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Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster Expecting Their Second Child, His Seventh

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Wow, this kind of thing gets me worked up. Rod Stewart and his third wife, model/photographer Penny Lancaster, 39, announced today that they are expecting their second child together and his seventh overall.

“We were thrilled and delighted to be able to tell Alastair that he was going to be the big brother to a little baby, expected just before Mummy’s 40th Birthday,” they announced.

This is jolly and all and we wish everyone involved the very best, but Rod the Mod is freaking 65 years old and doesn’t need any more kids.

Rod Stewart, Penny LancasterI am sure the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, who has been a rock star for well over 40 years, can afford another child; and I would guess at 39, assuming she’s healthy, that Penny can handle the process just fine.

At 65, though, Stewart still has a four year-old, Alastair, to raise, and it just isn’t fair to the new child to have a father who will be 85 when he/she is 20. Fathers don’t exist just to provide biological juice and monetary support – their job is to actually PARENT: interact, impart wisdom, and play with their children.

Perhaps Rod has taken better care of himself than other British Invasion era rockers, but at 65, the odds are not great that he will live to see his seventh child reach adulthood. And it isn’t just about surviving, either. It’s about being vigorous enough to be there in body and mind, to help with homework, to coach baseball (or in Rod’s case, soccer), to do Dad things!

I speak from personal experience on this, too. I had two kids in my twenties, got divorced, remarried, and had two more kids – one at 41, one at 45. Stewart, lancaster, older children Well, I didn’t have them, my wife did. I sometimes feel guilty about being 65 when my youngest is 20, but I try very hard to take care of myself, to remain active and youthful, and there is a vast difference between 45 and 65, even with all the help and support money can buy.

At this point of his life, and with as many children as he already has (Kimberly, 30; Sean, 29; Ruby, 23; Renee, 18; Liam, 15; and Alastair), another child is just about ego.

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  • Hopefully his youngest will turn out a whole lot better than his oldest two. Complete wastes of flesh those two are.

  • Forgive me for being a stickler in what I guess is meant to be a frivolous setting, but I believe it ought to be “Rod the Mod is freaking 65 years old and doesn’t need any more kids.” That space between “any” and “more” is missing from both your article and its home-page headline.

  • There are two ways to amend the sentence, but either way, the sentence is wrong.

    Add a space: There’s nothing egoistical about siring a younger sibling for the four year old. Alastair has too much going for him already. He is, for all intents and purposes, an only child, and on top of that, “his daddy’s rich, and his mama’s good looking.”

    Reposition the entire anymore as a unit: “Rod the Mod is freaking 65 years old and doesn’t need kids anymore.” That’d be really bad news for the first six, and especially bad news for the youthful bride Penny.

  • Wherever you add a space or however you reposition it, what’s irksome is that the publisher of what presumptuously bills itself as “a sinister cabal of superior writers” should: (a) make such a beginner’s mistake, and (b) concern himself even in jest with the procreative proclivities of an aged rock star. Perhaps, speaking of repositioning, Mr. Olsen is trying to reposition Blogcritics? Somewhere between Globe and The National Enquirer, it appears.

  • I don’t think people should talk smack about Rod Stewart, that’s all.

  • thank God Alan is the eyes, ears and conscience of Blogcritics

  • That’s the beauty of Blogcritics: agreement is not required. Unfortunately, neither is tact.

  • Incidentally, there is nothing trivial about a child’s life

  • I agree with Eric.

    He wrote this piece from personal experience and observation.

    there is nothing trivial about a child’s life

    A childhood friend of mine was a, “Change of Life Baby.” When she was 12 years old her parents were in their late seventies, and it was very difficult for her. she was working as their caregiver.

    : )

  • thanks Jeannie! Celeb activity is often emblematic of things going on in society in general – nothing trivial about it

  • The main reason Rod Stewart shouldn’t have any more kids is because he effed up so badly on the first two. Just because you CAN have kids, doesn’t mean you should.

    Also, it’s bizarre the nitpicking going on over perceived grammatical errors. If you want to disagree with Eric’s assertions, by all means, go for it. But really, NO ONE likes a grammar Nazi. Not now, not ever.

    It’s the epitome of douche-like behavior. There, I said it.

  • YOU’VE apparently never heard of “practice kids,” Dawn. For your information, the world would be a lot more screwed up than it is now if parents hadn’t soldiered on after the first couple of disappointing results.

    TO ROD STEWART’S SEVENTH KID WHO MIGHT STUMBLE ACROSS THIS ARTICLE IN A GOOGLE SEARCH ONE DAY: (Quote from the Desiderata:) You are a child of the Universe. You have a right to be here….

  • Irene, I am not suggesting the clock can be turned back – just saying this is a very selfish act that does NOT take the best interests of the child into account

  • NO ONE likes a grammar Nazi. Not now, not ever.

    not so true…I like both Clavos and Doc!

  • … perceived grammatical errors …

    Dawn (#12), you write that “Rod Stewart shouldn’t have any more kids.” Note the space between “any” and “more.” Yet despite knowing how to write correctly, you cannot bear to concede that your husband made anything more than a “perceived grammatical error.”

    You’re much too defensive when it comes to Eric. He’s a big boy. He can take care of himself. If he wants to call me a “douche,” that’s fine by me. I’m a big boy too. I’ve taken lots worse than that from the foul-mouthed BC commentariat and lived to tell the tale.

    But honestly, Dawn, you come across more like Eric’s mom than his wife.

  • Oh, right. Eric didn’t call me a “douche,” you did. You also called me a Nazi.

    Such refined commentary from one of BC’s esteemed founders no doubt inspires the rabble I must deal with day in and day out on the threads to my own humble Blogcritics articles. Thanks for setting such a stellar example.

  • I thought personal attacks were not tolerated…

    : 0 Haven’t you found your paying job yet?
    just wondering…

  • see…this is the lesson you still have not learned…you can’t control the threads…: )

  • Alan, you are just making trouble, and you know it.

    If you really thought Eric had made a mistake, why not just email him and tell him? Oh I know, because like any person trolling, you wanted to embarrass him. If that’s not a douche move, then I don’t know what is.

    I didn’t call you a Nazi or a douche. Implied statements aren’t the same as direct statements. I’d think such a stickler for semantics would be able to discern the difference.

    And I will always defend Eric, when it’s reasonable. This whole exchange was an effort to just be obnoxious. Exactly how old are you anyway?

    Irene – no I have never heard of practice kids. What an absurd concept. Who practices at screwing up their kids? Seems pretty irresponsible to me.

    Jeannie, I have no idea who or what you are talking about.

  • zingzing

    alan, a grammar nazi isn’t a nazi. their germane nazis. i refudiate.

  • I’ve emailed Eric in the past to no effect. From him I get nothing but resistance whenever I’m critical of how he (and I guess you) run BC. Why should I continue to waste my time back-channel?

    And your evasion about how “implied statements aren’t the same as direct statements” is pure copout. If you insinuate that I’m a douche and a Nazi, that’s OK. However, if I declare directly that you are a douche and a Nazi, that constitutes a “personal attack” under BC’s comment policy and will be stricken immediately from the record.

    What a bunch of hypocrites. You deserve to be embarrassed at every opportunity.

  • I recently called my cousin’s 4-year-old a train nazi. My poor husband offered to play, but couldn’t remember the names of all Thomas’ 40 friends or who was supposed to be friends with whom. It wasn’t pretty. Douche-like behavior if I ever saw it.

  • oh, i should have said i referred to him as a train nazi. bad i may be, but i’d never really talk that way TO a 4-year-old. just to his mom. 😉

  • Dawn,

    #17 & #18 were for Alan.

    I was defending you and Eric.

  • Oh! I’m sorry Jeannie – it’s so confusing trying to figure out what’s going on around here half the time.

  • People nowadays toss around the term “Nazi” much too lightly, as if that word had no history predating November 2, 1995. That was the original airdate for “The Soup Nazi,” a much-loved episode in the hit series Seinfeld, which was then the 2nd-highest rated show on TV. Ever since, to use “Nazi” in a sentence is to provoke a laugh riot and to be considered indisputably cool. To me, this practice is indisputably ignorant.

    According to R.J. Rummel, “By genocide, the murder of hostages, reprisal raids, forced labor, ‘euthanasia,’ starvation, exposure, medical experiments, and terror bombing, and in the concentration and death camps, the Nazis murdered from 15,003,000 to 31,595,000 people, most likely 20,946,000 men, women, handicapped, aged, sick, prisoners of war, forced laborers, camp inmates, critics, homosexuals, Jews, Slavs, Serbs, Germans, Czechs, Italians, Poles, French, Ukrainians, and many others. Among them 1,000,000 were children under eighteen years of age. And none of these monstrous figures even include civilian and military combat or war-deaths.”

    Only fools joke about Nazis. Perhaps Ruvy will weigh in on this later tonight from Israel. It’d be interesting to get his take.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Joking about Nazis and any other subsequent atrocious parts of human history is a way of making sense of it and of robbing such atrocities of their power, so I don’t buy that “only fools joke about Nazis.”

    Also, the fact that this admonishment is coming from somebody who has created ample writing material out of alleged war “satire” is the icing on the cake.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Mark Twain: “The secret source of humour itself is not joy but sorrow.”

  • I’ve never joked about Nazis, and never will. Nor have I joked about the 3,000 people who were killed by Saudi psychopaths on 9/11. Some subjects and events are not “secret sources of humor.” They’re public sources of grief. They deserve to be respected.

  • Was there a joke about Nazis on this thread?
    If there was, I fail to detect it.

  • Jordan Richardson

    How some subjects are events are “respected” is entirely subjective, though. Some believe that it is disrespectful of 9/11 to question the “official account” at all; others feel it is the ultimate form of respect to do so.

    I’m also sure that the Jewish comics who have made jokes about the Holocaust and Nazis might stray from your view. I’m also sure that Chaplin would, too.

    And Roger, the fact that you fail to “detect” a joke is nothing new.

  • zingzing

    alan, the term “grammar nazi” has been around for years. no sense getting offended. it’s like getting offended over disco or something. if you’ve never run into the term before, maybe i understand. but if you’ve really never run into the term, you must have been in a coma for the last 20 years. i’m a music nazi. doesn’t mean i hate jews or like german music. it’s just true. you’re a grammar nazi, or at least you were up thread.

    now get over it and move on. you nazi.

  • zingzing

    i actually do like a ot of german music. mmm. krautrock.

  • zingzing


  • zingzing

    and alan’s turning into a thread nazi as well…

    does that term exist? alan blitzkriegs his way in and it turns into a discussion about the neck-bearded one. tis the way it happens. he takes over through sheer force and shock. awe? maybe. anyway, alan has done it again.

    the thread nazi has struck.

    who’s calling the shots? alan hitler?

    blogcritics is little poland. at least we lasted a few weeks this time.

  • zingzing

    just testing, mr. hitler, i mean, alan. maybe not everyone can get away with calling you a douche and a nazi.

  • Sheesh, who’s the humor nazi? I’ll trust the comedy opinions of Billy Wilder, Mel Brooks, John Landis, Woody Allen, Roberto Benigni, etc. over Alan and Roger.

  • Add Monty Python to the “fool” side of the ledger as well

  • Monty Python did Nazi jokes?

  • Brace yourself, youtube.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Irene, Monty Python did TONS of Nazi jokes. Nothing was off-limits, as it should be.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja!…

    Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput.

  • Guilty as charged.

    Someday I hope you will be able to make me laugh, Jordan Richardson.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I wouldn’t hold your breath, Irene Athena.

  • Whew. Glad I can’t read German

  • Jordan Richardson


  • That were a knee-slapper Jordan!

  • STM

    Jodan: ” … Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput.”

    Gefinger poken ist verboten.

  • RIP, Mr Richardson.

    For clarification’s sake, the reason Jordan exploded was that he foolhardily attempted to type out the entire joke himself. It is so dead funny that even though it is in German, the British jokewriters who devised it were forced to work on only one word each, for safety. Even then, there were casualties.

    Although actually, that particular skit doesn’t lampoon Nazis so much as it pokes fun at war documentaries. Monty Python did, of course, take the piss out of the Nazis on numerous occasions – notably the skit in which a certain “Mr Hilter” attempts, using some strangely familiar campaign tactics and with the assistance of several furtive Teutonic friends, to win a seat in Parliament at the Minehead by-election.

  • Aw he’s jes’ playin’ daid, Dr. Dreadful. He’ll quicken up directly.

    Well to get this thread BACK ON TRACK, Dr Dreadful. None of this Monty Python stuff is really DARK humor, though. Isn’t dark humor only funny in a…you’d a had to a been there kind of way?

  • STM

    Doc: “a seat in Parliament at the Minehead by-election.”

    What a hoot.

    The Germans are noted for their sense of humour.

    And of course, everyone on BC knows the joke means absolutely nothing.

    The bloke who was half irish, half German.

    Weekends were always a problem … get drunk or invade Poland.

  • The Germans are noted for their sense of humour.

    They are. Although German humour is almost exclusively concerned with the latter end of the digestive process.

    My parents honeymooned in Germany, and they brought back a little wooden plaque which they hung on the door of our downstairs loo. It said: “Wenn’s Arscherl brummt ist’s Kerzerl g’sund” – which broadly translates as “When the bottom buzzes the heart is healthy”. Wisdom we can all use, I think.

  • STM

    Doc, I just watched that skit on youtube.

    “You’ve got the wrong map … this is Stalingrad”.

  • STM

    “My parents honeymooned in Germany”.

    They must’ve had a barrel of laughs, eh Doc??

  • “None of this Monty Python stuff is really DARK humor, though.”

    So you don’t find “Funeral Arrangements”, a sketch where a man brings his dead mother to a funeral parlor where they suggest cooking and eating her to be dark humor?

  • Not really, El Bicho. Not unless I actually WERE a man bringing my mother to a funeral parlor where I suggested, to my grief-shocked siblings, cooking and eating her.

    I don’t know if I’m making a distinction where there is no difference. That’s just how it seems to me.

  • One of tragedy’s little silver linings is the ability to relish dark humor as only those deep in despair can.

    Keeps me lookin’ expectantly for what might be JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

  • I haven’t heard dark humor ever defined as you are attempting to with some form of personalization attached to it.

  • STM

    Of course Monty Python is dark humour. What, something attempting to colourfully chart the complete and utter absurdity of the human existence can’t also be dark??

  • STM

    “My parents honeymooned in Germany”.

    Fertile ground for a Monty Python skit??

  • Alright, I am persuaded. I hereby amend my statement:

         Only fools and comedians joke about Nazis.

    But tell me, into which category do Dawn (#11) and Cindy (#22) fall? If they’re comedians, they’d better not give up their day jobs. Which leaves only fools.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Roger, if you care about the “face” you have to maintain here, I’d suggest that my relatively harmless and nonsensical barbs are the least of your concerns.

    You wascally wadical you.

  • There are some people I respect here, which is the reason I’m here; so I’m not going to let cheap shots go unanswered.

    Otherwise, I wouldn’t give a fuck.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I rest my case.

  • Jordan, I was worried that my many remarks on the “U.P.S” thread might look like mockery. Someone with my first name had just posted there (absolutely wasn’t me–you can ask the people who have access to IPs), and I was embarrassed that people would think I’d be out there encouraging people to avoid getting important medical tests. If the way I dealt with my *own* embarrassment was a source of embarrassment or pain to you, I am really, really sorry.

  • how about that Rod Stewart?

  • zingzing

    “How is calling anyone a Grammar Nazi a joke anymore?”

    well, on the scale starting with joke and ending with not joke, calling someone a “grammar nazi” is closer to the joke side and “nazi” is closer to the not joke side. it’s not a “haha” joke by any means…

  • This thread is HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for all the fun. I expect the BC Comedy Tour is next.

  • “Grammar Nazi” is one of an endless line of two-word phrases rife in the lexicon ending in “Nazi” that means “overly zealous arbiter.”

    I would say that epithet applies rather well to someone who chooses to publicly, humorlessly, and snidely suggest an editing change to a published story

  • Jordan Richardson

    I think we should take it as a point of pride that if you Google “Rod Stewart Nazi,” this thread is first.

  • lmao!!!!

  • [DrD – Another thing that comes up on that search is your NJ Nazi-named children update. Parents Who Gave Kids Nazi Names Lose Custody. While I have zero love for the Nazi-naming parents, I think that ‘the law’ really did take the children away because of their names. Other reasons include, the parents were unemployed (now that is a scary thought), the parents were abused as children and didn’t get adequate help, the parents can’t read. Pretty weird reasons to take away children it would seem.

    Please excuse the interruption, carry on with the nazi hoopla or even discuss Rod Stewart, as you wish ;-)]

  • zingzing

    jordan, that is an awesome, awesome thing. screen shot!

  • #72:

    “well, on the scale starting with joke and ending with not joke, calling someone a “grammar nazi” is closer to the joke side and “nazi” is closer to the not joke side. it’s not a “haha” joke by any means…”

    Very illuminating, zing, worthy of the fine mind you no doubt possess.

    Was it really worth posting? What idea are you exactly communicating here?

    Oh, but I get it now, it’s posting for the sake of mere posting.

    Well, I’m not very keen on the word “troll,” whether in the internet sense or any other, but if I had to pick an example, that would be it: an example of trollish-like behavior.

  • troll

    watch it honkey dominator…

  • lol!!!

  • it’s refreshing that one still never knows where a thread might lead

  • 61

    Thank you for the compliment. Your thinking me a fool says I am doing something right. 😉

  • I wish there were as many tweets on this story as comments

  • Jordan Richardson

    Why don’t you go tweet yourself, Eric.

  • Jordan Richardson

    *tweet it yourself, sorry.


  • Cindy- hi! You inspired (never mind HOW, casual onlooker) a google on Thomas the Tank Nazi. Do not let your nephew go there.

  • #85, my sentiments exactly.

  • zingzing

    roger, if you really weren’t confused, why’d you ask the question?

    “Oh, but I get it now, it’s posting for the sake of mere posting.”

    oh, hello, i notice you too are black…

    and if that’s the best example you’ve got for “trolling”… well, i’d suggest there are better examples out there. i merely assumed that if you asked the question, you’d want an answer. actually, that’s a lie. but your mock indignation could not go unanswered!

    you really didn’t think that would slide around here, did you? this is the internet. home of the nazi joke.

  • Oh my, Irene…not a pretty sight! 😉

    (He’s too busy getting indoctrinated by the world of Thomas to go anywhere else though. What a racket. He’s got a suitcase full of trains and he still hasn’t gotten them all. His mother says next they have a new expensive set with a different size track–so your old trains won’t fit–to start buying. Makes me glad I don’t have children. 😉 Besides I don’t think Thomas and his friends have good values and the show is sexist.)

  • I didn’t ask any question, zing. The question was rhetorical, and the joke is on you for failing to grasp the obvious.

    No, I ain’t “black” in the way you are. I just challenged what occasionally comes out of your mouth as a pointless remark. Note, I stress the word “occasionally.”

    And no, there is no indignation here whatever. I just take you for too intelligent a person to be acting like a buffoon. With a real buffoon I wouldn’t have bothered.

    Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • You know Irene, I came to those conclusions about Thomas whilst perusing on the Thomas site with the youngster…but, now I find that I am not alone in my assessment. You have inspired me to search (don’t ask how 😉 ‘Thomas the sexist train’.

    Good articles:

    Thomas the Tank Engine sexist, hierarchical: study.

    Is Thomas the Tank Engine sexist?: A Canadian professor stirs up trouble by saying a popular children’s TV show sends bad messages to girls and boys

  • zing is black?

  • I had already tweeted it twice – can only toot my own horn so many times

  • Eric I have pressed the Gween Retweet button multiple times. I don’t see any incrementing happening though. Do I have to sign up for tweet to make my tweets count, and if so, can I use a make-believe name for my full name?

  • zingzing

    roger: “I didn’t ask any question, zing. The question was rhetorical, and the joke is on you for failing to grasp the obvious.”

    ahem… you’ll note i noted that with the following: “i merely assumed that if you asked the question, you’d want an answer. actually, that’s a lie. but your mock indignation could not go unanswered!”

    so joke’s on you for failing to grasp that i failed not to grasp the obvious. what? yes. oh. either way, i certainly realized the rhetorical nature of your query, suh.

    “And no, there is no indignation here whatever.”

    well, whatever you want to call it. thou shalt not question the goodness of the term “grammar nazi.” thou shalt not! this is the digital house that nazi references built, roger.

    “No, I ain’t “black” in the way you are.”

    we could almost be twins at this point. follow me into the pit…

    “Note, I stress the word “occasionally.””

    no use flattering. it’s a fairly constant stream.

    cindy: “zing is black?”

    as a kettle. or as a roger pot.

  • Cindy, my kids never got into the whole Thomas as Plaything Scene….BUT…I am so glad that my experiences as a young mother included watching “Shining Time Station” (PBS) with them. I figure any ill effects were canceled out by the fact that George Carlin and (in a different season) Ringo Starr played the Conductor…

  • Cindy, have you heard anything about Pa Puff Gools? That’s who their real heroes were.

  • Tom Johnson

    Comments on an article about Rod Stewart have nothing to do with Rod Stewart and yet are infinitely more entertaining than anything Rod Stewart has done in decades. This is ultimately Rod Stewart’s mission in life. He is here to bring us together! His music career was just a vessel!

    Speaking of that vessel, I suppose that this extra mouth to feed will mean yet another American Songbook travesty from the Throat Of Gravel? My mother in law has one of those (at least,) despite protests from practically everyone in the family.

  • Yer such a buzz kill, Tom, bringing up mouths having to be fed…I’d better go.

  • zing feels good when he tries to lower me to his own level, the bottomless pit, that is. Accusing me of any kind of indignation is only a projection of his own sick mind. Nice try but no cigar.

    I’ve told you before you’re an emotional vampire. If you want to discuss issues of substance, I’m game, but I have no time for this foolishness, trying to see who can outsmart whom or who can score more points. Sorry, too old for that.

    You should open a can of beer and have a swig before you descend into total oblivion. I’m already on my second half-pint of sour mash but I have a perfect excuse. I’m writing a paper, and no, it’s not for BC unless I edit it substantially for the hoi polloi, yourself included.

    Which brings me to a question I’ve always meant to ask but never had an occasion to: you never commented on any of my articles here, not for two years. Any reason for that? Is it that the syntax or the subject matter are beyond your comprehension, or is it rather because you totally agree with me? It if it the latter, I’d regard it as a compliment, but for me to regard it as a compliment you’d have to speak up, man, rather than playing a mute (since mute you definitely ain’t). Just wonder.

    Anyway, have a nice day, or whatever remains of it in the East Coast. Gotta return to my work.


  • 98 – Irene, Is that Power Puff Girls? lol!

  • zingzing

    “zing feels good when he tries to lower me to his own level, the bottomless pit, that is.”

    it’s so warm down here…

    “Accusing me of any kind of indignation is only a projection of his own sick mind.”

    i called it “mock indignation,” you’ll note. i really doubt you find the term “grammar nazi” so objectionable as you seem to up there. and i’m sure you’ve used it before.

    “I’ve told you before you’re an emotional vampire. If you want to discuss issues of substance, I’m game, but I have no time for this foolishness”

    well, you play the game well, regardless. you have a strong poo-flinging arm, and don’t deny it.

    “you never commented on any of my articles here, not for two years. Any reason for that? Is it that the syntax or the subject matter are beyond your comprehension, or is it rather because you totally agree with me?”

    what i read and comment on here (and i’m sure i’ve commented on one of your articles before, although i couldn’t name one… actually, i commented on your “english experiment” article, so n’yah…) is rather random and decided by my own interests. be assured it’s not the syntax. you tend to go in for more philosophy than i do, so maybe it is the subject matter. i dunno.

    “You should open a can of beer”

    at 3 pm? no no no…

  • Irene, yes, you have to register with Tweetmeme to use the button

  • Zing, I really don’t want to play this game anymore, especially with your bullet-points type of responses.

    Is there some other game I can beat you at handily, there being no ends ifs or buts.

    Chess perhaps?

  • zingzing

    i suck at chess. go is much more my cup of tea.

  • Significantly, “go” means 5 in Japanese.

  • Sorry for the following brief comment glut. I want to respond briefly to everyone who has said something to me on this thread before I retire.

  • Yes Cindy 102. The gals!

  • STM and El Bicho. OK I’ll call it dark humor if that’s the technically correct term for it. It is funny, so it deserves to have some sort of name. Maybe the phrase I’m looking for is “gallows humor.”

  • And finally Eric. Sorry then, no can do. I’ve been trying to keep a kind of low profile on the internet lately.

  • I think we should take it as a point of pride that if you Google “Rod Stewart Nazi,” this thread is first.

    Hehehe, now that was funny!

  • Viesta Morrison

    You left out one child, Rod’s oldest is 46, her name is Sarah!