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Roger Clemens Has Only Himself to Blame

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Wednesday morning Roger Clemens’ former personal trainer Brian McNamee gave testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and repeated his story that he injected Roger Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone. Wednesday afternoon McNamee’s lawyers revealed that back in January their client gave federal investigators physical evidence that would support McNamee’s allegations that Clemens used PEDs.

This evidence was in the form of used syringes and dirty gauze pads that contained traces of Clemens’ blood. Perhaps this is why Senator George Mitchell has repeatedly said he feels McNamee was truthful when he spoke to his investigators.

Immediately upon release of this news, Lanny Breuer, one of Clemens lawyers, issued a statement saying that McNamee "apparently has manufactured evidence.” Breuer went on to say the allegations are "desperate smears. It is just not credible. Who in their right mind does such a thing?"

Breuer didn’t elaborate on how McNamee would be able to get Clemens’ blood or how this evidence was manufactured, and he didn’t provide any information to indicate why McNamee’s latest bombshell isn’t credible. However, he’s right when he asks, “Who in their right mind does such a thing?"

Regardless of whether or not this evidence is legit, it is clear that McNamee is a very shady character. As a matter of fact it has been quite clear since at least 2001 when McNamee was fired by the Yankees for his involvement in an incident involving the date rape drug, an overdosed, semi-dressed woman and an allegation of rape. Despite the fact the charges were dropped, there was every indication that McNamee wasn’t an above-board guy 7 years ago.

The Yankees fired McNamee and yet Clemens continued the relationship. From a strength and conditioning standpoint McNamee had nothing unique to offer Clemens. In this country there are literally thousands of young men and women who work at the college and university level, and countless other qualified strength and conditioning professionals who work in pro sports and as independent contractors.

Roger Clemens could hire the best strength and conditioning professionals in the world, but he decided to hitch his wagon to, and stick with, Brian McNamee.

Ever since the Mitchell Report was released Clemens’ people have tirelessly tried to forward the position that McNamee was an unsavory character, a desperate and troubled man. And they are in the position to know this better than anyone, as the Rocket has worked with McNamee for a decade.

Now Clemens is paying the price for associating with a guy like McNamee. What kind of a man either saves used needles and other detritus that are the by-products of drug use, or manufacturers ersatz evidence of this kind? Either way McNamee has revealed himself to be a low-life.

If he was saving used drug needles, McNamee never intended to be Clemens’ Greg Anderson. He’s not a misguided fool who blindly followed his hero and protected him at all costs. A former cop like McNamee is too savvy to let himself become a patsy for a high-profile, super-rich athlete. McNamee has been described by a least one former cop peer as “an undercover super cop” who made many arrests. Do you think McNamee learned some evidence-based lessons about how to cover his ass when he worked as a cop?

And if McNamee has manufactured this evidence to frame his former client, there’s a good chance he knows just how to make such a ginned-up charge look legit.

Great guy.  And until he got pinched he was Roger's buddy.

Roger Clemens has nobody but himself to blame for the predicament that he is in. This latest development just serves to illustrate how in every drug scandal involving a high-profile athlete there’s a major player who is from the underbelly of society. Any time drugs are involved, whether it’s the Hollywood set, high society or a power broker in the field of business, the rules of engagement guarantee that low-lifes and drugs go hand-in-hand.

Regardless of the outcome of this story, Clemens need look nowhere else but into the mirror when it comes to placing blame for how he got himself into this fine mess.

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  • Sal, what goes around comes around (as cliche as it may be). Roger’s had it coming since he threw that bat at Piazza. I hope he gets exactly what he deserves.

  • sal m

    how can you say that mcnamee isn’t the source of clemens current problems?

    if clemens had fired mcnamee when the yanks did he probably wouldn’t be in this mess right now. given the nature of mcnamee’s behavior that got him fired, it’s hard to imagine a valid reason for clemens sticking with him.

    if you want to forward the argument that clemens has some kind of loyalty streak, you obviously havent’ paid attention to the way he conducted his yearly auction where his services went to the highest bidder.

  • tom

    No question the trainer is not the most savory character, but your opinion seems to imply that Clemens troubles stem from his relationship with McNamee. I think that is a bit premature. Let’s see what else turns up over the next couple of months (especially Petites testimony).

    Had it been anybody else (vs a former cop that knows how innocent people can get thrown under the bus), It never would have gone this far.

  • Mark Hollings

    This doesn’t prove that McNamee was a lowlife. He was saving the syringes to protect himself against the day that Roger Clemens tried to throw him under the bus. And events proved that he was correct to do so.

  • It has indeed been understated how loyal Barry Bonds’ “posse” has been to him.