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RJ’s NFL Picks – Week Six

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I went a respectable 9-5 last week. I’m now 40-34 for the season.

That means I have a slightly better winning percentage than both Joe Theismann and Marcus Allen, and I’m tied with Mike Golic. Oh, and I’m breathing down Ron Jaworski’s neck (metaphorically…I swear!).

Anyway, here are my picks for the NFL’s Week #6:

Sunday, Oct. 16

Atlanta at New Orleans (actually, San Antonio, TX) 1:00 p.m.

Both teams lost last week. But the Falcons have a better record, and are simply a better team. Also, the Saints can’t really claim much of a “home-field advantage” when playing in a city 500 miles to the west of New Orleans. Atlanta by 7.

Carolina at Detroit 1:00 p.m.

Well, you know I’m going to pick the Lions to win (as I loyally do every week), so the only question is by how much. Answer: not much. Lions by 1.

Cincinnati at Tennessee 1:00 p.m.

Cincinnati is undefeated no more, after losing to the Jags on Sunday. Meanwhile, Tennessee won handily last week (albeit against the hapless, and winless, Houston Texans). But the Bengals are capable of putting a lot of points on the board, and the Titans have a porous defense. Bengals by 13.

Cleveland at Baltimore 1:00 p.m.

Somewhat surprisingly, these two teams meet with Cleveland having the superior record. But the Ravens simply imploded last week, getting called for 21 penalties against the Lions, and losing badly. They are not likely to throw another game away this week, in front of the home crowd. Ravens by 6.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh 1:00 p.m.

Two solid teams coming off victories. But the Steelers are a slightly better team, and are at home. Pittsburgh by 9.

Miami at Tampa Bay 1:00 p.m.

Tampa Bay has played five games so far this season, and has given up a mere 59 points. That’s under 12 points per game. Miami simply cannot win against a team with a good defense, as was shown last week when they lost to the Bills. Bucs by 8.

Minnesota at Chicago 1:00 p.m.

I can’t think a single reason why the poorly-coached, Moss-less Vikings could be expected to win this game, on the road, against a division rival with a potent defense. Bears by 7.

N.Y. Giants at Dallas 1:00 p.m.

This is a tough one to pick. The Eli Manning-led Giants offense has been surprisingly effective so far this season. However, Dallas is at home, they are coming off a blowout victory against hated division rival Philly, and I believe they will rise to the occasion against another hated division rival this week. Cowboys by 4.

Washington at Kansas City 1:00 p.m.

This is another tough one. But I don’t have much faith in the Redskins, especially on the road, especially coming off that painful loss against Denver on Sunday. And the Chiefs are too good to lose their third game in a row, particularly while playing in front of their own fans. KC by 2.

New England at Denver 4:15 p.m.

I’m still sticking with my prediction that the Broncos will miss the playoffs this year. That may look a bit foolish in light of their current 4-1 record. But I believe that’s going to fall to 4-2 this Sunday. Pats by 4.

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo 4:15 p.m.

Two below-average AFC East teams from New York with lousy offenses. Sounds like a lot of fun to watch…not! Bills by 1.

San Diego at Oakland 4:15 p.m.

I haven’t been wrong about a single one of Oakland’s games. How long can I keep that streak alive? We shall find out this weekend. SD by 3.

Houston at Seattle 8:30 p.m.

The best team in the NFC West, at home, against the worst team in the NFL. In front of a national television audience. Seems pretty clear to me. Seahawks by 11.

Monday, Oct. 17

St. Louis at Indianapolis 9:00 p.m.

The best team in the NFL, at home, against the only team this season to lose to San Francisco. In front of a national television audience. Seems very clear to me. Colts by 24.

[Open date: Arizona, Green Bay, Philadelphia, San Francisco]

Random factoid: I picked ten home teams to win this week, and only four road teams…

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  • MCH

    “I’m now 40-34 for the season.”
    – Bobby (RJ) Elliott

    I predict that you’ll end up right around .500, give or take a game or two. About the same percentage as flipping a coin.

  • Ooh – I didn’t know Seattle would be on National TV. Thanks for the heads up.

  • What’s your record, MCH?


    Mr. 32-42

  • The only pick I’ll make this week is Denver over NE.

  • now do that 13 more times. easy.

  • MCH


    All I keep track of is the dough I made from the Steelers’ four Super Bowl wins in the ’70s and the Bears championship in ’86.

    Oh, and Bobby (RJ) Elliott’s goofy football logic.

  • The Theory

    Atlanta… by 20
    Carolina… by 3
    Cincinati… by 6
    Cleveland… by 3
    Pittsburg… by 7
    Tampa Bay… by 14
    Chicago… by 1
    Cowboys… by 10
    Washington… by 3
    Denver… by 14
    NYJets… by 17
    San Diego… by 3
    Seattle… by 17
    Indianapolis… by 20000

  • Detroit by 5
    Dallas by 12
    Vikings by 20 (ugly week for them off field – spending their money like 16 year old losers. A lot of fumbles will occur in the game, too.)
    Atlanta by 10 (but Vick will go out and the backup QB Schaub will do his magic again)
    Cincinnati by 10 (TENN is beat up)
    Dolphins by 5 – Ricky’s Back. A big deal but mostly as a decoy factor – in this game at least)
    Pittsburgh by 20
    Kansas City by 4
    NY Jets by 13 (both bottom of their dividion with 2-3 records)
    Oakland by 1 (another match-up of bottom feeders). A good game.
    Patriots by 17 (Brady’s passes will sail and he’ll adjust better than most)
    Seattle by 36 (The most confident I’ve been about a Seattle win. But if any one can lose to a winless team – it’s the Hawks.)

  • Whoops. forgot MNF.

    And it’ll be a good game.

    Only because they’re at home :::

    Colts by 20

  • Damn – it.

    Forgot Cleveland by 9.

    OK, I’m good now.

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Baltimore 16, Cleveland 3 – RJ 1-0

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Bengals 31, Titans 23 – RJ 2-0

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Jags 23, Steelers 17 (in OT) – RJ 2-1

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Dallas 16, Giants 13 (in OT) – RJ 3-1

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Bears 28, Vikings 3 – RJ 4-1

  • rj

    Final Score:

    KC 28, Redskins 21 – RJ 5-1

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Falcons 34, New Orleans 31 – RJ 6-1

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Carolina 21, Detroit 20 – RJ 6-2

  • rj

    Final Score:

    Tampa Bay 27, Miami 13 – RJ 7-2

  • RJ

    Final Scores:

    Bills 27, Jets 17 – RJ 8-2

    SD 27, Oakland 14 – RJ 9-2 (and still batting 1.000 in picking Oakland’s games!)

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Denver 28, NE 20 – RJ 9-3 (maybe I was wrong about the Broncos not making the playoffs this year?)

  • RJ


    You’re 4-8 so far this week. What happened? Who stole your mojo? :-/

  • RJ

    The Theory:

    You’re 8-4 so far…muy bueno! 🙂

  • HFGPCLS (short for a lot of swearing).

    Whew as an understatement – this is not my week.

    My only excuse is that I have barely uttered the word or seen the word “football” all week.

    All will be better if the Seahawks pull the upset. In other words – overcome my temporary uselessocity.

    Real life continues tomorrow. …. Sigh.

  • RJ

    Seahawks up by…a lot…in the 4th quarter.

    And Shaun Alexander has 4 TDs!

    I hope someone here has him on their fantasy team…

  • RJ


    What does THAT stand for???

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Seattle 42, Houston 10 – RJ 10-3

  • The Theory

    oo. i had a good week! so far I’m 9-4, with the possibility of improving when Indianapolis crushes whatever team they’re playing.

  • The Theory

    well. the last thing I saw of last night’s game was the Rams up 17-0 before I focused on watching Arrested Development instead. I was surprised to wake up and find the Colts won. Good job, lads.

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Indy 45, Rams 28 – RJ 11-3!