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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2010 Nominees

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have announced their nominations for 2010 inductees. According to their website, “Five of the twelve nominees will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To be eligible for nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an act must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. This year’s nominees had to release their first single no later than 1984.”

While I don’t agree with The Sex Pistols’ assessment that the “Hall of Fame is a piss stain,” I, and many others, have questioned many of the inclusions and exclusions made over the years. Ever since the first class in 1986 inducted artists like James Brown and Ray Charles, it was obvious the voters weren’t restricting themselves to players of rock and roll, but rather people who impacted popular music. Not everyone can be as talented and unique as Aretha Franklin or The Beatles, so some artists have gotten in just for being involved with hit songs. However, a Hall of Fame should be reserved for the truly great and historic or else there’s no reason for it. Might as well just have a list with every musician on it.

The 2010 nominees are listed below, but some wouldn’t make it to the El Bicho Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

ABBA – the Swedish pop group had a great number of pop hits around the world in the 1970s, but I don’t know a single person who owns an album that isn’t a greatest hits package. More than welcome in the Pop Music Hall of Fame.

The Chantels – while I appreciate they were one of the first black girl groups, their output was limited and I bet you nine out of ten people can’t name any of their singles off the top of their head.

Jimmy Cliff – I am surprised he isn’t listed as an influence, but I am fine with Jimmy, whose work on the soundtrack to The Harder They Come brought reggae to the world. No Jimmy Cliff, possibly no induction for The Police.

Genesis – If the Hall is going to let in every doo-wop and Motown group, then eventually they will be opening their doors to prog rock. Genesis seems a good first entry from the Peter Gabriel-led theatrics to creators of rock and pop hits through the decades.

The Hollies – Sorry, but no. Any band could have created “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.”

KISS – Though better known for their theatrics, few musicians are as iconic and have fans as devoted. Their music and lyrics are as simple and straightforward as inductees Chuck Berry and AC/DC.

LL Cool J – With rap entering the Hall, an argument can be made for LL who was one of the first to bring rap to the pop world, so he can go in my Pop Music Hall of Fame.

Darlene Love – In the sideman category as a back-up singer, okay. As a performer, I don’t see it.

Laura Nyro – The singer-songwriter had a unique style that influenced artists like inductees Elton John and Joni Mitchell, and her songs were covered by many people. Some credit “Emmie” as being the first lesbian pop song.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Their punk/funk/rock fusion makes them a no-brainer.

The Stooges – How these guys weren’t first ballot is unfathomable. They deserve just as much credit for being an influence on punk rock as Pete Townshend.

Donna Summer – While she had a good amount of hits, my initial reaction to pop/disco is put it in the Pop Music Hall of Fame. However, considering the bond between sex and rock and roll, she gets my vote just for her vocals on "Love To Love You Baby," possibly the sexiest ever recorded.

According to their website, “Ballots will be sent to more than 500 voters, who will select artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 25th Annual Induction Ceremony on March 15, 2010 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.” The inductees will be announced in January.

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  • My 5 Inductees (of the ones which were nominated):

    KISS: Other bands did what they do first, but like the bad kids in school who get special attention, KISS caused the bigger ruckus. It’s also hard to argue against the KISS Army.

    The Stooges: The idea that the Hall would invite this group to sing in tribute to Madonna’s induction last year and not induct them this year would be particularly rotten. Give Iggy & his pals their rightful honor.

    Donna Summer: She should have been inducted a long time ago. Her label as the Queen of Disco severely undercuts her talents as a vocalist and songwriter. Incidentally, I really want to see the all-star jam of Summer & Iggy Pop performing “Hot Stuff.”

    The Hollies: I was actually surprised that they weren’t already in the HoF. “Long Cool Woman…” was badass. That wasn’t all they did, though. “Bus Stop,” “Carrie Anne” [Graham Nash’s secret tribute to Marianne Faithful], “Just One Look,” “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” and many others. They were fantastic, particularly early on.

    Laura Nyro: Another one I was surprised to learn isn’t already in there. “Wedding Bell Blues,” “Stoned Soul Picnic,” “And When I Die.” Brilliant songwriter, even in death she still doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Darlene Love? Seriously?

  • Steve Rocker

    Donna Summer is NOT Rock & Roll in the least!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Still no Iron Maiden?!

    It’s so easy to have an issue with what a small group that has no one to answer to decides who has made a significant impact on the evolution, development and perpetuation of rock. IMO,It leaves the door wide open to interpretation without significant guidelines.

    Kinda like the MPAA…

  • Dyrkness

    Pete Townshend, an influence on punk rock? How so?

  • Greg Barbrick


    I find it funny that we are even taking this stuff at all seriously, because the whole thing is about as out to lunch as the Grammys.

    Still and all, it is kind of fun. My idea is that they go for legacy with The Hollies first. Then Jimmy Cliff appears as a (token) historical diversity.

    Genesis and Kiss represent good old commerciality.

    And Iggy ends the event, giving the sad state of affairs his seal of approval.

    Another great night in Jann Wenner’s house.

  • It’s been noted that when punk rock was going on in the late 70s, bands like the Pistols reviled the big, commercially successful rockers liek Led Zeppelin as dinosaurs. There really were only two successful mainstream bands in England that punks liked: Mott the Hoople and The Who. The song Who Are You is about Pete running into the Pistols at a pub.

  • If you listen to early Who, it definitely predates punk. Paul Weller and The Jam pretty much modeled themselves after the Who, to name one punk -era band obviously inspired by them.

    As for the Rock Hall, i think The Stooges and the Hollies are both good, solid choices. KISS is also probably worthy (although Alice Cooper should be in there before they are). If they are finally gonna start recognizing prog-bands in the hall, Gabriel-era Genesis is as good a place to start as any.

    Much as I love ABBA (major guilty pleasure of mine), I’m not so sure an institution which purports to celebrate rock and roll is the proper place for them. LL Cool J is definitely a rap pioneer, but I’d have probably gone first with the Beastie Boys as this year’s token rap act.

    My $.02


  • rob r

    “Donna Summer is NOT Rock and Roll in the least.” Obviously this reader is only familiar with her 14 top ten hits and not her catalogue. She was the first women to win a grammy for Rock Vocal Female for Hot Stuff. Rolling Stone cited her LP The Wanderer as the 2nd best Rock Album of 1980 after Springsteen’s The River. Why is it that Rock and Roll folks no nothing about artists they consider a different genre? Listen to The Wanderer or I’m a Rainbow. That stuff will knock you out.

  • Sorry, but I don’t see what The Hollies have done that makes them rise above. Just a small handful of hits doesn’t cut it in my book.

    Brian is absolutely right that Maiden belongs in.

    Drykness, two words: “My Generation”. ‘Nuff said.

    Greg, did I really come across as serious?

    Glen, the Beasties can wait. There’s enough white guys who ripped off black guys in the Hall and I’m not so sure an institution which purports to celebrate rock and roll is the proper place for some of the people already inducted

  • Charles Crossley, Jr.

    Sorry, El Bicho, but if you can’t see your way around Ray Charles and James Brown being in a R&RHoF, then you need to throw out the guy who popularized “rock & roll” in the first place, Alan Freed. When disc jockey Alan Freed first started using that term to describe the music he played on his broadcasts, he was playing what at the time was called “race music”, or what would now be called doo wop and early R&B. Every artist inducted as a performer in the R&RHoF, and every nominee on the ballot this year, is musically related to the rock & roll Alan Freed played way back then.

    Besides, if it were truly a Pop Music Hall of Fame, Ethel Berman and Mel Torme would be among the initial group of nominees, and we would be looking at nominees like Air Supply and Harry Connick, Jr. . . .

  • Bri Guy

    Wow! This years inductees are really lame!

  • Charles, I don’t believe I stated Ray And James don’t belong in the hall. I said they didn’t play rock ‘n’ roll.

  • Dave

    “A handfull of hits” from the Hollies? Try something like 20 top 10’s… they were a hit machine till Nash left – and actually had several after that as well.

  • GEAH

    The Hollies – Sorry, but no. Any band could have created “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.”

    * *
    Only a moron could have written that sentence.

  • Glad that members of the the Hollies fan club showed up.

    They only had six Top Ten hits on the US Hot 100 charts, which is actually nothing like 20, and I am sure no one noticed you didn’t bother to limit yourself to Top Five or Number One Singles.

    Feel free to make a case on what contribution they made to rock ‘n’ roll because plenty of people create a bunch of good songs. Or you can just name call like a moron.

  • Jimmie

    Donna Summer IS rock and roll. Of course, you’d have to be a fan to know that.

  • Marcelo

    Most of Donna Summer’s music is not technically rock, but she had a rock attitude, she was sexy, bold and innovative and she’s still influential up to this day. Rock artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blondie have covered her songs.

  • Donna Summer made millions off of her gay following and then became “born-again” and shat in their faces on shows like the 700 Club trying to convince them to change their evil ways after taking their money.

    Disco has no business in the ROCK hall of fame. maybe the POP hall of fame but not the Rock. Or don’t any of you remember the celebrations after disco was officially declared dead.

    I’ll never forgive what she did to Richard Harris’s classic Mac Arthur Park.

  • Lance

    No Alice Cooper? How can you deny someone who has had hits in 4 decades and has been an influence on everyone from Kiss to Marilyn Manson…cheez

  • lanny

    The Hollies had huge hits in almost every country in the world. even in U,S. where they were underatted they had several hits including: Bus Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop, LCW, CarrieAnn,On A Carousel, Look through any Window, Jennifer Eccels, Pay You Back with interest, He Aint Heavy he,s my Brother (one of the all time greatest songs) Air that I Breathe. Anyone who dosnt think they should be in the hall of fame should think again.

  • Joe



    the hollies were one of the top great bands in the 60s and 70s,the air that i breathe will always be in my memory,and yes anybody can write long cool women in a black dress but only the hollies cand play it,and play it right

  • Penny Dreadful

    Gotta disagree with the author–The Hollies were one of the great power pop bands in rock and roll. And one of the great harmony groups to boot. They are way overdue for induction.

    Agree re Donna Summer. Of course, I’m a Summer fan, but disco wouldn’t have been the same without her. Fabulous voice.

  • Journey Fan

    Why hasn’t Journey been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? They have sold more albums than any of the current inductees. What is up?? WE WANT JOURNEY!!! Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, Arnel Pineda, Steve Smith, Deen Castronova. This group deserves to be inducted into the hall of fame!!!

  • Dawn

    No f*cking way should Abba be on this list. It’s about as preposterous a notion as nominating me for the Rock Hall. Sure they had lots of songs and hits, but guess what, so did Air Supply and those morons shouldn’t be in there either.

    Jann Wenner wouldn’t know great music if it bit him on the peen. As for the other nominations, I have no visceral reaction. Donna Summer’s a stretch, but at least she embodies a sense of R&B, but Abba is about as far from the heart and soul of Rock and Roll as Liberace.

    And I like many Abba songs, so it’s not an anti-Abba thing.

    I hate Jann Wenner and would like to kick him in the nards. Literally, and I am not just say this for theatrical purposed. Dickbag.

    Oh, and screw Journey.

    Glaring omissions:

    Depeche Mode
    New Order
    The CURE (seriously WTF???)
    The Moody Blues (and I don’t even LIKE them)
    Rush (I sort of like them)
    Alice Cooper, as someone else mentioned, WTF AGAIN.

    Every year I get pissed off enough to want to punch newborn kittens, and I LIKE kittens.

    Screw you Wenner, screw you with with a splintery log.

  • Lola

    Oh yes the Hollies most definately DO deserve to be in the R&RHO! I was ‘there’ when they put out their first single back in the early 60’s. I was a DJ and recognized that their group had a special sound then. For a long time, everything they released after that was a big hit. So many popular recording artist were covering The Hollies songs on their own albums. Those guys could SANG!

  • think Link

    Genesis and The Stooges are deserving inductees. Kiss, SRV, Rush, even Yes I can see the validity in all of them. Instrumentalists are totally overlooked. Lonnie Mack, Davie Allan, Dick Dale and Link Wray all need to be inducted. Induct Link Wray!

  • I have yet to read an example of how the Hollies made any impact on rock ‘n’ roll. Sure they had a few hit songs, but none that ever made it to #1 in the U.S.; no landmark album; and no influence on future artists from their unique approach.

    Their entry over so many more worthy artists shows what a sham the Hall and the induction committee is.

  • alex

    Not having KIss in the Rock and Hall of Fame is a joke.
    The Rock and Roll hall of Fame is BS.
    The Fans know Kiss is great.

  • alex

    Rock and Roll of Hall of Fame who cares.
    You don’t put Kiss that is so unbelievable.
    The Hall of FAme is BS

  • Steve Potocin

    Let me be the man to educate you Bicho.The Hollies had the most exciting harmonies in rock/pop music in the 60s, esp when Nash was singing the top. Have you listened to their 60s albums? Do you know only their hits? Did you know that The Hollies were second only to the Beatles in 60s chart action in Britain?
    The Hollies relative lack of success in the US is due mostly to the HORRIBLE lable they were on, Imperial, [Their US lable] was so out of touch it was pathetic. Despite that, they did chart a half dozen top tens and and about twenty top 50 hits in America.
    The Raspberries , Big Star, Material Issue, Tommy Keene,The Records,The Shoes,Fountains Of Wayne and even Ricky Skaggs among others have cited The Hollies as an influence.
    Bobby Elliott is considered one of rocks greatest drummers by his peers [And Rock fans in the know].Tony Hicks is every bit the guitarist Harrison or Richards was/is.
    Graham Nash was the 60s finest high harmony singers.Maccca thought Graham’s high note at the end of the chorus of ‘I Can’t let Go’ was a trumpet.
    The run of albums from 1965s ‘The Hollies’ through 1968s ‘Butterfly’ is breathtaking. ‘For Certain Because’ and ‘Evolution’ are Brilliant. Of course most people have not heard them. I’d bet you have not heard them.Alot more to this band than their greatest hits.
    The Searchers had a hit with the Hollies ‘Have You Ever Loved Somebody’,Keith hit the top 40 with their ‘Tell Me To My Face’, as did Dan Fogelberg a decade later.
    The Hollies Charted records for decade, and at their best [The 60s]were a vocally awesome and instrumentally excellent [They alway played all the instruments on their albums] band…and now their in. Hope that helps Cheers!

  • Steve Potocin

    Oh,let me add…
    No #1 hits??? hahahahaha! are you kidding me? Throw out the Stooges and The VU! And Patty Smith, and…well you know what I’m getting at. They had a #2.

    No Landmark album? Go listen to some of the albums I listed above…plenty of smart music people have…that’s a big part of the reason they got inducted. As for influence, I listed some,I’ll add The Posies, Barenaked Ladies,and Matthew Sweet…these artists and the ones in my post above are one who have come out and cited The Hollies…plenty others bands have the influence in their sound. Don’t be hatin. Heh.

  • Steve Potocin

    Here is a typical Hollies album track. This is from 1967s Evolution Their albums are filled with gems like this that no one has heard…

  • Steve Potocin

    Let me also add…British top tens for the Hollies; ‘We’re Through’…’Yes I Will’ and ‘I’m Alive'[A British #1] were not released as singles in the USA…These are three FANTASTIC records, all could have and should have been top tens. I mean, ‘Look Through Any Window’…the finest example of British Pop/Rock[IMO] only charted 32 in the States and ‘I Can’t Let Go’ hit about 50.Mindboggling.

  • stantheman150

    I think the chilli Peppers should have been inducted.

  • RHCP are more certainly more deserving then the Hollies no matter how many members of their fan club show up to disagree

  • zingzing

    damn, el bicho… i dunno. the hollies are a pretty damn good group, and even if the songwriting is a bit slight, they always sound interesting. i think they’re definitely in here more for influence than how many records they sold.

    who really gives a shit if enough people 40 years ago like a band enough for a week to put it at the top of the charts? on those measures, we’ll see englebert humperdink in here next year.

    anyway, the rock n roll hall of fame is a bunch of fluff anyway. it just gives cleveland something to do.

  • Steve Potocin

    Heh. Talk about a blanket statement with no facts. El Bicho, it pretty obvious your out of your league here…I’d be happy to debate you point by point on any of the inductees.I was a fan of the RHCP…around the time of “Real Men Don’t kill Coyotes’…my interest waned soon after.A pretty good band. You don’t think much of The Hollies, fine…evidently the people making the real decision did not agree with you.Now buddy up with The RHCP fan club. Cheers!

  • Neil raised on the real

    Why in gods name do they ignore the greats? There would be no rock and roll without Link Wray,The pioneer of the Power cord and the fuzz guitar.Havent you ever heard “Rumble”The man was a guitar god. He was a father of hard rock. To hell with the Disco crap.Go to Frscand build a Disco Hall of Fame

  • Steve Potocin

    I concur 100%…Link Wray should be in the HOF.

  • huskerd

    some of these people are very borderline….yet not a mention of neil diamond….ridiculous.

  • Andy Jackson

    Im surprised Bon Jovi hasnt even been nominated. Name another “rock band” that has done what they have done over the past 27 years. Of course, they’ve never been darlings of the so called “critics”, but I tell you what, go see one of their concerts and put those critics in the front row. People are actually moved by their music and it’s all real baby. Who’s ever in charge of the “Hall of Fame” has their heads in their ………

  • Mike

    On the British charts, only the Stones and the Beatles had more number one hits than the Hollies…they had more than the Who.

  • Ed Troise

    I thought the show was great! When will the show be aired again?

  • mikef

    What no Rush or Triumph.

    These guys have sold more albums than about
    50 inductees combined.

    simple music?no

    Kiss is too simple?
    What is Jerry Lee Lewis and ABBA complicated music?

  • Zack

    I’m gonna make a real rock n roll hall of fame when I grow up and its not gonna fail like the one we have now

  • Jon Reynolds

    I do not recognize the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I have been to the museum and enjoyed what it had to offer. However, they have failed to recognize RUSH. The band with the third most consecutive gold albums behind only the Beatles and Rolling Stones. They have been around since 1974, and they have consistently recorded and toured over the last 36 years. How they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a travesty!!!

  • Geoff

    We all know and (probably) agree that there are many acts who we would like to see recognized in the Hall. But when you break down the things that matter, like, album sales, hits (#1s, top 10’s, top 20’s) ticket sales and tours logged, creating new music recently, innovation, creativity…….there is still only one band who stands above all who have not been inducted. They are Chicago. Say what you want about pop driven songs, they were avante-guard and innovative, they rocked. And they have sold more records than all but about four artists already inducted.

  • Vrinda

    The Hollies were Awarded The Ivor Novello Award in 1993

    The Hollies were inducted into the VOCAL Group Hall of Fame in 2007

    in terms of Influence:

    The Hollies song compostions & Their hit recordings have been covered by the Following Artists:
    (songs listed where known by me)

    The Everly Brothers – various Hollies original songs (“Two Yanks in England”1966 Album)
    The Searchers – “Have You Ever Loved Somebody”
    Paul & Barry Ryan – “Have You Ever Loved Somebody”
    John Walker – “Annabella”
    Gene Pitney – “Bus Stop”
    Herman’s Hermits – “Bus Stop”
    The Osmonds
    Cilla Black – “The Air That I Breathe”
    Olivia Newton-John – “The Air That I Breathe”
    Linda Ronstadt – “Just One Look” & “I Can’t Let Go”
    Simply Red – “The Air That I Breathe”
    The Fortunes – “Gasoline Alley Bred”
    Dan Fogelberg
    Dean Ford (of The Marmalade) – “Mr.Heartbreaker”
    Kevin Rowland
    The Housemartins
    The Mavericks
    The Wondermints
    Neil Diamond – “He Ain’t Heavy…He’s My Brother”
    The Righteous Brothers – “He Ain’t Heavy…He’s My Brother”
    The Shadows – “The Air That I Breathe” & “He Ain’t Heavy…He’s My Brother”
    The Strangers – “Put Yourself In My Place”
    (Australian band with John Farrar)
    Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young – “King Midas In Reverse”
    (Live version on “Four Way Street” Expanded CD Version) )

  • Vrinda

    The Hollies recordings were always most imaginative and innovative with MANY unusual instruments utilised including: Bells & Electric piano (“Pay You Back With Interest”) Kettle Drum & Greek style guitar (“Tell me To My Face “), glockenspiel (“Clown”), Gong (“Oriental Sadness”), early use of Big Band Accompaniments (“What Went Wrong”, “Blowin’ In The Wind”), electronically treated vocal tracks (“Lullaby To Tim”, “Wishyouawish”, “Marigold”, “Long Cool Woman” ),Tinkling piano (“Ye Olde Toffe Shoppe”, “Everything is Sunshine”), early use of Synth’ (“Try it”), Mellotron (“Wings) , Harmonium (“Dear Eloise”), Sitar (“Maker”), Unusual Amplified guitar sounds (“Then The Heartaches Begin”, “Try it”, “Step Inside”) & Banjo (“Heading For A Fall”), Carribean Steel Drums (“Carrie Anne”, “All I Really Wanna Do”) heavily echoed Acoustic piano (“Look What Weve Got”, “Jesus Was A Crossmaker”), Recorder (“Nearer To you”) Over-Layered twelve string guitars (“Magic Woman Touch”), congas(“Caracas”), plus unexpected solo instruments: Pedal Steel guitar (“Jennifer Eccles”), Banjo (“Open Up Your Eyes”) trumpet (“Daddy Don’t Mind”), Soprano Sax (“Writing On The wall”), also utilised Taped sound effects – Explosion & Breaking Glass (“Too Many People” 1965), Marching feet (“Crusader” 1966), Swirling winds (“Elevated Observations” 1967, & “You Know The Score”, 1971), Whining & Galloping Horse (“Pegasus”, & “Charlie & Fred” 1967), Backward tape loops (“Try it” 1967), Sea waves sounds (“Postcard” 1967) Waterfall & birds (“Wishyouawish” 1967)

  • Susan

    The Moody Blues are one of the most innovated,original and talented Rock Band out there! They are still selling out shows to all age groups. They blow away more than half that’s been inducted already!

  • I agree, Susan. I would certainly put in the Moody Blues over less-deserving honorees like the Hollies and Billy Joel as well as potential future nominee Avenged Sevenfold

  • Gordo

    Hey what about the glam rockers like Sweet -with hits like Ballroom Blitz, Fox On the Run, Love is Like Oxygen, Little Willy and Action and some excellent albums to boot. Named as influences by such bands as Motley Crue, there would have been no hair metal in the US in the 1980’s without Sweet

  • Kansas Fanatic

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why one of the greatest and most talented bands is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  • lastfrance

    the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” is a freaking joke as long as Ted Nugent is not in it and the ironic part is, he doesn’t give a shit

  • “I cannot for the life of me figure out why one of the greatest and most talented bands is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”

    you don’t Kansas, do you, Kansas Fanatic?

  • tonyk

    Donna Summer and Chic definately belong. The Chantels belong because they are pioneers. Put more girls groups of the 60’s in., Crystals for example

  • rockfan

    Where in the heckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is Neil Diamond??????? Ugh!!!

  • Stan

    KISS not being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a total joke. They brought the Rock and Roll concert experience to a whole new level, stage shows never seen before. All of these bands that opened for them are getting in and they don’t???

  • peperita

    Umm…weren’t the Red Hot Chili Peppers up for this years nominations? Let’s compare. Who says you can’t go home and Wanted Dead or Alive and Living on a Prayer as opposed to Under the Bridge, Around the World, Californcation, Dani California, Breaking the Girl, Give it Away, By the Way….gee I Can’t Stop ooops… that’s a song too! I could go on but I’ll have mercy on the ding dongs that made this DREADFUL mistake. We won’t even get into the stage performances and musicianship… that would be just to painful.

  • Rock Musician for 45 years

    The Rock Hall is supposed to be for artists during the rock era that contributed their talents to music. I can understand why some of the garbage is in the Rock Hall. Its all about economics, sorry to say. But those of us who are musicians and know what good music is all about, talented bands like Chicago and The Moody Blues should have been in along time ago. Whoever votes these acts in has to be brain dead.

  • Darin s.

    Why the fuck isn’t Paul Rodgers in the Hall of fame? Gimme one good answer!

  • Barracuda

    It is unbelievable to me that Heart has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ann Wilson remains one of the great all-time rock singers, and their latest album, “Red Velvet Car” was one of the few true rock albums released in 2010 worth listening to.

  • Jimmie Lee

    Donna Summer should defintely be in the Hall Of Fame. She IS rock and so many other genres as well. You can dislike disco music which is dance music today, but if you think she’s not rock on any level then you have not really listened to her body of work. She’s got rock songs that Madonna doesn’t have and Madonna is in before Donna Summer? What does that tell you?

  • Jimmie Lee
  • Jimmie Lee

    Jet Gardner, you must have believe the hype about Donna and that very ancient gay rumour story. She had denied that and publicly denied it for so long. If she was in jail, she would have served her sentence. Besides, even if she had said what she was accused of saying, that should not keep her out of the RRHOF. She can be found on Youtube refuting what you still seem to hold a grudge against her for. Of which you did not hear come out of her mouth. Move on!

  • Dan Garcia

    They forgot to nominate Linda Ronstadt

  • Chris

    Are u serious? Prince made the rock and roll hall of fame but Kiss didnt WOW is all i have to say to that

  • Eric

    Fuck the RHOF.

  • Steven

    The only thing that I have to hold on to in all this is that 90 % of all the musicians inducted in the hall of fame are nowhere near the level of musicianship that Rush is. Rush is just too complex for the minds in the Hall of Fame to comprehend.

  • Aldo

    I am waiting on the induction of Justin Bieber