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Robbie Conal’s Art Attack on Arnold

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Hopefully this Robbie Conal poster will appear all over California as he travels the state on his book tour which starts tonight in LA and comes to Diesel in Oakland on September 24th and City Lights in San Francisco on the 26th.


The tour is for Artburn which he has done every month for LA Weekly for the last six years (it includes a dozen versions of images the alt weekly wouldn’t print).

I saw him give a slide show for last book, Art Attack: The Midnight Politics Of A Guerrilla Artist and still remember many of the images over a decade later. And it is always great to see new posters plastered around San Francisco.

Brian Fleming links to the cover story in the Metro Santa Cruz, 50 Reasons Not to Vote for Arnold.

Some people really need to organize Actors Against Arnold rallies before October 7th.

Originally posted on Tiger Beat.

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  • Good satire, but Gray Davis should still keep his bags packed.

  • I attended the meeting at Canter’s and it was great! I wrote a short piece and included some pictures from Ground Zero of Arnold’s campaign here in Venice Beach!

    Read about it here at my site if you’re curious…