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Rockwell Testifies Jackson Was Inspiration for ’80s Hit.

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In a stunning courtroom development, prosecutors put one-time Michael Jackson protege “Rockwell” on the stand to testify against the former “King of Pop”. Rockwell, whose real name is Kennedy William Gordy, testified that Michael Jackson was the inspiration for his ’80s hit, “Somebody’s Watching Me”.

Gordy, the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy, explained, saying “I was watching Michael with some kids one day, and it just kind of hit me what a freak he was. The way he was always watching them, like he was undressing them with his eyes. It really creeped me out. And that’s where the song came from. I just put myself in the mind of one of the little boys, and how it would feel to be around Michael. Of course, I had to change the words a little to keep from being sued, but I think people knew who I was talking about.”

Sample lyrics from Rockwell’s song include:
I always feel like somebody’s watching me
And I have no privacy (oh oh oh)
When I’m in the shower, I’m afraid to wash my hair
‘Cause I might open my eyes and find someone standing there

Michael’s freakish behavior was also the inspiration for some of the creepier shots in the accompanying music video.

“All those shots you see of me hiding in the closet, or standing in the shower with my boxers on, or running through the house trying to get away from that pig-dog, that’s all Michael,” said Rockwell. “Seriously. You wouldn’t believe the stories I used to hear about him in the studio. My little nephew said every time he turned around Michael was sneaking up on him, dropping a bar of soap and asking him to pick it up, that sort of shit.”

“Thank God by the time I recorded the song with him I already had my pubes, that’s all I’m saying.”

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  • I don’t and didn’t know who the fuck Rockwell is – and there’s a lot of garbage in this trial that made me believe every single word until I happened to see that it was humor /satire.

    Guess what? People coming in off Google News don’t know the humor /satire angle of this site.

    People will start believing this, which if course us music to your ears. If this Rockwell exists he could sue your ass. So could Michael Jackson if he had any money left.

    Here’s what I had written:

    OK, this is the kind of ridiculous !@#$% I am talking about. Rockwell, you are completely full of shit. You never thought to make money off this tale by selling it; no one you told this too wouldn’t have told someone else? In short, if this was true, we would have heard about it by now because it is too too perfect.

    Freely happy to admit when something in the MUSIC column gets me.

  • music column?

    crap, i meant to put in the culture section, where my last piece on the trial ended up.

    my bad.

  • okay, moved it to culture, but it’s still showing up in music.

    maybe it’ll change over in a few minutes.

  • I’ve got to go ask the editors about this post. Sorry. I don’t mean to be humorless.

  • no problem. i’ve been getting a lot of that lately. maybe i’m just making the posts sound too realistic.

  • Sorry dude. Truly. It’s already in Google though. I should have just e-mailed you, though some of my concerns remain valid. Is Rockwell a real person?

    And I posted the above comment without seeing your responses.

  • yeah, he is. don’t know if he’s still alive or not, but his career’s been dead for years. he really did have a video in the 80’s called “somebody’s watching me” that michael sang back-up on.

    seriously, if you want to take it down, though, no hard feelings. i’ll just know to pull it back a little next time.

  • Funny and clever post. It should jump out that it’s satirical, but I might humbly suggest that you insert into the top of the post:


    I think that would reasonably answer criticism.

  • good point.

  • That’s great.

    It really IS on google news. I thought you were kidding.

  • no way, mango. copygodd kids about nothing.

    well, other than rockwell testifying against michael jackson.

    oh, and pretty much every other post i’ve made here.

    but other than that, i’m all serious.

  • Eric Olsen

    okay, I think the answer from now on is the screaming satire warning at the top of the post. There is no reason at all why we can’t have humor, satire, etc, it’s some of my favorite stuff we do, but we absolutely have to ensure that the world, and Google News, know we are just keeeeeeding

  • Dawn

    I am a clueless noodnik and I knew it was satire. I mean come on.

  • maybe we could add “satire” as one of the main categories, since it cuts across all topics right now. that way, there’d be no confusion.

    music, books, video, culture, politics, satire.


    Hell, no. This way let’s those of us who get the joke laugh at those of us who don’t.

  • Mihos

    Rockwell’s father is Berry Gordy, and he is a former brother in law of the Jacksons.
    FYI Michael Jackson actually wrote the lyrics of the song and performed the backing tracks of vocals of this tune.
    Your off colour sleaze is admirable for its sheer stupidity.

  • rockwell is berry gordy’s son? dang, how’d i miss that?

    oh wait, i didn’t. as evidenced by the first sentence of the second paragraph: Gordy, the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy…

    thanks for reading!

  • Wolf

    So basically, Rockwell is saying that he wrote the song, somebody’s watching me, after M.Jackson. Hmm… Funny he’d say that, but tell me, how could he, if it was Micheal Jackson WROTE THE SONG HIMSELF!?! Rockwell is a liar, looking for a piece of the money from M. Jackson, and taking cheap shots. I’ve lost all respect for him now. Rockwell ain’t nothin. Berry Gordy must feel his son has disgraced him. And Rockwell should be ashamed to lie like that. F! Him!!! Stay strong Michael.

  • wolf

    See that up there,that’s what someone not knowing it’s a satire is thinking…

  • dekan

    yeah, its SO fun to make up dumb unrealistic stories about Michael Jackson..you guys still in public school or what?

  • Jin

    What bollucks. Why do people keep attacking Michael, I know he’s an easy target, but come up with something that can be believed at least you dumb ass.

  • Sainvol

    Michael lends himself well to humor, and has earned the right to be slammed by being a total pedophile. Anyone who sides with him deserves to be ridiculed as well…

  • wotnoirony

    ummmm…michael jackson actually sings the chorus on this one hit wonder.

  • ummm…jackson didnt write that song…kennedy gordy did….more than likely inspired by his fathers need to lace the house w/cameras

    the original post cracked me up. oh oh ohhhh

  • jordan

    I read this after doing a google search on kennedy william gordy. Obviously, I was interested in learning what Rockwell had been up to in recent years. When I stumbled upon this article, I admit I took it as literal truth and was dumbfounded.

    I’m so glad it’s not true and only satire! My fear, of course, is that people won’t catch the disclaimer above and treat the article as fact. I feel sorry for MJ and the life he led, even with all the money. Proof positive that money doesn’t buy happiness.

  • sssa


  • sososososososo

    lol…this is fake y’all…We’ve not heard from Rockwell since 1991…There are things that are going on and it will soon come to the light!