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Roller Coaster Ride – Pluto Transit: Astrology-Based Advice

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volcanoDear Elsa,

This year has been a roller-coaster ride for me: costly house repairs, family issues, and work hassles. I also moved in with my long-term boyfriend, and got engaged.

And the ride does not seem to be stopping: more issues are getting onboard! When will the constant changes end, and how I can find my equilibrium amidst it all?

Dizzy and Bewildered

Dear Dizzy,

I’m sorry, but you’ve got a Pluto transit going and this upheaval is going to continue throughout 2006. So it’s very smart of you to be looking for a way to align with the times. And it tells me that you’re already done this to an extent. It tells me that on a deep level, you know.

What will help is perspective. Think of it like a volcano erupting. Your life is erupting. And an erupting volcano is quite terrifying. I mean, come on: hot red lava squirting out of a mountain and everyone is powerless to stop it. It’s a force of nature.

So this describes your life right now, but just like that volcano … after a time, when it damn well pleases, things will settle down. And sure, the landscape will have changed, but so? It’s all in the grand scheme and there are a few things to take from this analogy.

First, the fact that this is not going to last forever, and second that it’s a natural process. Third – except for on the days the lava runs right through your front door and into your house – people in Pluto transits can pretty much go about their business while a volcano does its thing. They peacefully co-exist with a force of nature and this is what I suggest you do.

It may also help in your case to acknowledge that your erupting life is a mirror image of how you feel inside. In other words … you are a volcano. One that needs to blow, that is. You need to clear your decks, roto-rooter, puke it up, etc. And once you do … come 2007, you are going to be so calm that no one’s going to recognize you.

See the graphic on this blog? That’s a calendar. I suggest you buy it, and hang it on the wall as a way to embrace what is happening to you.

Good luck.

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