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Rob Zombie to Helm Halloween 9?

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There is a rumor floating around the net that none other than Rob Zombie has been signed to write and direct the continuing adventures of Michael Myers. In addition to those duties, Zombie is also tapped as a producer and the music supervisor. The only problem, at this point, is that this is a rumor that has been circling with no hard evidence that it is actually going to happen.

I must say that I am intrigued at the possibility of Rob Zombie's creative mind being unleashed on the world of the Shatner-masked slasher. Will this be a a prequel, chronicling the time prior to his return home? Will it take place after the events of the enormously disappointing Halloween: Resurrection? Or perhaps it will take place somewhere in the middle? What I see is the potential for the best Halloween film since the original classic. I'm getting ahead of myself, I would really like to see some confirmation of this. I am giddy at the possibility, much like I was at the admittedly absurd rumor last year about Quentin Tarantino heading up a Friday the 13th chapter.

The rumor of this first appeared over at Fangoria.com. It has since spread to Blabbermouth.net and Bloody-Disgusting.com. The latter claims to have an exclusive press release regarding Zombie and Halloween, but I remain skeptical until this arrives at other outlets. What makes me suspicious is this: "Miramax Films will co-finance the development with Dimension Films. The announcement was made today by The Weinstein Company co-chairman, Bob Weinstein." It seems odd that the Weinsteins would make an announcement for a film that is being financed by a different company, since they severed their ties with Disney and Miramax last year.

Furthermore, Rob is quoted in the press release as saying: "I have been a huge, huge fan of John Carpenter's original film since its release. So when Bob Weinstein approached me about this, I jumped at the chance to join forces with Dimension Films on this amazing project."

So far, Rob Zombie has made two films. First there was House of 1000 Corpses, which did nothing but split up the crowd. There are a large number of people who absolutely despise this film, and a much smaller group of those who liked it. Count me among those who did like it. It was an interesting first outing, a love song of sorts to the horror films of Rob's youth. It was very much like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. It is no hidden fact that Rob is a huge fan of horror movies, with a particular affinity for those films from the 1970s. He wears those influences on his sleeve, and that may have been the biggest detriment to this film. He seems to have tried to cram everything into this one picture without really thinking it out. In any case, this was a semi-promising start to his film career.

After that, Rob was given the chance to direct a sequel. Last year Rob gave birth to The Devil's Rejects. The movie may be about the same psychotic family as his earlier film, but this was completely different in tone and execution. This may be the single biggest leap in quality between first and second films that I have witnessed, not that I can think of many others offhand. This second film was so much more focused and entertaining, while still paying homage to the gritty films of the 70s. This film is a lot harder and gritty and just flat out better than what he had done before. This is the movie that delivers a great new visionary to the silver screen. Someone who works outside the system and will not let his vision be compromised.

This is the kind of guy I would like see place his stamp on a classic character. Granted, we don't always want or need sequels and remakes, but since they are proven money-makers for the studios, and we are bound to get them one way or another, I would like to see creative talent attached that has the possibility of bringing in something new or original. Guys like Zack Snyder, who did a much better than expected job with his re-imagining of Dawn of the Dead, and Gore Verbinski's translation of The Ring. I have no idea what direction he would take, but Rob Zombie seems like a good choice for this project, although I look forward to his original work as well.

Rob Zombie has original work coming down the pipe as well. His animated feature, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, is in post production, and is due for theaters in 2007. The voice cast includes Paul Giamatti, Danny Trejo, Sherri Zombie, and Brian Posehn.

Time will tell if this pans out. I hope that it is true, but at the same time, I have some serious reservations.

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  • Well, according to the man himself he’s on board. But it’s not Halloween 9; it’s a “reboot”.

    Which, after 8 sequels, is probably what we need.

  • How do you “reboot” Halloween?

  • Well, it’s not going to be a continuation of the series, but a reimagining of the original film. I guess it could be compared to the recent remakes like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn of the Dead, Amityville Horror, and the like.

  • Twinkie

    ok they should make a halloween 9 because if im correct i saw michael myers awake from his death again in halloween ressurection

  • Teddy

    I think that Zombie needs to think this one over. How can he say that the series is over if Michael was alive at the end of Resurrection? I want a Halloween 9, I Don’t want a remake, you can’t change the Halloween storyline it will just make people more confused about the previous sequels.

  • Twinkle Toes

    Not another remake! I don’t care for any other movie but it’s just gone way too far with Halloween. Leave the series alone!

  • Trevor Vanhouten

    Why do movie series need a remake? Halloween doesn’t want a remake and neither do fans. So why remake it? It won’t solve the problem these failure sequels have.

  • Tina Valetene

    Even if Zombie does do this prequel/remake thing, they will still continue the original series they just haven’t though of an idea for it yet.

  • Dylan Martin

    After the Halloween 2007 film, they will make a continuation to the series in 2008, so far they made Halloween films every 10 years after the 1st film:(Halloween 1978, Halloween 4 1988, Halloween 7/H20 1998, and now a Halloween(?)for 2008.

  • Veronica Davidson

    I think they should make Halloween 9, how can you make a remake of a series that ISN’T over? And Daniel Woodstencraft opninion is sick! I can;t believe he rather prefer a remake than a proper Halloween 9. He’s just sick!

  • Veronica Martin

    I don’t mind if Rob Zombie here made a sequel/ prequel or a sequel/remake like Texas Chainsaw 4 for Halloween 9 but you can’t change the story- line. Rob plans on making Michael kill his sister at the age of 10 instead of 6, and anything that’s imitating the original is a REMAKE, so Rob, just make Halloween 9.

  • Jesse McCartney

    Rob Zombie don’t know the spirit of the Halloween films, all he cares about are devils and demons. I bet the man worships the devil. JUST MAKE HALLOWEEN 9!!!!

  • I don’t even know why I am writing this, but I need Rob Zombie to know that what he’s doing with the HalloweeN franchise is TERRRRIBLE!!! If you love Carpenter’s film so much, how come you can’t leave it alone? Those stupid Winstein brothers don’t know what there doing. I don’t know why Carpenter agreed on this project and why he can’t make Halloween 9. He made Halloween and Halloween 2 such a success. Malek Akkad is the new producer of Halloween, why can’t he do anything about it? CANCEL THE REMAKE!! I WARN YOU YOU!! ROB ZOMBIE, GO AND CONTAIN YOURSELF!!!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way Daniel Woolsteincroft, you mean SEVEN sequels not EIGHT!!!!


  • NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOO!!!!!! Yes! It’s me again, and I have plenty more to say!!A reboot? How do you re-do a series? Can you tell me that? Remake all the previous films because they weren’t good enough? Or let Moustapha Akkad’s death ruin this series? OH GOSH GET OVER IT!! I am totally 100% against this remake thing. Reboots leave to a new series they already did it with Pink Panther and there making a sequel to the remake! How long will it be till they make sequels to the Omen remake, or Amityville Horror? They’re already coming with a Hill Have Eyes 2 remake sequel coming May 2007!!! I want the series to continue in 2008 after Halloween: Resurrection, not with Zombie’s Halloween. There’s still more to do with the Current series. I don’t know why people think a remake is a good idea for the series but it isn’t!!! People are just going to start forgeting about the original. This is why I hate remakes. All of my friends don’t even know about the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (parts 1-4) but knows more on the Remake and it’s prequel-sequel whatever!!! I hate John Carpenter as well for letting Rob get away with this. He made that masterpiece for nothing and Rob is taking it away from him. He thinks he is going to get away with it? I hate both him and Carpenter. I also hate everyone that’s on Rob Zombie’s side because all you’re saying is that you hate the Carpenter series and you rather perfer a new well-organized series. Well you can just 1f GO TO HELL!!!


  • I think you have to give the guy his shot. And you can never just read over a first draft of anything and judge. Same with music. I don’t care what it is, you listen to the first time Metallica started to fumble across Master of the Puppets or Enter Sandman. And it sounded like WTF? Only latter after months over going over and re doing stuff, and brining in the right equipment. Do the songs take shape. And that goes for most great songs and bands. This is how Zombie sees to make movies. You got to let him look over his raw wright out, and kinda tinker and poke at it threw making the movie. I noticed thats how he works. He lays a outline “that only he can see what it truly is.” And he irons out and completely resculpts a lot out during the filmmaking process. More so than others even. And here is a odd thing that came up. Do we need to know how Michael became who is was? Some of the most intriguing shots to me over time. Have been when we see flash backs to little shorts with Michael as a boy, and the Dr trying to talk to him. In the 70’s we may have been better off not knowing who the face was. And that drove the face of evil all the more. But its 2007 and we all know over and over again “Hes pure evil, bla bla bla, that sounded cool the first 30 times I heard it. But its getting a little old by now. And im not going to live forever. So tell me a little more about how Micheal became to be. Its time to open the secret up maybe. So lets find out who is Michael. Its really the only area you can open that has not been. That would still have something we want to see. BUT!! If your going to tell us who Micheal is. Or how he became who is is. You have to take that weight with you for the rest of your filmaking carer. So you gotta really think that one over, and do it the best you can. Becuase to tell the story of how Mires became to be. Is a one shot deal. And it carries a lot of weight. So you have to make sure your ready to tell the world who he is. Thats the real question. I trut Zombie can do it. But is he ready to do it? If not halt and wait lol. Wait in till he finds the right story. I know you cant really do that. But he really needs to play this right. And its not easy to do. But when you pull something off like this, and make it great. Your fame will go down in history as one of the great film makers. Becuase it is that hard. Charpenter “spelling??” and the Thing. Was not easy, but worked. One of the few. I just think Zombie is the mind set needed to make this work in the new era. But he has to bring his best foot foward.

  • Just like my post lol. You cant judge what im saying, by how badly I wrote it 😛

  • I think I’m okay with this new Halloween film. At first, I thought it was a bad idea because there was no way you can give up on such a project because there is still more Michael need to do before he call it quits. But I see that they need more time to think with during this new film. I just hope Rob does his best, and I still need need to wonder what the future holds for the franchise.

  • Okay Mike Pitts, I think I know what you are trying to say. I went alittle to far, and I can explain. Things are changing, movies are changing, and all those other personal thoughts above were pretty upset. But I know they really didn’t mean that. Halloween is such an excellent series, that everyone loves, and would be pretty mad of course if Halloween was remade. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be remade. I sat and thought about it, but then realized I have no power to stop this. But Rob needs to do whats best for Michael Myers, and the franchise. Moustopha Akkad is dead, and now it’s up to his son to come up with the future Halloween films. What will happen after Rob’s Halloween? How many will remember the original, and how many will forget it. I would be afraid if everyone forgot the original Halloween. That was the reason why, I was against it. Like most people forgot about the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre series thanks to the remake and ir’s prequel. And many other original movies. Rob probally doesn’t mean the series is OVER,OVER. He only means that by how all the sequels been going up and down like a roller-coaster dued to their failureness, it seems like the series is just done, but it isn’t. Rob just wants to make Michael scary again. He knows he can’t just cancel a not-done series. But I still don’t know what remaking the first film is going to solve this. But the years went by, and Michael was beginnig to lose his fame and scareness to these other horror creatures that copy him [almost]. I just hope the series can start over again after Resurrection in 2008. Michael Myers still needs to go after John Tate and Stephen Lloyd you know.

  • How come you guys want a remake anyway, not saying I’m against it, but don’t you want to see further adventures of Michael Myers going after his remaining family members?

  • Come on Mike Pitts, do you have any faith? Halloween is never old, maybe all they did was explain alittle about Michael’s terrorism. There’s probally more to tell about his evil. Of course were gonna know it, that’s the point! We already know Jason’s a non-stoppable killing ma-chine and his legacy is still continuing. But Halloween is different. It was the second to inclued the scariest horror creature ever to walk the screen (next to Leatherface). And no matter what Zombie says about his film, or what anyone else says about his film, his film is Halloween 9 and will always be a part 9. They will continue the franchise, and they will continue the series after Halloween: Resurrection or Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (depending on which story- line they want to choose from) and they will share new blood to the Myers story. What the heck is the point of making sequels to Rob Zombie’s Halloween? People are just going to get confused over which sequel goes to which series and it’s just going to get confusing. They can’t make sequels to that film. John Carpenter’s Halloween is Halloween, not Zombie’s. I’m just saying what I think. So, what do YOU think: A continuation
    to the Carpenter Franchise or a continuation to the Zombie franchise? take your pick.

  • Oh, and P.S. Can anyone understand what D33C33 is saying about Leatherface’s opinion? Because I can’t. He is calling him these names, yet he written down what Leatherface is trying to say. can you understand it?

  • Fan

    I hope our beloved series is not going to end with Halloween: Resurrection. Rob Zombie’s Hal- loween sounds good and I’m not against it. I just want to hope they continue the storyline after the eight installment. I am still upset at these fans of how they are saying some of the sequels suck. I mean, can you give these people a break? All they want to do is give us what we want. Michael Myers. The whole point of the story is him going after family members and terrorising Haddonfield. Isn’t that the whole point of the story? At least you should like these films for having the main killer in it. The producers spend all this money to try to make these films great and what is there reward for trying so hard on the films? There crappy! Stupid! But Rob Zombie is different. Yeah, I still might be upset alit-tle with this project because I people might forget about the original and I want them to remember! Rob’s only doing this to make the Shape scary again. And another thing I want to say is I was trying to tie the storyline of 4-6 to H20, Halloween H20 didn’t really nore Parts 4-6. A movie don’t need to be mentioned to know it exist. The possible reason why they weren’t mentioned is they burned all the files to make Haddonfield pieceful again, (similar to how they did it with Freddy Krueger, but those 6 films still existed because you saw scenes of those films in the beginning of FvsJ). And in the beginning of Halloween H20, Michael was really looking for his nephew Stephen Lloyd, but found the file of his sister Laurie Strode instead. It looks like Stephen Miner really did want to put 4-6 in, but only a few clues. Here are the clues:

    Halloween 4: The picture of a bloody par of scissors, the same kind Jamie use to stab her foster mother. Laurie Stode’s fake death.

    Halloween 5: The picture of the bloody par of scissors could’ve been the ones Michael used to stab Rachel instead of Jamie using it to stab the foster mother. And this is a continuation to Part 4. So if Part 4 is still remembered in H20 so is this film.

    Halloween 6: The mask. The mask Michael wears in the beginning of H20 is the same mask that was used in this film. And Michael looks for Stephen Lloyd files in H20.

    All of this could be possible if you look at it carefully. And the police officer in the beginning of H20 saying Loomis died a ‘few years ago’ is easy to explain. A ‘few’ means a short time. a short time to 1998 (H20) was 3 or 4 years during the Part 6 storyline. I’m just saying what i think. And even though this didn’t have anything to do with Rob Zombie’s Halloween, I think i still needed to right this. I couldn’t right this nowhere else.

    (PS: Isn’t still possible that Rachel could have survived the stabbing in Halloween 5? Because after Michael puts her in the attic of his house, Rachel decided not to escape knowing how Michael likes to come in and out. She preteneded she was dead to not reveal to Myers she was actually alive. And while Jamie was distracting Myers, Rachel escape and fled the house, which explained how her body disappeared. this is just what I think……again).

  • I don’t really think that they would want to spawn off any sequels to Zombie’s Halloween. Fan is right, the people would be confused over which sequel goes to which series, and plus I went to this one website (it wasn’t written very long ago) and it stated that Malek Akkad said that he consider Halloween 9 for the TENTH installment of the series. He’s the new producer of the series, anything he say goes. It might be ready for 2008 or 2009, anyone like that opinion?

  • P.S. I made a mistake. Kelp is the one who wrote that people would be confused over which sequel goes to which series if they spawned any sequels to Rob Zombie’s Halloween, not Kelp. My bad.

  • You don’t need to tell me, I made another mistake.

  • It’s been tough over the past months with peoples opinions about Rob Zombie’s Halloween, but it doesn’t really matter what we think, it’s what they think. There beloved series is bringing in a new film, not a sequel or remake. Just a Halloween film. Rob Zombie’s version. This may be the last entry to this website dued to Rob Zombie’s Halloween film being finish filming 3 days ago. But nothing will spawn from that film.
    I can tell you that. The series, the current series is just put on hold, that’s all. If you looked at Dylan Martin’s opinion he gives a possible reason of why Zombie says the series is over even though it really isn’t, and he knows that. They will make sequels to the current series, finish it off for another few decades, because there is still more to tell. A remake doesn’t mean the end of the series. And it doesn’t mean start from scratch. It just means bring back what was once a great movie to show how it express itself to audiences. Just take a good look at The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1985) and The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) both of those films are the same. The 2007 film is a remade version of the 1985 sequel but it serves as a sequel to the remake. It’s not trying to get people to forget about the original (I think), it’s just trying to bring back what was a great movie. No HAllOWEEN film is stupid, boring, or crappy. There just Halloween films, it’s what we want and we got it, what could possibly be the problem then? You can never be angry of a film that you claim sucks because in the end, you will realize that it is still a Halloween film no matter what you or anyone else say about it. Now, why do people hate Halloween III? Is it because of the acting? The plot? Or just the characters? Or maybe just because it doesn’t have Michael Myers in it? Is that it? You can say that film sucks, but why? Because it doesn’t have Michael Myers in it? Halloween isn’t just about Michael Myers, it’s about Halloween, give these films a chance, show them that they can be part of the series too. Because they weren’t made just to pretend to be part of the series. Once Michael Myers is dead, that doesn’t mean that the series is over, they might make a spin off series, or replace Michael with another killer from his family like Stephen Lloyd or John Srode/Tate. This is practically all I have to say but don’t get your hopes up too soon. Stand back and stand strong because the future of the current series of Michael Myers reign of terror is heading your way……………

  • I just have this one thing to say. It isn’t about Rob Zombie’s Halloween, but I was just wondering about the film Friday the 13th. Does it take place in 1979 or 1980? I went to some websites and it states 1979, but hardly no websites that states 1980. Which is it?

  • Web

    That’s simple. It’s 1980 not 1979. What the date said on Pamela Voorhees’s tombstone in The Final Chapter (Part 4) and on those Friday the 13th websites was a mistake! The film takes place on Friday June 13th. There is no 13 on a Friday in June of 1979, but there is a Friday the 13th in June of 1980. And that’s the year the movie came out it so it must take place in 1980.

  • Net

    Unfortunetly, Friday the 13th does take place in 1980. Here is a timeline of the years I think the films take place in:

    Fri. Jun. 13-1980=Friday the 13th
    Aug. 1980/Jul. 7-8 1985=Friday the 13th Part 2
    Jul. 8-11 1985=Friday the 13th Part III
    Jul. 11-13 1985=The Final Chapter
    Summer. 1988=A New Beginning
    May 12-13 1989 or 1990=Jason Lives
    Oct. 1994(prologue)-1998=The New Blood
    May 6-7 1999=Jason Takes Manhattan
    May 12/20-23 1999=The Final Friday
    August 13-20 2003=Freddy Vs Jason
    2010-2455=Jason X

    I might be wrong with the timeline so if you think you know the right years for the films, right them down.

  • Iv’e seen all of the halloweens and i think rob zombie should definetely make halloween 9 because the halloweens are the best movies ever and you carnt leave it because michael wakes up at the end of ressurection, so please rob zombie or eny 1 please make a halloween 9 dont do a godzilla, u no when 1 hatches at the end of godzilla and there hasnt been another 1 yet so please make another 40 halloweens or sumthing lol but you hav to make halloween 9 come on every michael myers fan like m is begging u rob zombie or sum 1 else.

  • Net

    I was just wondering. Even though they’re making Halloween 9 anyway, how would you se it as? If you were writing the script for this movie, what should it be about? I was thinking that it should be a direct sequel to The Curse of Michael Myers (Part 6). It ignores the continuity of H20 and Reurrection since it’s part of the Laurie Strode Storyline. I also want this movie to have a cameo of Halloween 3 playing on TV, but titled Season of the Witch so it wouldn’t be confused it’s storyline and it’s reality too. And finally Stephen Lloyd, 13 or 14 years old would do. And I would also bring back some original charaters like Rachel Carrothers, Tommy Doyle, Kara and Danny Strode, Dr Wynn, Mr and Mrs Carrothers, Tina, Lindsey Wallace, Billy, Mrs. Blankenship, and Tina. That should be enough. I would want this movie to start of with clips from Parts 4 and 5, and then some of Part 6 too. It will start out as a replay of the ending of Halloween 6 and then fast-forward 13 or 14 years later in the year 2008 or 2009 (mostly 2008). Michael goes back to Haddonfield after a 13 year disappearence and he hunts after his long lost grandnephew/son Stephen Lloyd. Bizzare things happen and Michael is finally defeated, blown to pieces and dead for sure. This movie would mention alot of things from Part 4-6. This is what should be mentioned and what not to be mentioned:

    1)Rachel escaped her ‘believe to be dead sceem while Jamie was destracting Michael.

    2)Mention Michael’s thorn symbol, the reason of his reign of terror.

    3)The return of Mrs. Blankenship and Dr. Wynn, as well as the other Smith’s Grove cult members.

    4)Dr. Loomis died in the early 1998.

    Final)I want Halloween 3 (titled just Season of the Witch) to play on TV.

    Not Mention: (disreguard)
    1)I would not want this film to mention none of the events from Halloween and Halloween II. And H20 and Resurrection……..and probally Laurie Strode too (you can hate me on this later).

    2)Judith Myers won’t be mentioned either. (Halloween 4 and 5 didn’t mention her so don’t be angry with me on this……please).

    Final)Michael doesn’t have any burnt marks on his hands (ignores Halloween II and Resurrection).

    So there you have it. My Halloween 9. I know you must think my idea of ignoring Laurie Strode is a painful thing to do, but this is just my opinion. After all, the series is split up into two or three (Part 3) seperate storylines. Laurie Strode: 1,2,7,8. Jamie/Stephen Lloyd: 4,5,6,9.
    And one last thing, if this film is going to be pasrt of the 4-6 storyline, it is going to need a title to match up to those films. I would choose Halloween: The Rage of Michael Myers. I think

  • Net

    I think it will make a great working title.

  • Does anybody think that the Hill’s Have Eyes series is confusing to put together? You know what I mean about that. If you don’t understand, I’ll explain. First we get The Hills Have Eyes in 1977, okay. Then we get The Hills Have Eyes Part II in 1985, good. We get yet another sequel The Hills Have Eyes III/Mind Ripper in 1995 and the 2006 remake of the original. But something that happened this year messed the whole series up. The Hills Have Eyes 2. Why? Because, if you were to watch the original and then this movie, both films would make a perfect match, and if you were to watch the remake, and then the sequel to the original, they both would make a perfect match. It doesn’t matter how you watch the films, each of the sequels can tie up not only to it’s prede- ccessor, but to the original film too. You see how confusing that is? You can watch the remake and then the 1985 sequel, and you won’t see the difference, you can watch the original and watch the sequel to the remake, and you still won’t see the difference. Confusing, I know. I hope there isn’t going to be another film added to the remake. I mean, we already got the 1977 film, the 1985, and 1995 sequel, do we really need another series in the world? No! Hollywood should really leave these films be, because the more remakes that come out, the more original films are just going to be forgotten. YOU might not care about the original, but I DO! And as for this Halloween 9 movie, it is not going to be a remake. but more of a completely different take on the original and I’m fine with that, and as Rob said, ‘these people don’t want to do anything new, or different, because there’s really no point of making these movies if those movies already exist.’ I wonder if they would stop remaking movies, i know it is a new generation, but sooner or later, someone is going to have to know about the original.

  • Elf

    I have a new entry. I just found out on Halloween series.com that Malcolm McDowell want there to be a Halloween Trilogy from Rob Zombie’s Halloween.
    And I am 100% against it! I don’t want a whole new series! We already got one! What do we need with another? I want there to be a Halloween 9 and thats it. Spin-offs? That’s okay too! I am not happy. I hope Rob’s Halloween is good, but not a success, I want there to be a Halloween 9 ans Malek Akkad even promised that. Halloween: Resurrection is good in all, but it’s not a good way to end the series, and no remake or remake sequel is going to stop that either! So take your pick: Which series should continue and why? The Original franchise or this new franchise?

  • christy

    Well im a big rob zombie fan,I think its great you know the scarier the better.You know there is so much more sound effects and stuff today, then there was when halloween was first done.I so go for it.What can hurt. oh my he makes it more intence then some people can handle.That is the problem now days the scary movies are almost too dull and dont make ya jump like they use too,if i can predict what happens next, its not scary.so either suck it up and see if ya dont like the new changes.

  • christy

    oh not new changes, but more indepth added to it.

  • Elf

    I have something else I want to say, but it isn’t about this new Halloween film, it’s about Children of the Corn II. If you seen this movie in theatre, how much did you have to pay? I bet it was alot. Here is a tip of those that seen it in theatres:

    The film was really called Children of the Corn II: Deadly Harvest, but the producers wanted more money, so they called it The Final Sacrifice so that it can make people believe it was the final film dued to the word ”final” being in the subtitle. I found this out a few days ago on a website. If you went to see this movie and had to spend $12-$20 something dollars on this movie, you might be wanting your money back by now.

  • Elf

    If any of you went to see it, you been ripped off………………


  • jamark

    No matter what Rob Zombie says; the fear the studios have in investing into an original script is indeed sad. What has made the original Halloween so successful had the elements that this film could not possible have. A low budget and two talented individuals: Carpenter and Hill. Remaking and updating Halloween III would be the true challenge.

  • I don’t really see the point in these remakes. It’s been six months since I last posted here, and I come to a change. I know Rob Zombie isn’t trying to take the series away from us wth this new movie, but I don’t want to see anything spawned from it. What can it spawn? It can’t spwn a prequel, it already explain Michael’s story, it can’t be a sequel because the whole purpose of a sequel is to give us some new info. But since this movie completely explains everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, it doesn’t need to spawn nothing. Not even a series of it’s own. But the original series needs help. Maybe a new film for 2008 like all of these people are say. That’s what we need.

  • I went to Halloweenseries.com, and Rob’s changing the ending and featuring new death scenes. Hopefully he can kill Myers off. I would be so happy to see that. I wonder what other people think.

  • Why on earth are you guys discussing Friday the 13th and Children of the Corn II on this board?

  • I think there will be a Halloween 9, because from the looks of all of the reviews from people that went to the test screening, the film doesn’t look too good. But I’m still going to see it. And I kinda agree with Net’s idea for Halloween 9. I mean come on people, many of you are saying how there’s no story to tell and how there’s no point of explaining Parts 4-6 if H2O and Resurrection ignores them. But you’re wrong. Who says we have to continue on from that storyline? The series is broken up into two separate storylines right? And since there isn’t anything else to tell after The new storyline (1,2,7,8) the only way to go is to go back to the original storyline (1,2,4,5,6,’9′).
    That’s the only way to go from here.

  • curtis

    well heres what i think,

    halloween:ressurection, had a so called theme in it, the reason why michael myers was still alive at the end was to tell audiances that evil never dies….
    which is telling you there will not be another halloween,,, ROB ZOMBIE , and i agree with the rest, totally made the classic look bad, the new one focuses on his childhood way to much, they made the mask awful, made him to tall, and totally fucked the original over…

  • Carol

    He messed the whole series up. What’s so good about a remake? What’s the point in seeing something we’ve been seeing for the past 20-30 something years. I created my own Halloween 9 this past month, and mailed it to Dimension Films to see if they would actually make it. It’s a good story. go over to Halloweenseries.com to the Halloween 9 message board.

  • Kristal

    I think a new Halloween needs to be made…
    Maybe not a remake of the third one in the original series…even if Michael is dead…Laurie isn’t. We want to know how the story continues… Does she turn into a psycho murderess?