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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sues Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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It’s between a Rock and a Hard (Rock?) place, now that the protagonists have climbed into the legal ring.

In this corner, wearing the trunks of plaintiff, is the mighty Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, out of Cleveland, Ohio.

In the black trunks, the challenger, the upstart defendant which exists only virtually, in the form of its website, the Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A lawsuit was filed on Monday of this week in Cleveland.

David Segal, manager of the brash contender and a staff writer for the Washington Post in his spare time, said in an Associated Press story that “The idea the public could possibly be confused between a large museum backed by any number of corporations and a Web site run by a couple of Jewish guys is nuts.”

I give a huge shout-out to Segal for getting about $1 million worth of free publicity for his Web site without paying a penny — at least, not yet.

The bricks-and-mortar version is asking for the Web site to immediately drop “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” from its name, along with unspecified monetary damages.

Here’s the best part: the Web site hasn’t even been launched yet.

It’s scheduled to go up next month.

The domain, JewsRock.org, currently states: “Future home of JewsRock.org.”

Jeffrey Goldberg, whose hobby is being a New Yorker staff writer, is another of the Jewish rock hall’s founders.

He told the Associated Press, “It seems to be improbable that these people own rock ‘n’ roll,’ it’s entirely unlikely they own the phrase ‘hall of fame,’ and I know for sure they don’t own the Jews.”

A third Jewish rock hall founder, Allen Goldberg, who sometimes hangs out at XM Satellite Radio, where he’s an executive, was also named as a defendant.

According to the lawsuit, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last month denied the Jewish rock hall’s application for a trademark on its name based on the likelihood of “confusion with the Rock Hall” trademarks.

Following the ruling, the rock hall demanded the Jewish rock hall stop using its trademarks, similar logos, and the words “Jewish Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” but the Jewish rock hall refused.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened in 1995 in a glass pyramid building alongside Lake Erie, and has attracted more than 5.5 million visitors.

I’m amazed at how feeble and ugly its Web site is.

I guess there just wasn’t any money left over after paying all the legal bills that piled up from suing their lifeblood — the people who love rock and roll.

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  • It took me a few refreshes but you would’t believe the hilarity of posting this right above what Lemmy had to say aboout the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

    Hint – he don’t really like it.

  • godoggo

    It’s almost redundant.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m a moderate fan of the Rock Hall and have had a fair amount of involvement with it being here in Cleveland and all, but I agree the website absolutely blows.

  • Marty Thau

    First inductee — Bob Dylan! Not bad for starters. How about Joey from the Ramones and maybe even Madonna in the Kaballah wing.

  • Off the top of my head, here’s a list of Jewish real rockers (please, let them not induct singer-songwriters, pseudo-folkies and yecch, composers like Diane Warren):

    Mike Bloomfield
    Peter Green
    Gene Simmons
    Paul Stanley
    Mike Portnoy
    Jordan Rudess
    Mark Knopfler
    Dick Dale
    Hillel Slovak
    Howie Epstein
    Max Weinberg
    Roy Bittan
    “La Bamba” Rosenberg
    Manfred Mann
    Magic Dick
    Robbie Krieger
    Leslie West
    Mel Taylor
    Waddy Wachtel
    Danny Kalb
    Al Kooper

  • google.com

    “David Lee Roth lights the menorah” as the song goes, 3/4 of the original Circle Jerks, Iggy I think, Lou Reed of course…

  • godoggo

    Face it, America, you love us.

  • HW Saxton

    Iggy is NOT Jewish.Where in the F**K did
    you ever get the idea he was???????????
    Elvis F**king Christ! You people I swear

    There is a little word called “Research”
    that should be used before posting wack
    mis-information such as this.

  • But they do have one towering star, and he ought to be the first in – Neil Diamond.


  • godoggo

    I’m “google.com,” which was a typo. Oh the irony (and please no lectures about what irony is). Anyway, “research” would not have been in the spirit of the whole “off the top of my head” meme. In any case, I’ve found a bunch of pastors who share his given surname. On the other hand, um, I don’t imagine jewwatch is considered authoritative (no link, sorry)…

  • godoggo

    Anyway, how ’bout Lenny Kravitz?

  • MT

    Springsteen is one of ours, too. His real name is Springstein — Burton Springstein to be exact.

  • The Boss is definitely not a landsmann. Dutch name (double ‘e’). Mostly Italian by heritage. However, I as previously noted, Roy and Max are MOTs.

  • HW Saxton

    There are many Jews that figure heavily
    in various aspects of the “R & R Music”
    business outside of musician,that should
    be considered for inclusion as well.

    As label owners: Phil & Leonard Chess of
    Chess/Checker/Cadet Records, Syd Nathan
    (King Records.)Producers: Jerry Wexler &
    Herb Abramson(Atlantic Records)and the
    one & only Mr.Phil Spector of course.
    This is just the tip of the goldberg,er,
    umm,uhhh I mean the iceberg.

    A couple more musicians to be considered
    for inclusion;Adny Shernoff of Dictators
    infamy & Peter Greenberg of DMZ. Aren’t
    Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan(Flo & Eddie)
    of The Crossfires,Turtles,The Mothers Of
    Invention also Jewish?

  • Eric Olsen

    hey, how about a comedy hall of fame: Jews, blacks and Bob Hope

  • godoggo

    Actually, Bob Hope was Jewish.

  • godoggo

    …although, of course, as a falasha, Bob was in constant battle with those who would deny the legitimacy of his religious heritage.

  • I think they should have an “Over rated rock and roll Hall of Fame” with such acts as
    -The Rolling Stones

    Let me think of other yawn inducing staples of classic rock…

  • MT

    A prerequisite for induction should be proof of your Bar Mitzvah, or, if that is not possible, your circumcision.

  • fruhmenschen

    Of course there was Felix”fretman”Mendelsohn, Arnold:the castrato” Schoenberg,Gustave”bird”Mahler,
    and the acapella group the “Goldberg Variations”.

  • Book,

    I put this up at Advance.net where hopefully millions of people will love and adore your every word.

    – Thank you. Temple

  • HW Saxton

    How about a Jewish songwriters Hall Of
    Fame? A list of nominees to include the
    following: Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman,Neil
    Diamond, Carole King & Gerry Goffin and
    Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich to name a
    few off the top of my head.

  • what about Barry Manilow?

    and Elvis was a shabbos goy. does that count?

    i wonder what the Wash Post brass think about David Segal getting his name and their name in the AP story in not completely a good light? Will he lose his job over this?

    welcome abroad!


  • HW Saxton

    Two words that shall not be uttered in
    the same sentence: “Manilow” and “Rock”.

  • Rabbi Steven Lebow

    Elvis’ maternal grandmother was Jewish, which makes him Jewish. Sort of.

  • stuart weinman

    you missed melissa manchester,neil sedaka,barry mann,cynthia weil,bette midler,phil ochs,david(stuart cchen)blue.


  • John Torvik(stein)

    How about Paul Simon, Tuli Kupferberg, Sammy Hagar?

  • Barry Lubotta

    A fine list of Jewish rockers, but let’s not forget one of the great ones – Randy California from Spirit. Randy played in a band with Jimi Hendrix when he (Randy) was 16. His guitar playing with Spirit was as good as anyone in the world, and in fact he introduced harmony guitar parts with violin like tones well before anyone else in the world. Randy drowned a few years back but was an incredible musical talent and of course, Jewish. Randy California was his stage name.

  • RMariani

    Geddy Lee, (born Gary Lee Weinrib)
    Gary’s mom spoke Yiddish and when should tried to say “Gary” it always came out as “Geddy” Later on he legally changed his name to Geddy.