal immigrants is part of a recent newspaper reporting trend. The issue of illegal immigrant laborers has been tricky and sometimes damaging to political figures. Last Friday, the Boston Globe disclosed that a firm named Community Lawn Service with a Heart had used at least four illegal immigrants to provide groundskeeping services at the Belmont home of outgoing Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Sadly, today nobody knows the legal status of the hundreds of immigrants who deliver the Boston Globe. However Squaring the Boston Globe is certain that the dedicated professionals in the Boston Globe newsroom, who are now alerted to this situation, will investigate the legal status of these newspaper carriers with the same zeal and determination that they showed in the case of Romney’s “contracted” illegal immigrants. When they have completed their usual thorough job of investigative journalism, the public will know for certain whether Deval Patrick has taken his copy of the Boston Globe from the hand of an illegal immigrant.

Full disclosure: PCF has also delivered newspapers to Squaring the Boston Globe. All the Globe carriers who have served Squaring the Boston Globe have been immigrants. Squaring the Boston Globe does not know the legal status of the Globe carriers who have served us. Our carrier left recently to return to his home in Latin America. Unlike the Boston Globe, Squaring the Boston Globe does not have the lavish resources to fly ourselves to Latin America for a single interview to determine if our Globe carrier was in this country legally or not.

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  • Ralph

    It is also my understanding that he may have had his trash picked up by an illegal immigrant, had his gas tank filled at a gas station that may hire illegal immigrants, had his lawn mown by a company that may hire illegal immigrants, ate a hamburger at a restaurant that may have hired illegal immigrants, etc…

  • Immigration isn’t an issue that resonated at the polls. Hard core conservatives are assisting in this attack because they do not want to be exposed as religious bigots. The Boston Globe is simply highlighting Republican hypocrisy – yet again.

    What needs to happen? Republicans that do not share this anti-immigrant philosophy must stand for a more enlightened, and realistic position.

  • It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that most of the local newpapers use illegal immigrants to deliver their papers.

    What is really disturbing is, these people do not have legal licenses, or the proper car insurance which makes them a danger to all of us.
    I can’t believe that noone is looking in that point of fact.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait for someone to be killed by an illegal immigrant delivering the newspaper before something is done about it.

  • I find the media hypocricy more disturbing than the risk.

  • Arch Conservative

    Well Jim I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for illegals to be held accountable under Devall Patrick if I were you. He has already stated that he intends to give ILLEGAL ALIENS in state college tuition rates.

    Yeah the ILLEGAL ALIENS in MA know they have a pretty god thing going for at least the next four years. Patrick is going to make Massachusetts a bigger national joke than it already is.

  • Oh Arch, we can almost always depend on you to write, very poorly, thoughts that are barely worth expressing in the first place.

    Here’s an excerpt from an item in the New York Observer entitled “The Two Faces of Mitt Romney,” much more fun and interesting than who delivers whose newspaper or Arch’s stand on the capitalization of illegal aliens:

    “Willard (Mitt) Romney, the governor of Massachusetts…wisely declined to seek a second term as governor this year—the better to avoid the kind of home-state electoral drubbing that just felled Messrs. Santorum and Allen. Mr. Romney is running as a doctrinaire conservative, the true believer’s safe haven from the heresy of his rivals.

    So far, it’s working: Mr. Romney’s numbers have grown …And it may continue to work—unless anyone bothers to read up on the first 57 or so years of the 59-year-old Mr. Romney’s life. Because … Either Mr. Romney was faking it then, or he’s faking it now.

    Consider that Mr. Romney burst onto the Massachusetts political scene during the national G.O.P. revolution of 1994, when he ran a fleetingly competitive campaign against Senator Edward M. Kennedy… The Mitt Romney that voters are getting to know this year would doubtless have contrasted his rock-ribbed conservative principles with the Senator’s tired and often incoherent Great Society aphorisms.

    But that’s not what happened.

    Here is Mr. Romney, from his first debate with Mr. Kennedy, on the subject of abortion:

    “Many years ago,” he intoned, “I had a dear, close family relative that was very close to me who passed away from an illegal abortion. It is since that time [that] my mother and my family have been committed to the belief that we can believe as we want, but we will not force our beliefs on others on that matter.”

    He continued: “And you will not see me wavering on that.”

    During the same campaign, Mr. Romney assured gay voters that, “as we seek to establish full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent.” Keep in mind: His opponent was Ted Kennedy.

    Now, of course, Mr. Romney is doing all he can to overturn gay marriage, which was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004. Within the state, the initial furor has long ago evaporated, and even Republicans in the State Legislature have dropped their efforts to outlaw it. But Republicans in South Carolina are still in a lather, so Mr. Romney is too.”

    Full text of the article is here

  • Nancy

    Of course elected official SHOULD be held to the strictest standards of conduct & adherence to the law; but how on earth is anyone human to know when a 3rd party (such as a delivery service) has contracted with illegals? While illegals are indeed rife in this country, just because someone is brown or speaks Spanish doesn’t automatically translate into ‘illegal’. If it did, it would certainly make rounding them all up & deporting them so much easier. Nor can Mr. Romney – or Mr. Patrick, for that matter, go about challenging random people they suspect of being illegals on the basis of being brown or hispanic, certainly not if they want to retain a political future. Mr. George Allen’s (R-VA) recent “macaca” comment to someone who turned out to be a native-born US citizen of East Indian descent & the resulting furor & defeat of Mr. Allen showed that. Now, if Mr. Romney was EMPLOYING an illegal alien, then by all means the paper would be well within its rights to raise hell about it; but in this case, I think the whole issue is contrived simply to give SQTBG some cheap publicity & should be regarded accordingly.