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Robbie goes for broke

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Robbie apparently shocked US TV viewers when he gave Simon Cowell a lap dance during an appearance on The Tonight Show. He then kissed fans and
guest presenter Katie Couric (who was standing in for Jay Leno) and chatted

up a pretty girl in the audience. When he tried to give the same treatment
to other guest Mike Myers he hid behind a chair! No word on whether the
raunchy appearance will help those flagging record sales.

Marty: Hrm wonder how this will play in Peoria?

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About Marty Dodge

  • Saw a movie this weekend with my wife. (Note to self, must write review.) Before the movie came one of those annoying commercials, in this case for Robbie Williams’ new album. Panning shots of huge crowds, screaming fans, etc. Here in the states, the guy gets no respect. I turn to my wife and ask why she supposes that is. She tells me it’s the sideburns.

    Apparently, the man is simply ugly.