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Roethlisburgh Slew Seattle for Fifth Shiny Trophy

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Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10

It wasn’t the greatest game ever. It wasn’t even a great game. It was just a good game.

But since it was kind of an important game, let’s talk about it.

Ben Roethlisberger shook off some nerves in the first quarter (1 yard passing) by making a big throw in the second quarter, towing the line of scrimmage and chucking it to Hines Ward on 3rd-and-28. (3rd and 28?!) He capped off that drive by diving into the endzone with the ball grazing the white line ever so gently to put his team up for good, 7-3.

The next big score for Pittsburgh was a 75-yard scamper by Willie Parker. He broke Marcus Allen’s record for the longest TD run in the championship game by one yard.

The third big play touched five pairs of hands. Center Jeff Hartings snapped it to Roethlisberger, who tossed it to Willie Parker, who handed it to Antwaan Randle El on the reverse, who heaved it downfield to — take a wild guess — Hines Ward for their third and final touchdown.

In retrospect it was hard to believe that Seattle was never out of it until the second-to-last pass when Jerramy Stevens was tackled in bounds with 20 seconds to go. But when you look at the score and see they only had 10 points, you have to wonder why they didn’t score more.

They should have had 13, however. Kicker Josh Brown missed two field goals. One was from 50 yards out, the other was 54. Had either of those FG tries wobbled through the uprights, he would have made the game 21-13 and within reach on that last play.

While 10 points isn’t too much to hang your hat on, the Seahawk offensive line deserves an ocean of credit. They gave Matt Hasselbeck all the time in the world to throw, and they showed why two of those guys are playing in Hawaii next week.

Everyone on Pittsburgh contributed in this win, but somebody had to be the MVP because that trophy is difficult to break into pieces. Hines Ward, who was on the receiving end of two big plays, was given the “you da man” trophy. Although his catches were not as jaw-dropping as another former Steelers Super Bowl MVP (Lynn Swann), he caught five balls for 123 yards, exactly half of the balls caught by Pittsburgh. It would have been a little difficult to hand it to Roethlisberger, although he did lower his shoulder into some large defensive players and scored a touchdown. But he threw two interceptions, had as many passing yards as Hines Ward had receiving, and didn’t even throw the passing touchdown on his own team.

The outcome didn’t shock too many people. For the past two weeks, everyone was talking about Pittsburgh franchise from the starting quarterback all the way down to the practice squad players.

Oh, and some guy named Jerome Bettis is done playing football.

(By the way, halftime miraculously occurred the same time as The Simpsons. It was a good night.)

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  • Guppusmaximus

    Sounds like an upset Seahawks fan to me….

  • More upset that Josh Brown missed one of those field goals so that final throw would have still meant something. I had no hand in the outcome of this game either way.

  • Maybe you did. It’s Magi-Suss!

  • Giggle of the morning: Deadspin noted that on the last play, Roethlisberger “took a knee like a champion.”

    I have a feeling that in the next couple of years he’ll do everything “like a champion.”

  • Nuts! If the damn Steelers had succeeded on that last touchdown drive, I’d be $250 richer from the bar pool!

  • Wow, Grizzly Adams has let himself go.

  • Glad I’m not this guy.

  • MCH

    I thought the Steelers defense played pretty good, too.

  • “But when you look at the score and see they (Seattle) only had 10 points, you have to wonder why they didn’t score more.”

    What is there to wonder about? They did score more. The refs did their job and made sure that the points weren’t posted to the scoreboard. The NFL has become the WWF – a laughing stock and a joke of a league that fixes games for its own economic prosperity.

  • Paul

    The was some bad officiating on both sides. The reffs had some bad calls and non-calls. If the Seahawks got 2 points for all the take downs by their offensive linemen they might have won the game. As for taking the points off the board, even my 10 year old knows you can’t push off like that. #6 seed beats the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seed in the AFC on the road and then beats the 1st seed in NFC; I’d say the best team won.

    would you like sharp or cheddar cheese with that wine or is that sour grapes?

  • RogerMDillon

    Both sides? What was the bad officiating against Pitt?

    “even my 10 year old knows you can’t push off like that.”

    Your kid must ride the short bus because that was incidental contact. Does your kid know you have to break the goal line before you’re lying on the ground to score a touchdown? Does your kid know you can’t block and tackle a player at the same time? Does your kid know what constitues a fumble? If so, he/she is smarter than the officiating crew of the game.

    “would you like sharp or cheddar cheese with that wine or is that sour grapes?”

    If your football knowledge matches your taste in food, I wouldn’t trust anything you offered.

  • Justin Berry

    I was pulling for the steelers, but I didnt want the refs to give them the game. Which is the only way I can see it.

    Now give Texas A&M back their slogan. Theiving losers.

  • Paul

    It’s not incidental since it stopped the defender from making a play for the ball also, but you wouldn’t see it like that in that narrow little mind of yours.

    The ball did break the plane BEFORE he hit the ground. If I was talking about after he hit the ground, the ball was all the way across the line then.

    The Seahawks played a bad game across the board: bad time management in the end of the first half and the end of the game. Their kicker goes 1 for 3 and Mr. league MVP is held under 100 yds and out of the end zone.

    I agree my 10 yo is probably smarter than the reffs and after reading your logic; a lot smarter than you. Maybe I should have my 7 yo argue with you, might be more your speed.

  • I saw Matt Sussman’s name in my local paper. Under the buzz section of sports…are you this same named person Matt? from futonreport.net???

  • all the way in Virginia Beach, VA…damn!!! I’m impressed!!!

  • Was that the Virginian Pilot you read down there?

  • Yes it is Matt…congrats!

  • Thanks, here’s the background story: (link)