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Rolling Stones Set Tracklist for New Rarities Disc

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The Rolling Stones have unveiled the tracklist for their upcoming rarities release due November 22. The sixteen-track release contains no previously unreleased material but several of the more obscure tracks are hard to find.

The album will be sold in Starbucks coffee shops as well as regular retail outlets- a departure from agreements Starbucks has had with other artists such as Alanis Morrisette.

Track Listing for Rolling Stones Rarities: 1971 – 2003
1. “Fancy Man Blues” (B-side to the “Mixed Emotions” single)
2. “Tumbling Dice” (live)
3. “Wild Horses” (live)
4. “Beast of Burden” (live)
5. “Anyway You Look At It” (B-side to “Saint of Me” single)
6. “If I Was A Dancer” (Dance Pt 2.)

7. “Miss You” (dance version)
8. “Wish I’d Never Met You” (B-side to “Terrifying” single)
9. “I Just Wanna Make Love To You” (live)
10. “Mixed Emotions IV” (12″ version)
11. “Through The Lonely Nights” (B-side to “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” single)
12. “Live With Me” (live)
13. “Let It Rock” (B-side to “Brown Sugar” single)
14. “Harlem Shuffle” (New York Mix)
15. “Mannish Boy” (live)
16. “Thru and Thru” (live)

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  • what exactly does ‘rarities’ mean? heck, ya can get “Mannish Boy” from Love You Live, for instance.

    (you don’t have to reply if you haven’t recovered from the Elliot Smith gambit .-) )

  • I know what you mean. Some of these ‘Rarities’ aren’t that rare. For example, “Dance Pt. 2.” That was rare at one time: when “Sucking in the 70s” was out of print. Now they reissued it and… not so rare.

  • JR

    Is that the same version of “Mannish Boy” as on Love You Live. ‘Cause otherwise, I may not have any of these (Sucking in the Seventies was a best of, so I didn’t buy it.)

    And where’s “Cocksucker Blues”?

  • not sure if it’s the same version or not. still, it’s not exactly rare, even if it is a different version.

    and you’re right, where the hell is “cocksucker blues”? i’m beginning to think that the song doesn’t exist.

  • I read a story that lead me to believe the really good stuff in the vaults… the unreleased stuff… is being held back. The article suggests some people think a true ‘vaults’ collection would kill what little sales A Bigger Bang is generating.

    Everything on the set has been released before in one form or another.

  • Lead? Yow. I need a copy editor! Damnation.

    It led me to believe…


  • And now they both look funny… lead and led. I need to go home and sleep and get out from behind these damn computers. I am inside my own head.

  • Highwire?

    Anyone heard if it? Released 1990/1991.?

    Maybe uist a UK release? THAT’S a mo’foing rarity. I’ve got it recorded off the radio, but in my occasional not-in-depth searches, it’s never come up anywhere.

  • glimmer-twin

    Hello Temple, even an occasional not-in depth search could have brought up –
    Flashpoint (recorded live 89-90 Steel
    wheels /urban jungle world tour) special additions -Sex drive and Highwire. Check it out.
    Looks like tracks 2,9, and 15 may be from love you live but what about the other live tracks? Especially 16?

  • dick robinson

    This is a lousy selection of rarities. What about Everything’s Turning to Gold (b side of Shatttered)and the lve tracks on the Highwire EP? Whoever chose this selection wants their ass kicked. My hamster could’ve done a better job.

  • They may be rarities but they don’t feel like essential parts of the band’s history.

  • grod

    i’m wondering where the live songs come from. There are some great tracks from live 70’s shows that i’ve heard and had at one time. I don’t think they are the ones on here. If this is live stuff from the 80’s, it may be nice to hear (and have) but nothing to get excited about.

  • glimmer-twin

    Hello? Check out the cover – What happened to
    Bill? Guess he should be kinder to the boys in
    his next book.

  • Bruce Armstrong

    I understand the negative and sceptical comments above – most of the tracks on this CD are much less than essential and not very rare. HOWEVER, ‘Let it Rock’ has only been available previously as the B-side of the UK version of the ‘Brown Sugar’ single (it wasn’t on the US version), and very hard to get hold of. It is, in my opinion, the greatest live track the Stones ever released and easily one the best Chuck Berry cover versions I’ve heard. For demented momentum and unhinged guitar raunch it surpasses the excellent Chuck Berry covers on Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out by a long way. If you don’t have it on the B-side of Brown Sugar, you need to buy this CD – it really is that good!

  • tod neil page

    I love this Cd, very guitar heavy, and Mick’s harp playing is friggin amazing! live with me live is a treat . I wish they would do a complete acoustic version of the piano boogie intro to T Dice. The track with M taylor all down the line is a bit heavy on the Mick Taylor. I wonder if he was playing too loud that night? (or too soft and therefore loud in the mix board recordin, since the FOH guy had to turn him up for the audience to hear? Mick? Keith?
    Lovely package all together and a nice HUGE range in the years here. Get it!