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Rob Thomas Debuts “Lonely No More” Video

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Tonight Rob Thomas’ video for his hit single “Lonely No More” debuted on VH1. I can only describe it as “the Rubik’s Cube video.” The conceit is that Rob is in a room that keeps changing. It’s modular – things flip and twist around to become something else. Sometimes Rob is alone in a drab, monochromatic hotel-like space, and then things begin changing and he’s in a rocking, brightly colored clubesque place that’s teeming with people grinding to the music. Yet he’s oddly untouched by it all. He’s busy mugging at the camera in a way that becomes vaguely uncomfortable for the viewer. Well, for me anyway. I’m sure the teenaged girls were shrieking in delight.

The video is fun and upbeat, if a little bit boring because even as everything changes, nothing really develops. There’s no story here. It’s nice to look at, but as the song lyric says, “Can you show me something else?”

It’s a good song and a good video. But both are going to become tiresome if they’re played to death.

“Lonely No More” is the first single from Rob Thomas’ upcoming solo album . . . Something To Be, due in stores on April 19. Thomas is best known as the vocalist for the band matchbox twenty, and for collaborating with Carlos Santana on the hit single “Smooth,” for which Thomas also did the vocals.

Thomas will begin a short tour of club venues across the U.S. in April to promote his album. Check his site for details.

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  • m

    Rob is the sexiest/funniest/ guy ever+ he’s sooo nice and kind.

  • Jamie

    Rob, is GOOD SINGER. I like he’s style, Ohh.. I hope He’s want go to Jakarta and make Concert. GBU ROB !!!

  • Rhea

    Rob Thomas is my all time favorite singer!!!!! he’s the greatest……the first time I listened to him was when I was about 8….so I’ve listened to him for about 5 years. Anyhoo, I wish him the best with his career and family!!!!! GO ROB!!!!!!!!!! by the way, his voice gives the song a unique sound, and I think it changes the way that people dance to it, not like if it was some other singer or sumthin!!!!! 😛

  • I like rob (voice)…anymore……….good singer….

  • Lizzie


  • Julie Terry

    Wow! I like Rob’s song and also the
    mtv. He is amazing. I love the song lonely no more. it is nice. good job

  • kurt

    Where was the ” lonely no more ” Video shot witch town ?

  • Patricia

    I love the new video and the new album…Rob is a talented,sexy,funny guy and I wish him the best!!! I’ll definitely be voting to make him number 1!!! And MY GOD!!! Those tight pants are sooooooo HOT!!! Can’t wait to see him in concert!!!

  • Rob Zombie has really cleaned up his act 🙂


    I’m intruding here to let you know I posted your review of this to the Advance.net Web sites.

    The review can be found at a few different places on the Advance network around the country, but here’s one of them.

    Thank you
    Temple Stark

  • Iris

    I love Robby!!! He looked so good in the video! That is my new favorite song. I wish he wasn’t married. 🙁

  • Pmait

    This video is definitely not what I expected. That’s good. That’s really good. Who wants the expected? This is not matchbox twenty, this is Rob Thomas and I liked it. I liked it a lot.(And Rob looked great.)

  • Yeah, they sandwiched the video between “Behind the Music: matchbox twenty” (it was weird to see Adam Gaynor talking about the band as a sort of family, considering he was later ousted) and the “Best Celebrity Feuds.” But we had moved on to “24” by then.

  • I saw this as I turned channels. He was sitting on a bed. I quickly realized it was some type of debut for Rob .. and I quickly hit Next.

    It was right before the “40 “best??” Celebrity Feuds.” After they did Triumph the Insult Dog sock puppet vs. Pets.com sock puppet mascot, I switched again .. to off.