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I had gotten tired of waiting for Josh’s discs, so I burned myself a new mix disc. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Mark Wills “19 Something” – My wife and I were sitting on the couch recently and she told me that there was a song, along the lines of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” on the radio. I groaned (yes, out loud…. although I usually end up liking her recommendations, I don’t like to let on that I enjoy country music… it’ll just encourage her.) and asked what song. She said she thought it was called 19 something. Not 19 and some other word, but 19 something. She said it fits me to a tee and that I NEEDED to hear it, since it’s about the 80’s and the cheese-ball pop culture we grew up in and make fun of all the time. I downloaded it and was blown away. This is a great country song, and just a great lyric about the times we grew up in. “Saw Star Wars about 9 times, had the Pac-Man pattern memorized. I’ve seen the stuff they put inside Stretch Armstrong…”

  2. Michael Monroe “Shakedown” – The ex-singer of Hanoi Rocks again. This time I ended up with the right song. This is a great, upbeat rock song with almost rappy lyrics. He moves fast, so try to keep up.
  3. Amorphis “The Way” – One of their mellower songs. No death-metal growl here, just the singer doing a great job of nailing a good vocal (on a lot of their songs, they have the singer who sings the lines and a singer who does the death-growl with the same lyrics, it’s an original and great concept). This song flows along very nicely. Nice beat with subtle lyrics and a great rythm. This is one of my favorite bands.
  4. Icehouse “West Eleven Genius” – I was looking at new releases on Amazon.com, and came across a bunch of remastered Icehouse discs. I knew I’d heard them before, I just couldn’t remember where. I went to their website and found this track available for download. This is a kick-ass song from the forthcoming Bi-Polar Dreams album. This one song could make a fan out of me. Very poppy with trancy techno music. He has a GREAT voice and the music is just upbeat enough to keep me interested.
  5. Atom “You’re So Cool” – A good techno song I found on Mp3.com. How can you not like a song that has a clip of the Blues Brothers? “106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses…” “Hit it!” That has to be one of the best lines EVER to come out of Hollywood. There’s a clip at the end that earns the first person who can identify it for me a free mix disc.
  6. MakeShift “Hit Song” – Typical pop-punk. Nothing extrodinairy here.
  7. Minutemen “My Heart And The Real World” – Continuing my obsession with early ’80’s punk rock. The Minutemen were labelmates and touring partners with Black Flag, so they were already O.K. in my book. It’s a bonus that they were pretty damn good.
  8. Exciter “Stand Up And Fight” – Another one I found by accident somewhere. I was looking for a song called “Stand Up” in order to find out who it was by, and downloaded a load of songs with that phrase in it. Forgettable industrial-metal tune. I have no idea where it came from but the quality is horrible. It sounds like they encoded it from a scratched up record.
  9. Metallica “Don’t Tread (JimSpot 911 Remix)” – Around September 11th, I got obsessed with remixing some clips of news bytes and Bush’s speeches from that tragedy into this song as a sort of fuck-you to the terrorists. I had some trouble coming up with the right clips and forgot about it until the anniversary this year. I went looking again and found the clips I wanted. I downloaded them and fired up CoolEdit. After many attempts, I finally came up with a version I like. I talked about it here. I just think this song is the perfect don’t mess with the U.S. statement to do this with. I’d love to distribute it, but I’d rather not incur the wrath of Metallicops. (You want to check out that link, trust me!)
  10. Too Short “Blowjob Betty” – A raunchy, old-school style rap by the West Coast king of raunch-rap. Not his best. In fact, probably not even worth the download.
  11. USA for Africa “We Are The World” – I have this 45 rpm record somewhere. I downloaded this copy, hoping to get a CD-quality version of it. It sounds worse than my record did. I should buy a record player and just record it into digital format directly, since it seems that’s the only way this is available without just buying the CD which I’m not going to do, since the rest of it is horrible. Does anyone remember this song? I thought it was damn good and was for a good cause. The message stands true today. I Dare anyone to identify the singers in order, just by listening to it.
  12. James Brown “Living In America” – I’m surprised this sat around my hardrive for as long as it did. It’s the Godfather of Soul, for Heaven’s sake. I have to admit, this is like one of two or three James Brown songs I really like.
  13. Lee Greenwood “God Bless The USA” – While I’m on a patriotic music rant, I figured I’d throw this one in there. Doesn’t everyone have this?
  14. Session “What Great Means” – Great means go to the original and listen to Eminem. Session is a fairly weak Eminem clone I found on Mp3.com (can’t find this track there anymore…). Some of his stuff is better than this, but none of it is worth spending money on.
  15. Kermit the Frog “The Rainbow Connection” – “For Lovers, For Dreamers… And For Me!” I love this song and it pops into my head so often that I needed to lay it onto a mix disc.
  16. Slayers Try “Stand Up” – Nope, this isn’t the one either. It is however, pretty good. Although the lyrics are in some language I don’t understand, the singer’s voice is good and the music is danceable-good. I don’t usually get into anything I don’t understand, but I like this one for some reason.
  17. Sister Machine Gun “Suffragette City” – This is available for download at their site. It’s a bonus track that they intended to include on their new E.P. but decided not to. They made it available at the website, I grabbed it. Yes, it’s a cover of the David Bowie song, done in SMG style. I like it a lot. They should have included it on the E.P. though. Like all of their discs are on my want list. Another one of my favorite bands. Industrial-Metal that is played VERY well.
  18. John Michael Montgomery “The Little Girl” – Another Erin recomendation. Sweet song, nice sentiments. At first I was just not into it, since it’s too slow and ballady for my tastes. However, the sentiments at the end have changed my mind after a few listens. It’s a really good song.
  19. Prototype “Trinity” – I like this band a whole lot. They sound like a cross between Blind Guardian or Dream Theater and early Metallica. Good song. If I remember right, this came from their website.
  20. Full System Purge “Therapy (Straight Jacket Remix)” – I’ve never heard the original, but the remix is blastin’! Another Mp3.com track.

All in all, an O.K. disc. There are a few suckers here, which should just teach me to keep my mouth shut. In the last mix disc review I said that I hadn’t had any bad songs in a few discs. Here I have three that just suck, a few I’m not into and a few that the quality sucks. That’s alright, though, that’s what the whole “try before you buy” concept is all about. There are two here that would definately get me to buy the CD’s (Icehouse and Sister Machine Gun), a few songs that make me want to hear more of those bands (Full System Purge and Atom), a few old favorites (Michael Monroe and The Minutemen) and my very first remix. I’m sure this disc will get plenty of play, regardless of the crappy songs.

See here to get the Jim theory of mix discs.

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  • Johnny

    Hi, I really like your taste in music and was wondering if you could possibly arrange for me to get a song from you that is no longer available :-(. Its the Atom “You’re So Cool” song. I’ve heard a clip of it in a video and it kicks! Blues Brothers was indeed a very good movie. So if you have the time id be grateful. Thanks, Johnny

  • Johnny

    Hi, I really like your taste in music and was wondering if you could possibly arrange for me to get a song from you that is no longer available :-(. Its the Atom “You’re So Cool” song. I’ve heard a clip of it in a video and it kicks! Blues Brothers was indeed a very good movie. So if you have the time id be grateful. Thanks, Johnny