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Roger Clemens Has Federal Hell Hounds on His Trail

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As the Roger Clemens case develops, and as the feds get more into the process of determining if the pitcher lied in his testimony before a Congressional committee, IRS agents are reported to be looking at a Houston area weight loss clinic and its owner.

The New York Times is reporting that IRS agents “are scrutinizing” Shawn Kelley Weight Loss Center, and that lead agent Jeff Novitisky is pursing people in the Houston area including former employees of this weight loss center/gym. Novitsky has been heading up the investigation into the distribution and use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in major league sports for almost six years.

Some of you may remember that leading up to the congressional hearings Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin said that his client would eat Novitsky’s lunch, and claimed that the federal agent’s presence at the Congressional hearings would be tantamount to witness intimidation. These statements represent just a few of Hardin’s many missteps throughout these proceedings. If you’re anywhere near consideration to be investigated by the feds for anything, the last thing you want to do is vex an IRS agent.

So Novitsky and his very tenacious investigators are interested in one Shawn Kelley, owner/operator of the weight loss center that bears his name. Kelley has claimed to be friendly with Clemens and according to reports, Clemens has visited Kelley’s gym, a claim Kelley denies. Kelley has a history with human growth hormone (HGH) as he is on record as saying he did not sell HGH but referred people to a physician who could provide prescriptions if needed.

Lisa Routh, a psychiatrist, has apparently provided several of Kelley’s clients with prescriptions for testosterone and HGH. According to the New York Times story Routh is quoted as saying, “When you hit a wall and you’re 20 pounds away, you have to say, is there something physiological going on? Is there something medical?”

The Times story also quotes Kelley as stating he did nothing wrong saying, “She doesn’t see athlete-type people, only people — just older people that are trying to increase their quality of life. It’s totally legal; all I do is recommend people.”

Apparently Dr. Routh is not aware that HGH has not been approved for use for either anti-aging or weight loss purposes and her actions are liable to get her in a spot of trouble. And there is the ethical question of why a psychiatrist would be involving herself with weight loss issues and getting referrals from a gym owner.

Kelly is on record as admitting to HGH use saying, “I did have human growth hormone deficiency and I qualified to have it,” he said. “I haven’t done that in years.” Given the very specific and serious nature of adult HGH deficiency (GHD), and the extremely stringent guidelines for testing and determining if a person suffers from this condition, it is highly unlikely that Kelley would qualify for treatment.

The diagnosis of GHD must meet two very specific diagnosis criteria. If a person has a subnormal response to the growth hormone stimulation test and patients with GHD, either alone or along with multiple hormone deficiencies, as a result of disease of the pituitary, hypothalamic disease, surgery, radiation therapy or trauma, or patients who were deficient of growth hormone as children.

That’s pretty specific. And the inclusion of the “and” in the diagnosis criteria is pretty significant. If you check out Kelley’s website it’s safe to say that he doesn’t suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above. Don’t be bamboozled into thinking that this procedure consists of your doctor drawing some blood or some other simple diagnostic tool; the testing procedure to diagnose GHD is difficult to perform and very sensitive.

Here’s another little tidbit of info; there are estimated to be 50,000 adults with GHD in the US and only a fraction are being treated with HGH.

With every development, this story gets deeper and more interesting.

As the feds dig deeper into this mess there’s no doubt more people will be caught up in the web of deceit and intrigue spun by Clemens and his partner in scandal, Brian McNamee. As of today add the names of Dr. Routh and Shawn Kelley to the list of people whose lives have been adversely affected by their association – regardless of how tangentially – with Roger Clemens.

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  • March 01
    Roger Clemens. The FEDS are in BED with the CRIMINALS. Typical.
    By P. “Swifty” Read

    Selig, and Mitchell hire onFeds who abuse power, tamper with witnesses, intimidate others and share private information reserved for Government EYES ONLY, in order to NOT look into Paxton Crawford, or Luis Perez who pin the Red Sox as cheats, but choose instead to look 10 years back in the past, investigate passing conversations, misunderstandings and “those who would sell their own mothers to get out of trouble”, all in order to try to entrap Roger Clemens on Perjury Charges. 7 charges of perjury, one has to do with the actual issue that begun this…whether or not Clemens chose to use a PED. And we learned from Mitchell that steroids and HGH dont actually enhance performance, but give one a psycological edge.


    That is where my tax dollars go? WOW. Can the IRS (represented by JEFF NOVITZKY) legally do this type stuff? Novitzky gave Mitchell PRIVATE INFORMATION, including names in the Search Warrant Affidavit for Grimsley, McNamee’s Private Bank Information, tax Returns and linking evidence to Radomsky. THE IRS gave this information to a PRIVATE CITIZEN doing a PRIVATE INVESTIGATION. And from what I am reading in the McNamee Interview with Hardin’s Private Investigators, the IRS, FBI and Federal Prosecutors (Novitzky, Peralta, Parella, and about 20 other lawyers) misled McNamee by giving him misinformation. They asked McNamee when he met Clemens….1998. If he ever suspected Clemens if juicing…yes, McNamee said he had an abcess that is typical of steroid injections (Mickey Mantle’s abcess is an indication of steroids?). Then the Feds told McNamee that “another person” at Canseco’s 1998 party dropped off steroids to Canseco (that player I believe is Dave Segui…who got the drugs from Radomski). And then TOLD McNamee to connect the dots! They told him WHAT TO SAY TO MITCHELL OR HE WOULD GO TO JAIL. Of course that is clear motivation to say anything they wanted in order to avoid jail. Too bad the FEDS arent required to tape their interviews, like normal Cops. McNamee is a cop though, so circumstantial evidence landing him in jail may not have been enough to scare McNamee into saying whatever they told him to say. They had more than just McNamee impersonating a doctor and dealing drugs, like”unclaimed income and false filing of taxes, rape, attempted murder, additional drug dealing with Radomski that is NOT in the Mitchell Report is all a good start to getting this nut to crack.

    Who are the criminals? They are the ones who got the “poffer deals” in the private investigation by MLB, on MLB in the form of the Mitchell Report. There are just two of them. Kirk Radomsky and Brian McNamee. After all the reason they got deals to begin with is because they are criminals who were busted (of course this assumption circumvents Due Process). One doesn’t offer “proffer deals” to honest, law abiding citizens who have done no wrong.

    Come to think about it, wasnt McNamee asked by Congess if he was a dealer….and also whether or not HE GOT A DEAL from Federal Prosecutors????????????

    So why did McNamee get immunity? One answer is HE IS A DEALER. Another is he is a rapist, guilty of ATTMEPTED MURDER ( paramedics said the girl “was given a near FATAL DOSE of GHB…”). New information shows he was involved deeper with Radmosky then what is being sold us originaly. There are four checks in the Mitchell Report. Each from McNamee to Radomsky. ALL were written in 2004, and 2005. NONE were written in the years that McNamee claims he got drugs for, and injected them (a whole other charge…Impersonating a Doctor) into Clemens. None were evidcence that supports McNamees’ claims that he got drugs for and then injected them into Clemens! So what more did te Feds have on McNamee that would land him in jail? Tax Evasion. But that’s why McNamee got the deal. He is a criminal.

    One criminal (RICO and otherwise crook) got away with “probation” (for his criminality); the other was offered immunity from prosecution (for the same), while ball players and Olympiads are running from the IRS for perjury?? What a great message for the kids, “If you want to stay out of trouble, forget chasing your dreams of being an athlete….instead be a dealer, rape women, al,most kill the, with drugs OBTAINERD BY PETE ROSE JR!! (ghb), then to cover your backside, tell on the athletes and then get immunity. Later do interviews to make money, and write a book.” Must be a Red Sox thing.

    But this was never about “the kids” as Congress would have you believe. IT is about the Federal Anti Trust Exemption, that requires MLB to have a level playing fiels in regards initially to owners in certain markets playing on a level playing field with other, smaller markets. The last Anti Trust Exemption effect that was looked into was in the mid 1990s relative to Capitolism….or what is called Free Agency. Players in so,me sports are likened to Indentured Slaves! Sign the contract and they own you, your future and your location. All true.

    More importantly is why was McNamee offered immunity? He testified, and according to him under oath “was truthful.” But why talk at all? Is it because he was “offered immunity only if he told the truth”. He got immunity from what actual and provable crime? In other words what forced him to even speak in the first place? He must have been guilty of some wrong doing. And I don’t think an Ex Cop in New York City would fall for “You dealt in the early 2000s and later 1990s, and we can prove it with checks written to Radmosky in 2004 and 2005.” That doesn’t cut the mustard, at all. He was offered immunity in exchange for “talking” after all, and that is motive enough to start saying what they want to hear. A deal for a dealer, but it wasn’t dealing he was in trouble for??? That adds up like two negatives put together, McNamee and Radomski. Six players were named by McNamee, and not 3 like Congress kept saying.

    They continue to disappoint in this matter. There are quotes to be answered for by the FEDS and McNamee: This McNamee quote, 2006, “….(Feds) were just out to get Clemens….and wanted to use me….” Who cares why he said this, what does he say? And not about his own involvement, but the Feds involvement? NOTE: Remember Hearst Corp Grievance claiming Governmental Abuse, and Judge Ilston presiding over Balco is now even questioning The FEDS own “motives and tactics”. Which maybe the reason they didn’t make Mitchell an Official Federal Investigation. After all, the FEDS were only colluding with a private organization and its owners regarding their employees (players). I could write a book on that one alone.

    And then McNamee in the Oversight Hearing said “…I didn’t want to hurt Clemens and that is why I didn’t say on tape that “I was telling the truth…”. BUT McNamee on the tape did try to set Roger Up with Tampering Charges, something by then he knew all to well, “…tell me what you want me to do, and I will do anything you want me to..I’ll even go to jail.”. Now, if Clemens said “Mac what you said in that Report was a lie, now tell the truth” then he would have just given “orders” to McNamee. That is a crime. McNamee is a cop, he knew that was being taped, and tried to set Clemens up to “tamper with a federal witness” but now we are to believe that McNamee wasn’t trying to hurt Clemens? McNamee then attested in the Hearing that he did tell roger he was telling the truth in the Mitchell / Federal Report as he said in the taped call “it is what it is.” That was supposed to be McNamee telling Roger that he was telling the truth. I listened to the taped call. McNamee says “it is what it is” when he was trying to apologize, McNamee brought up his son, “this is real man, everytrhing else is a joke.” What does that mean in McNamee terminology? (G).

    Clemens fired McNamee in 2007 months before McNamee was approached by the IRS investigation steroids in sports (???). McNamee said that he made Clemens millions, and in return got an average working wage. these are words of a disgruntled ex employee. Roger was Brians biggest “marketing client.” One time in 2001 MAC said he would sue his agent for when Clemens told him NOT to use his likeness in advertising. Maybe that is when McNamee decided that he was going to setp Clemens up and hold him hostage (or blackmail him). He ACTUALLY SAID the he was going “to bring Roger down.” He said was the reason for keeping the guaze and syringes, in 2001!!!!

    Maybe when Roger told him her couldn’t use his image to market (what is now a failed “Vitamin and Supplement Company”) McNamee saw a cash cow walk away, and he wanted revenge. But that was long ago, circa 2001(Oversight Committee, Feb 2008), come full cirlce in 2007 and McNamee was fired by Clemens. The yankees wanted nothing to do with McNamee because of the rape charge. They fired him in 2001. So, Brian Jerome McNamee had no avenue to the quality of life that he was accustomed to …”I turned down 7 figures….and wont write a book…” McNamee said. He offered up that he wasnt in it for the postential to make money. Why would he say that? 7 Figures for an interview…he has done hundreds now, mostly with the NY daily News. Mike Lupicas stomping grounds (by the way, Lupica graduated from Boston College…Red Sox fans are thrilled to read his rants about the Yankees everday in the Daily News…they go ga-ga over Lupica). While handing in alledged, and tainted evidences he said the reasonm he kept that evidence was “I didn’t trust Roger in 2001, I thought HE was going to throw me under the bus, and I was going to bring Roger down.” As if that didn’t hurt McNamee again going to motive, or why to lie about Clemens. He certainly had no evidence for anyone else? Why? Excuse for keeping “alleged evidences” is why, but that last part. “…I was going to bring Roger down…” that goes to McNamee having motive.

    McNamee the criminal, but also Andersen is still doing time, Tajeda was charged with perjury, Palmeiro was too, Bonds!!, Grimsley was busted as a player too (though not sure he will do time). All have one thing in common, they are all players. No Managers or Owners. So these guys (players) are in the drink, and the criminals are about to write books from their cushy, media interview paid for “bachelor pads?”


    PAGE 340.

    DOJs objective is to prosecute the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors that sell PEDs, and not the players who use them.” What about this quote….”McNamee never talked to Clemens about PEDs after 2001″, Mitchell Report, page 178?? And this from the Oversight Committee, “I knew I was being recorded, and didn’t want to hurt Roger by saying “I was telling the truth…” and then, “if you knew my jargon I said “It is what it is”…that to me is I am telling the truth.” Actually the context in which that was said was in apology form to Clemens, and NOT an answer to why he didnt tell the truth. LISTEN TO THE TAPED CALL From the tape McNamee said over and over again, “…what do you want me to do, tell me and I will do anything YOU say…” – a clear bait tactic to land the Rocket in jail for tampering with a Fed Witness charge. McNamee is a cop and knows the law. Is that McNamee’s idea of NOT wanting to hurt Roger? With friends like that who needs the Red Sox?

    And why didn’t anyone discuss drugs with Roger again?? He is yelling at McNamee, he gave us his family’s background surrounding the drug issue…NO ONE, including Andy, ever talked to Clemens at length nor in detail about PEDs. In passing it came up, much like Clemens said in his first press conference. Andy trying to figure it out after 10 years aint jibing! Again, speculation is out.

    Finally, Jose Canseco has told the truth about everyone up until now ( at least has yet to be challenged with suit), but he is going to lie about Roger Clemens, by saying “Roger Clemens never used steroids. He wasn’t at my party either.” ? Immunity was only offered to ONE man in all the investigations….not Andersen, not Grimsley, not Conte, Not Bonds, nor Tajeda, not Palmiero, and on, and on….page 340 of the Mitchell Report says “the objective of the DOJ is to prosecute “distributors, and not the players”….but McNamee got immunity, while Clemens is being tried?

    WHAT is the reason McNamee was offered immunity to begin with??? Was it because he lied to them re the Novitzky Affidavit when named by Jason Grimsley?? So many players, managers and owners say they do not know who is telling the truth. Could that be because they have been exposed to Clemens and know he wouldn’t take them? Why was everyone afraid of talking to Clemens? And is that family history not believable? I SAY ROGER IS TELLING THE TRUTH….not simply leaning towards truth when convenient, or being as truthful as one can, but telling the truth! Or being honest.

    Unlike the attempt to qualify groggy memories AND one who picks and choose when to be “truthful”. Speculation to be thrown out in any court. McNamee’s character is a big issue at the heart of the scandal, and will be delved into in REAL court. Some liken this guy to a “whistleblower”…at best he was out to save his own ass. Brian McNamee’s character and lack of moral compass will be a primary issue for TeamRocket. This article and charge hurts MAC bad. “HELP ME” she said”() re McNamee in the Rape Charge in St. Petersburg. The Rape that was witnessed by Hotel Management, A Yankee Videographer too. Where she almost dies from being given a near lethal dose of HGH (The date rape drug) per paramedics. And the Sheriffs Department released that McNamee lied several times. And why ( if Clemens was using) did he search McNamee’s bag, and “yell at him real good” over HGH and Debbie?? Answer those, and you’ll have my attention.

    Excerpt from Pettitte’s Deposition (next will be the Financial Ties that Bind…Waxman Tied Financially to Mitchell)….

    Q Was that the context? Was he saying that in a

    suggestive way, that it might be a good idea for you?

    A I don’t believe so. I think we were just talking.

    I mean, just, you know, I hate to say something out of

    line — I just — I’m trying to, you know, speculate on the

    conversation or whatever and I hate to do that.

    Mr. Farrell. Don’t do that.

    The Witness. I just think that, you know, we were just

    talking and somehow that came up.


    Q Did he tell you anything about where he got it?

    A No. No.

    Q Did he tell you why he was taking it, what it was

    doing for him, that kind of thing?

    Mr. Sharp. If you remember.

    The Witness. I’m not real sure exactly. You know, I

    hate to speak out of line on that whole situation, but just

    can’t, can’t remember a whole lot of details about our

    conversation, you know, that we had.


    Q Well, that’s fair. I don’t want you to make things

    up. Whatever you can remember about it. And I may ask a

    few more questions about it to see if it sort of refreshes


    your recollection of that conversation. (YOU JUST TOLD THE GUY NOT TO SPECULATE!!…HERE YOU ARE ENCOURAGING HIM TO FURTHER SPECUALTE! swiftyread) Do you remember

    what the tone of the conversation, was it joking, was it


    A I think it was just a normal conversation. We were

    just — he was just — we were just talking, like you and me

    would be talking right now. (MINUS THE 20 LAWYERS and STERNOGRAPHER LOL)That was it.

    Q Did you ever — did he tell you about the pros and

    cons of HGH?

    A No. I want to think that he had just said that, you

    know, like that he had just heard that it helped, like

    helped your body recover and stuff like that. But again,

    you know, I hate to try to — you know, I’m sorry as far as

    trying to — I don’t want to be inaccurate. (er uh…mike lupica…skip…you gonna do a piece on this?)


    It was recently said by Bud Selig, in Congress’s Meeting with all professional sports about steroids, that George Mitchell interviewed thousands for his report. I dare to say that he DID NOT, the Feds did, but it wasn’t their investigation….they had NO jurisdiction. After all the title to the Report states, “…AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION…”. Furthermore, did they forget to talk to Canseco? Mitchell (who has financial ties to henry Waxman )himself said he contacted Clemens, but then explained that he contacted Don Fehr (PA), told him who was in the report, and asked if he could interview these players. Fehr told him that “NO players are interested in conducting an interview.” That would include ROGER CLEMENS.

    Is Mitchell (who works for the Red Sox) trying to do away with the mark Clemens? The mark he has left on Boston and All of Baseball? Is Clemens hated that much in Boston? Because he negotiated with the Red Sox before finally signing with the Yankees in 2007?? After all, we now hear that it is a result of Arlin Spector’s being a fan of the Eagles that the Patriots and the NFL are being sought out in SpyGate. Mitchell never called Hendrick Sports, MCNAMEE DID. He was referred to Hardin who was representing Clemens and Pettitte. Mac agreed to and then interviewed with Hardin’s PIs for which there is a damning tape.

    As to the phrase Mitchell used “fair, careful and thorough investigation”….did he not think to talk to Paxton Crawford. He actually played for Mitchells team (the red Sox) in 2001. He stated that he was using PEDS with 6 other players (mitchell report), and that it “was all over the place” and “we were laughing about it.” () Of course Mitchell is employed NOT as a Senator, but as the Red Sox Legal Consultant. He advises the Boston Red Sox on their legal posture. I wonder why he didn’t chose to investigate Crawford’s claim of the once Red Sox becoming the now Roid Sox. What about another player named Luis Perez? He claimed that he was distributing to 20 plus players on the 2001 Marlins. He has a list of players, drugs, and distribution dates. He handed the info to MLB, Mitchell told Hallinan (now EX-MLB Head of Security) to NOT investigate Perez “any further”. To not investigate. Then I realized why….Lowell and Beckett were on the 2001 Marlins. One is now the 2007 Roid Sox MVP and the other is their ACE!

    The only charge that the FEDS have, that is actually legitimate, is whether Clemens ever used. Evidentry Process will do away with syringes and gauze pads kept for 7 years by one who was “hospitalized with stress’ () I wonder how much Mac got for that SI interview in Feb 2008. In the taped call he said he turned down 7 figures to do an interview and WASN’T doing a book…he testified that “WE” only have the first chapter on Feb. 15, 2008). So the needles are out, but remain important for the fact that the results may be in Clemens favor…in it that they may not match up with Rocket DNA, AND that it shows Mac was out to get Clemens. McNamee, when asked why he kept the syringes, answered, “I didn’t trust Clemens in 2001….thought he would throw me under the bus (??) …and I WAS GOING TO BRING ROGER DOWN…”

    The syringe, coupled with that statement shows MOTIVE as to why McNamee lied. Pettitte’s continual foggy memory rids us of his depo and affidavit along with his wife’s. We’re left with Canseco, Clemens, McNamee’s DEPOS and Affidavits. Video tape, Credit Card Receipts, and third party sport announcers…plus a photo of Clemens that maybe from the Canseco party and a former major leguerer saying Roger talked about boobs! Wow. I think the question of Canseco’s party has to do with what MAC claimed in the Mitchell Report….that Roger was huddled with Canseco doing a drug deal. And not a boob. He testified that he may have dropped by, leaving the family, but didn’t stay. So the NY Daily News throught the purchase of the photo kept by a kid who was eleven. Whose father tried to sell it to Rusty Hardin before the NY Daily News proves that Clemens was honest. HAHA.

    For now it is The WhiteWater Dream Team (TeamRocket has both sides…Hardin worked for Ken Star as a Federal Prosecutor, Breuer defended Clinton…both won as Clinton was Impeached and then not followed up by Senate with Breuer getting the perjury and obstruction charges dropped)


    Parella, some Heather Chick, and Jeff Novitzky….of course TeamRocket has 2 Private Investigators of their own.

    This is the real showdown, not ESPNs Skip Baliss and Mike Lupica cheering in their skirts and pom poms for Rockets Head. HAHA

    From the MLB.com site….

    Where’s that lawsuit Emery?? Mac??

    McNamee has hired Richard D. Emery, a lawyer who specializes in libel and defamation, and the two plan to sue Clemens if Clemens says on “60 Minutes” that McNamee was lying when he said he injected Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs.

    “He’s got a chance to protect himself,” Emery said to the Times. “We’re not going to sue him if he doesn’t do it. But if he does it, we’re going to sue him.”

    Clemens’ attorney, Rusty Hardin, responded: “In his interview with ’60 Minutes,’ Roger told the truth. It is that simple. I encourage Mr. McNamee to watch the program.”

    Finally…here is the link to ALL the evidence that Congress had….including this snippit of information…and if they had this information then why did they misrepresent themselves. It is a piece taken from the MRI of Clemens, PROVING that Clemens NEVER HAD AN ABCESS! So why would Congress (or better still Democrats) bash and frame Clemens for having an abcess when they knew that he didnt? Political cover fire for thir boys’ mistake…..Mitchell!

    excerpt below…. here is your link!

    “No evidence of a well-defined abscess or collection, or an underlying tumor mass

    Is seen. ‘

    Reviewed and dictated by,

    lawrenCe M. White, MD. FRCPC


    co: -”

    • Opening statement of Chairman Waxman

    • Testimony of Roger Clemens

    • Testimony of Brian McNamee

    • Committee interview of Scott Shannon

    • Committee deposition of Roger Clemens

    • Committee interview of Chuck Knoblauch

    • Committee deposition of Brian McNamee

    • Committee deposition of Andy Pettitte

    • Committee interview of Christopher Nitkowski

    • Committee interview of Dr. Ron Taylor

    • Committee interview of Melvin Thomas Craig

    • Committee interview of Jim Murray

    • Committee interview of Rex Jones

    • Committee Interview of David LaBossiere

    • Committee Interview of David Littner

    • Committee interview of Roger Clemens’ nanny

    • Committee Interview of Eugene Monahan

    • Committee interview of Dr. Arthur Pappas

    • Committee interview of Dr. Alan Gross

    • Email from Brian McNamee to Jim Murray

    • Dec. 12 interview of Brian McNamee by investigators

    • Dec. 5 transcript of Brian McNamee and Jim Murray

    • Roger Clemens injury report

    • Affidavit of Andy Pettitte

    • Affidavit of Laura Pettitte

    • Results of Roger Clemens MRI

    • Affidavit of Jose Canseco