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RJ’s NFL Picks – Week Ten

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I went 8-6 last week, which puts me at 80-48 for the season, for an overall winning percentage of precisely 62.5%. (For a comparison, check out the "experts" over at ESPN.)

The following are my picks for the NFL's Week Ten:

Sunday, Nov. 12

Baltimore 6-2 at Tennessee 2-6 – 1:00 p.m.

Baltimore tops the AFC North, has won two in a row, and is playing at home against one of the weakest teams in the NFL.


Buffalo 3-5 at Indianapolis 8-0 – 1:00 p.m.

The unbeaten Colts should remain that way for at least another week.


Cleveland 2-6 at Atlanta 5-3 – 1:00 p.m.

Sure, the Falcons got whipped last week by the Lions. But that was on the road, and Cleveland is much worse than Detroit (in my unbiased opinion, ha-ha).


Green Bay 3-5 at Minnesota 4-4 – 1:00 p.m.

This one could go either way. The Vikings have lost two in a row, and have been outscored for the season. But they're playing at home here, and Brett Favre's arm could fall off at any time.


Houston 2-6 at Jacksonville 5-3 – 1:00 p.m.

Jacksonville has been pretty damn unpredictable this year, but I can't see them losing at home to the sorry Texans. Well, actually I could see it, you know, in the literal sense, on the local CBS affiliate, but only if the Texans win the game, which I can't see happening. Unless it does. Is that clear?


Kansas City 5-3 at Miami 2-6 – 1:00 p.m.

Last week's win over the Bears made a diaper-clad Larry Csonka smile. But Miami still sucks.


N.Y. Jets 4-4 at New England 6-2 – 1:00 p.m.

NE would be in total control of the AFC East with a win. I suspect they'll get one at home against the mediocre Jets.


San Diego 6-2 at Cincinnati 4-4 – 1:00 p.m.

The Bengals are at home for this one, so an upset win is not out of the question. However, San Diego clearly has the superior team.


San Francisco 3-5 at Detroit 2-6 – 1:00 p.m.

You know who I'm gonna pick. But I sincerely believe it this time. Really.


Washington 3-5 at Philadelphia 4-4 – 1:00 p.m.

Philly desperately needs a win here, after dropping their last three games by a combined total of 13 points. Washington needs a victory in order to maintain any hope of reaching the postseason.


Denver 6-2 at Oakland 2-6 – 4:05 p.m.

Worst offense in the league, meet the best defense in the league. Will Oakland get shutout two weeks in a row?


Dallas 4-4 at Arizona 1-7 – 4:15 p.m.

Dallas is already playing their 6th road game of the season, but luckily for them it's against the Arizona Cardinals.


New Orleans 6-2 at Pittsburgh 2-6 – 4:15 p.m.

Pittsburgh is having an awful year, but they are a much better team at home. But New Orleans is 3-1 on the road. Tough call.


St. Louis 4-4 at Seattle 5-3 – 4:15 p.m.

I know I've been saying the Rams are over-rated, but Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander are still injured, so I'll go with the upset here.


Chicago 7-1 at N.Y. Giants 6-2 – 8:15 p.m.

The Bears did not look like the Bears last week, in losing to hapless Miami at home. Of course, the Bears didn't look like the Bears on Monday Night Football a month ago either, when they very nearly lost to hapless Arizona. This week they travel to face the New York Football Giants, who are winners of five in a row. If Chicago wins this one, people are going to shrug off last week as a fluke. But if they lose, people are going to start questioning whether they ever deserved all the early-season hype. This is the must-see game of the week, no question.


Monday, Nov. 13

Tampa Bay 2-6 at Carolina 4-4 – 8:30 p.m.

When these teams last met back in Week Three, they were both 0-2. Carolina pulled out a narrow victory on the road, essentially ending any hope the Bucs had of making the playoffs. Tampa Bay has a chance to return the favor this week with a win in Charlotte, as the .500 Panthers find themselves stuck in third place in one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL. But I don't see it happening.


Weekly Results

Week One 10-6
Week Two 12-4
Week Three 6-8
Week Four 9-5
Week Five 10-4
Week Six 10-3
Week Seven 7-6
Week Eight 8-6
Week Nine 8-6

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About RJ

  • Week 11 is up!

  • Week 11 is up!

  • DOM

    CINN, STL and NYG… Pretty much blew it.

    8-8 95-49

  • ESPN’s “experts” –

    Theismann 10-5
    Salisbury 8-8
    Hoge 8-8
    Jaworski 8-8
    Schlereth 10-6
    Allen 9-7
    Mortensen 9-7
    Golic 9-7
    Accuscore 10-6

    Three beat me bad, three barely beat me, and three tied me. No bueno…

  • Final Score:

    Carolina 24, TB 10 – RJ 8-8

  • 8-7 on the week so far. not bad, honestly. I wish some of those upsets had not been upsets, but whatever.

  • This week was hell…the best I can hope for is .500 and tying three of the nine “experts” … :-/

  • Uh huh

  • DOM

    with not just Houston.

  • DOM

    Jesus interfered.

  • Oh, thanks for clearing that up.

  • LOL…

    Look, I’m biased too. I hope Michigan beats them 70-0. Realistically, however, I am seeing a 17-14 win…for someone. Hopefully it’s the guys in Maize & Blue.

  • Sheepishly Jet inches into the room, looking cautiously and with trepidation for anyone holding a baseball bat.

    Gathering his courage he moves to the stage and hides under the podium. Hoping no one noticed him he reachies up blindly and pulls the microphone down with him and asks.

    “RJ, I’m biased, so I can’t answer this question seriously. Ohio State has one of the best defenses in the business. Michigan’s will cancel them out. now… along with an equal offense on both sides, it’s down to a chess game between the quarterbacks.

    I see a very low scoring game, won by whomever DOESN’T make the first mistake. I also see no more than 21 points a side. I just can’t figure out who’ll win. We know where my money is.

    your thoughts?

    Crawling on hands and knees he exits behind the curtains, sneaks out the side door and listens at the window incase someone answers him….

  • Final Score:

    Chicago 38, Giants 20 – RJ 7-8

    Hell week continues…

  • ESPN’s “experts” –

    Theismann 9-5
    Salisbury 7-7
    Hoge 7-7
    Jaworski 7-7
    Schlereth 8-6
    Allen 8-6
    Mortensen 8-6
    Golic 8-6
    Accuscore 8-6

    I’m tied with three and slightly behind five. And Theismann is stomping me. Not good. :-/

  • Final Scores:

    Denver 17, Oakland 13 – RJ 5-6

    Seattle 24, Rams 22 – RJ 5-7

    Dallas 27, Arizona 10 – RJ 6-7

    Steelers 38, NO 31 – RJ 7-7 (!)

  • The incredible thing is, even at a dismal 4-6 only two of ESPN’s “experts” has a better record than me:

    Theismann 5-5
    Salisbury 4-6
    Hoge 4-6
    Jaworski 3-7
    Schlereth 4-6
    Allen 4-6
    Mortensen 4-6
    Golic 5-5
    Accuscore 4-6

  • Final Scores:

    SD 49, Bengals 41 – RJ 4-5

    Packers 23, Vikes 17 – RJ 4-6

  • Final Scores:

    Philly 27, Washington 3 – RJ 3-4

    Browns 17, Atlanta 13 – RJ 3-5

  • Final Scores:

    SF 19, Detroit 13 – RJ 1-4

    Baltimore 27, Tennessee 26 – RJ 2-4

  • Final Score:

    Houston 13, Jaguars 10 – RJ 1-3

  • Final Scores:

    Indy 17, Buffalo 16 – RJ 1-0

    Miami 13, KC 10 – RJ 1-1

    Jets 17, NE 14 – RJ 1-2

  • “well unless some crazy shit goes down.. I would imagine the worst guy is going to have only 5 losses at the most. This week seems fairly easy.”

    It looks like some crazy shit is going down, at least in the early games… :-/

  • Cynthisa

    Hmmmm…. I’m 73-55 so far this year, which puts me at dead last in our group pool. The leader is 84-44. RJ, 80-48 would tie you for 4th! But, I got CREAMED last week – 5-9. D’oh!!!
    Among other heresies, I thought INDI would finally take a loss, and picking against NO – who’d a thunk they’d hold on this long!?!?

    My excuse was being distracted by my trip to San Fransisco last weekend. Bad weekend for picks, but FANTASTIC weekend for football – USC in town playing Stanford (er, rather, wiping the field with Stanford) and UCLA in town (well, relatively speaking) to play Cal, PLUS the Vikings playing 49ers too. You couldn’t hop a cable car or queue up at a Starbuck’s without bumping into someone in a team jersey of one color or another! (Hey, forgive the naivete, I’m a Los Angelena!)

  • Off the subject:

    Ohio State only won by 44 points, Jet, so they completely blew the 113 point spread…

    COMPLETELY off the subject:

    I think everyone can agree that Ohio State and Michigan are the best two college football teams in the country. But am I alone in thinking that Wisconsin, Rutgers, and Boise State all deserve to be somewhere in the top 10?

  • Thanks for submitting your picks already, guys! 🙂

    And as a reminder, everyone is welcome to place their own predictions here in the Comments section…and Suss is expected to do so… 😉

  • Baltimore
    Green Bay
    Kansas City
    New England
    New Orleans

  • zingzing

    oh pishah. i’m not perfect! just dashingly handsome! dreamy, you might say. let’s me get away with things that others… they might not get away with.

    and i think you lie when you say that you aren’t used to people joking about death. why you lie?

    i killed my mother.

  • Taloran

    I’m not accustomed to people joking about someone’s death. Guess I should read more carefully. Excuse my imperfection, which must be terribly annoying to the flawless zingzing.

  • yeah, you might have picked up on the sarcasm if the idea of ohio state totally routing Northwestern by 113 points wasn’t entirely plausible.

  • zingzing

    paterno is not dead. sheesh. sarcasm? a joke?

    um, lemme see. taloran is dead. see? you’re not dead, right? wee!

  • Taloran

    re comment 3, Coach Paterno’s death – I can’t find any news items on this. Anyone have a link? I’ve checked ESPN, Reuters, my local TV and newspaper sites, and Yahoo – no mention of Paterno dying. ESPN says he’ll miss the game tomorrow, but that’s all.

  • I thought for sure you were in error about the Hawks as favorites, but sure enough!

    The Hawks have nearly lost to St. Louis so many times while healthy, I fear you are correct this week.

  • DOM

    Golic changed his Cinncinati pick.. I guess I dont have the same..

    well unless some crazy shit goes down.. I would imagine the worst guy is going to have only 5 losses at the most. This week seems fairly easy.

  • Baltimore 6-2 at Tennessee 2-6… Baltimore could lose this one and make me happy, right? Wrong. Tennessee will see their lives flash before their eyes.

    Buffalo 3-5 at Indianapolis 8-0… Indy. Though stranger things have happened than a 3-5 beating an 8-0.

    Cleveland 2-6 at Atlanta 5-3… Cleveland will stay in this game for about 4 minutes. The Atlanta will deliver the whoop-@$$.

    Green Bay 3-5 at Minnesota 4-4… Green Bay isn’t as bad as I predicted. Neither is Minnesota as good as we thought two or three weeks into the season. I’m not really comfortable giving either team the edge here, but I guess I’ll go Green bay.

    Houston 2-6 at Jacksonville 5-3… Jacksonville. Unless Jesus interferes.

    Kansas City 5-3 at Miami 2-6… Kansas City. Miami is a trainwreck.

    N.Y. Jets 4-4 at New England 6-2… Patriots.

    San Diego 6-2 at Cincinnati 4-4… This won’t be a comfortable win for either team. But San Diego is definitely superior.

    San Francisco 3-5 at Detroit 2-6… Detroit, hot off of an insane win last week faces a team with a sub-4 wins record. Which means they have a chance. Will they take advantage of it? I say no.

    Washington 3-5 at Philadelphia 4-4… Can I pick a team who has let me down so frequently this year? Can I pick against a team who is just off their bye week… and historically just slays opponents after a bye? My heart says no, my head says yes. I guess I’ll go with Washington, so that I will have a reason to celebrate, regardless of who wins.

    Denver 6-2 at Oakland 2-6… Denver.

    Dallas 4-4 at Arizona 1-7… Dallas.

    New Orleans 6-2 at Pittsburgh 2-6… New Orleans. Can Pittsburgh even tie their shoelaces properly anymore?

    St. Louis 4-4 at Seattle 5-3… St Louis. Under very similar reason as RJ used.

    Chicago 7-1 at N.Y. Giants 6-2… Chicago. The Giants are sort of a trendy, dangerous pick. But that kind of pick really only gets you points if you’re betting a lot of money. I don’t see NY winning this one. I don’t even think they’ll make it close.

    Tampa Bay 2-6 at Carolina 4-4… Carolina, who has totally turned up their game the past three weeks.

  • DOM

    SF 🙂

    almost same as you.. first time i have same as an expert.. Golic.. Im not shure if thats a good or a bad thing.. lol.

  • Ohio State is favored over Northwestern by 113. And Coach Paterno is dead.

  • I know it’s not NFL but what’s the point spread for Ohio state tomorrow and any word on Coach Paterno over in PA?

  • Ya’ll ready for some football?