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Rodriguez Takes New Approach to Steroid Allegations

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Alex Rodriguez's accomplishments have already made him one of baseball's best all-time players. He's certainly on course to become one of the most productive hitters ever, possibly even breaking Barry Bonds' career home run record. He is also one of the saddest psychological cases in baseball.

The success all seemingly belies Rodriguez's internal turmoil. He is consistently mocked behind the scenes by many — his former manager, Joe Torre and unnamed teammates. The media and the fans are not always kind either, questioning his authenticity, toughness, and his post-season performances.

Being labeled A-Fraud is not a compliment. It's not the reverence his numbers indicate he should receive. His game shows grace. His personality doesn't.

Then came the steroid denials. No surprise, he was exposed as a liar. He wasn't the first with steroids trying to escape detection. Now, new allegations of steroid use, this time as far back as high school, before Rodriguez became the first overall pick in the amateur draft by the Seattle Mariners.

This time, no denial. Instead, he's chosen to side-step the issue.

Rodriguez obviously makes selfish decisions, projects himself one way and then acts in a contrary manner. A-Rod doesn't seem to be overly shaken by being criticized or exposed. He doesn't like it but he seems to roll with the punches showing he doesn't much care how he's viewed. To a degree, that is toughness. It's also arrogance and a lack of character. There is no desire to admit wrongdoing and more importantly, change. He avoids responsibility at nearly all costs.

Take away all the glitz, glamor, and on-field success and Rodriguez has significant psychological problems. Maybe others have tried to help or maybe they fear leading him to healing. In the end, it's A-Rod's decision.

He's just deciding not to do anything about it.

He's for himself.

He does everything in his best interests.

Maybe it was lack for something in his childhood or maybe it's overcompensation for how he feels now. Whatever it is, it hasn't hindered him much professionally. Personally, he is suffering consequences and one day, his legacy will not be what he desires (see Bonds) or feels it should be.

Rodriguez surely owns a mirror. It's just he sees something different than the rest of us when he looks at himself.

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  • Great article…can’t really disagree with anything you said. It’s sad to see baseball’s top star reduced to this.

  • Michael Talks Behavior, Culture and Relationships

    Thanks for the compliment Floppy Divac (excellent username). A-Rod is an other-worldly talent, passionate and devoted to his skill set. He never needed artificial enhancement, sort of like Barry Bonds. That’s really as big a shame as anything.

    The deceit, the lying are peeks inside as to Rodriguez’s and Bonds’ morals and values.