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Typically, being creative, caring, consistent, and demonstrating special consideration toward your partner are traits that support truly romantic behavior. Being romantic is often behavior men and women engage in freely during the dating and courtship stages. Unfortunately, for many couples, romantic behavior declines significantly after a relationship is well-established. Some associate gender patterns with the rise and fall of romance.

What is considered romantic behavior? Chick flicks are renowned for portraying idealistic images of romantic relationships. A lavish, candlelight dinner at an expensive restaurant might be romantic for some. For others, it represents an unnecessary extravagance lacking in privacy.  Blogs are filled with stories and suggestions. Physical contact such as massages, foot rubs, hand holding, and general affection are commonly felt as romantic, but certainly not by everyone. The relationship itself and the partners determine what is romantic.

The purpose of being romantic? The common answer is that the initial goals of romantic behavior are feeling close, loved, and desired in order to create an emotionally intimate relationship quality. Beyond that, many also hope that an intimate sexual interlude will follow. Couples want answers and tips to increase romance in their relationships.

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