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Robbie too camp?

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According to Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams won’t make it in the US because he is “too camp”. Talking to the Daily Express Ms Crow said Williams’ camp image is intimidating Americans, who like their men to be more macho.

Sheryl: “American men don’t want to see anything that’s burlesque or

vaudevillian, they want to feel that their artist is brooding and macho. Most of our male artists are so aggro they don’t even look like rock stars, they look like they’re all roadies. Robbie’s songs are very melodic and I think he takes a lot of his inspiration from Elton John, which does not seem to be what kids in America are into right now.”

From: CMU

Well if Robbie is too camp, The Darkness have no chance. The Darkness are called The Gayness by some of their detractors. I think Robbie, and The Darkness as well, take after Queen not Elton John. Wonder Ms Crow ever thought that American music fans are sick of the miserable wankers that masquerade as pop musicians these days.

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  • You know what she has a point. The two British music sensations in the U.S. have been Radiohead and Coldplay.

    I saw an MTV thing this weekend pumping up the Darkness and I predict they won’t make it in America. If it’s a joke, I don’t want to get it. I don’t want rock music to return to it’s spandex glory from the 80’s. I don’t want the piercing not-quite falsetto of pansy ass metal. Stay at home.

    Robbie Williams on the other hand isn’t all that bad. I think if people gave him a shot, they might be able to listen to him based on music alone. Once you get into the personae (like I saw on MTV’s Cribs) he is going to turn a whole bunch of people off because he doesn’t take himself seriously enough.

  • Andy

    yeah The Darkness….I’m not sure what their deal is. They seem down right lame. Freddy Mercury’s dead. There will never be another. Stop trying.

  • I think they are a reaction to the navel-gazing crap rock that pervades the charts here. Its fun rock and they have a reputation for being awesome live and giving a good show, something that can’t be said for all the whingeing indie types.

    It is possible that Americans won’t see the humour and will just think of them as nostalgic. Time will tell. And as with anything else its all down to how/who they are marketed to.

  • Andy

    do you think they’re a band with staying power or do you think people will see them as a novelty Queen rehash?

  • Well it all depends on their second album. If they get in a good rock producer (Mutt Lange, Bob Rock etc) and go balls out rock they should do well. If they try to retain their indy hard rock thing (at times soundings like the Cure covering Queen), I think they will tank. Its all down their management…are they trying to please NME/Q crowd or are they aiming for the Classic Rock/Kerrang/Metal Hammer lot.

  • Robbie Williams won’t make it here because we already have enough singers who sound like David Gray.

  • Eric Olsen

    I have to admit I don’t know exactly how Robbie Williams is “camp.” What does he do? I have some of his CDs but have never seen him live, nor do I even really know what he looks like beyond CD covers.

  • Well here is he is considered “cheeky” or a bit humerous showman. Live he does not take himself too serious and neither does he in interviews. I think Crow takes his laid-back self-effacing attitude as camp. Frankly, I think she is full of it… she seems to think because he is a miserable wanker whingeing about something or other, he is camp.

  • Eric Olsen

    I see, thanks.

  • JR

    Yeah, I saw The Darkness on MTV.

    I don’t know, I don’t think they’re going to make it. The singer’s voice sounds too weak on those high notes. Mark Slaughter and Sebastian Bach used to really nail that shit. This guy just doesn’t seem to have the voice to pull it off. When you’re veering that close to parody, you’ve really got to get it right. Didn’t hear the guitar solos, but we all know England hasn’t produced a first-class shredmeister since Blackmore, so how good could they be?

    Too bad, ’cause I’m ready to RAWK again. (cue goat horn salute)

  • I don’t know about ‘camp’, I think ‘shite’ is the word you are looking for. Or perhaps ‘talenless’!
    Funny though. have you seen his latest video, where he tries to dress up like Elvis (for RW fans: Elvis was a singer before you were born), and ends up looking like a poor mans Alvin Stardust!!! just about sums the guy up. Still, 12 year old chavs and retards seem to like him.

  • mr .p

    robbies the best america has no taste robbies a cool dude so much emotion in that voice you can feel it im into 2pac hiphop and the man himself mr robbie williams only ignorant people say robbies no good most americans are

  • kila

    the best live act in the world ever.u just got 2 see it 2 believe it robbie williams is awsome.

  • steve

    robbies videos are not all that.but i agree mr williams live he is amazing 10 out of 10.