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I caught one of the first showings of Robots Friday in a theater filled with the small chidren the movie is aimed for. It’s not a Pixar film, but it’s not bad either.

The world the movie creates is a very cool retro-future place where robots have apparently replaced humans, although not through a massive war like in the Matrix films.

The world are beautiful, all the characters are rendered and voiced well. It’s funny and its enjoyable, but I can’t help feel like they missed something somewhere along the way.

The writing isn’t quite as good. The characters aren’t quite as real and the story just doesn’t seem to be quite as powerful as Pixar’s flicks. I know its not really fair to compare one company’s works to another but here I think it’s valid. They’re trying to bring in Pixar’s audience and it’s just not as good.

I don’t give away spoliers for movies that like. My final grade is a B. Hits all the requirements, but just doesn’t go far enough to be truly extrodinary

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  • I saw a sneak preview of this film on TV the other day, and it certainly looked amusing. It’s Disney, right?

  • I think the film is aimed at a wide audience. Look at all the cultural jokes with references to pop culture. They would go over the heads of most kids.