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RJ’s NFL Picks – Week Eight

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I went 7-6 last week, which puts me at 64-36 for the season, for an overall winning percentage of 64%. (For a comparison, check out the "experts" over at ESPN.)

The following are my picks for the NFL's Week Eight:

Sunday, October 29

Arizona (1-6) at Green Bay (2-4) – 1:00 p.m.

Green Bay is winless at home so far this year, but you know that ain't gonna last. Especially when the weekend forecast is calling for near-freezing temperatures, and the competition is the Arizona Cardinals.


Atlanta (4-2) at Cincinnati (4-2) – 1:00 p.m.

I'd say these are two pretty evenly-matched teams. Besides having the same W-L record, they have almost identical points scored/points allowed numbers. It's a tough call to make, so I guess I'll have to go with the home team.


Baltimore (4-2) at New Orleans (5-1) – 1:00 p.m.

Baltimore is on a two-game skid, but they had last week off to rest and recuperate. Steve McNair should be back from injury and ready to start against the Saints. New Orleans has won two in a row and is undefeated at home this season. This is another tough call.


Houston (2-4) at Tennessee (1-5) – 1:00 p.m.

Houston's offensive line looked pretty good last week in a win against Jacksonville. Actually, the whole team looked pretty good. But Tennessee has looked downright impressive ever since they were destroyed by the Cowboys in Week Four. Since then, they have nearly upset the undefeated Colts and beaten the Redskins. Now they're rested coming off a bye week, and they have the home-field advantage in this one.


Jacksonville (3-3) at Philadelphia (4-3) – 1:00 p.m.

Jacksonville has been impressive in their victories, and pathetic in their defeats. And it's worth pointing out that all their wins have come at home, and all their losses have been on the road. And this game is on the road. I think it could be ugly.


Seattle (4-2) at Kansas City (3-3) – 1:00 p.m.

Both teams have allowed more points than they've scored, despite their respectable W-L records. Seattle is all banged up, with injuries to starting QB Matt Hasselbeck and starting RB Shaun Alexander. I'll take KC playing at home.


San Francisco (2-4) at Chicago (6-0) – 1:00 p.m.

No contest.


Tampa Bay (2-4) at N.Y. Giants (4-2) – 1:00 p.m.

I think the Giants will prevail because I believe they are the better team (and they're also playing at home). But that Gradkowski kid has definitely been impressive in getting Tampa Bay two straight wins. So I think it'll be close.


St. Louis (4-2) at San Diego (4-2) – 4:05 p.m.

Like I've said before, the Rams are not as good as their record would seem to indicate. And San Diego is, if anything, better than their current record, and they're undefeated at home.


Indianapolis (6-0) at Denver (5-1) – 4:15 p.m.

The Broncos have quietly won every game they've played since Week One. Their offensive struggles have been mooted by their outstanding defense. The Colts will have their hands full up in Denver.


N.Y. Jets (4-3) at Cleveland (1-5) – 4:15 p.m.

Despite their winning record, the Jets have given up more points than they've scored. They have won two in a row, but against teams with a combined 2-12 record. I think the Browns will pull out a rare win here.


Pittsburgh (2-4) at Oakland (1-5) – 4:15 p.m.

Pittsburgh has looked awful on the road this season, going 0-3. But the Super Bowl champs should be able to snag a road win against the hapless Raiders this week.


Dallas (3-3) at Carolina (4-3) – 8:15 p.m.

This is a huge game for both teams. Dallas cannot afford to fall any further behind the Giants and the Eagles in the NFC East, and Carolina needs a win at home to keep the pressure on Atlanta and New Orleans in the NFC South. (Those are two of the top three divisions in the NFL, along with the AFC West, at least in my opinion.) Both teams lost last week. Frankly, I just trust the Panthers' passing game more than that of the Cowboys.


Monday, October 30

New England (5-1) at Minnesota (4-2) – 8:30 p.m.

I have a bad feeling about this pick, but I gotta go with the Pats on Monday Night Football.


[Bye Week Teams: Buffalo (2-5), Detroit (1-6), Miami (1-6), Washington (2-5)]

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  • rj

    Who. Dares. Challenge. Me.

  • DOM

    RJ I love the picks… Like i said before i have been following for a while and you know your shit.. for the most part..;)

    ok here we go.. lets see what I got.

    ARZ @ GB: I dont really like GB, but I heard from someone the weather is going to be cold.=)
    [[GREEN BAY]]

    ATL @ CIN: might as well flip a coin. ATL has serious momentum. [[ATLANTA]]

    BAL @ NO: Baltimore had by, but… so did Saints. Saints win at home. [[SAINTS]]

    HOU @ TENN: TennessEe knows this one is in there grasp. [[TENNESSEE]]

    JAC @ PHILLY: Philly is finnally comin home. [[PHILADELPHIA]]

    SEA @ KC: Seattle will lose one more before they go on a tear.. [[KC]]

    SF @ CHICAGO: [[CHICAGO]] =(

    TB @ NY: Close game but Giants comin home. [[GIANTS]]

    STL @ SD: [[SAN DIEGO]]

    INDY @ DEN: Denver will lose NEXT week to Pit. [[DENVER]]

    JETS @ CLE: cleveland’s schedual is a nightmere. I would be surprised if they let the Jets take this one away from them. [[CLEVELAND]]

    PIT @ OAK: close but no cigar. [[PITTSBURGH]]

    DAL @ CAR: Dallas will still be ok if they lose this one. [[CAROLINA]]

    MONDAY NIGHT: NE @ MINN: This is a much bigger game for minnesota then it is for NE. Plus NE has someone else on there mind.. Indy. [[MINNESOTA]]

  • Arizona (1-6) at Green Bay (2-4)… Green Bay may be running on Favre’s quickly-emptying tank, but it is still a tank that can take on the lowly Cards. Arizona.

    Atlanta (4-2) at Cincinnati (4-2)… Cincinnati. Atlanta is definitely better than I thought (or hoped) and Cincy isn’t quite as good as I thought or hoped. But this should still put a W in the Bengal’s win column.

    Baltimore (4-2) at New Orleans (5-1)… I’ll call this one purely on emotion. New Orleans. I hate baltimore. I like what NO is doing for thier city.

    Houston (2-4) at Tennessee (1-5)… When you have two sub-.500 teams going at it you never feel quite confident, regardless how practical it seems to pick one team over another. But Tennessee IS at home… so they may just squeak this one out.

    Jacksonville (3-3) at Philadelphia (4-3)… Speaking of ugly, that has been how you could describe Philadelphia the past 4 weeks. Each loss has been a game Philadelphia could and should have won. However, for the first time in that span they will have Dante Stallworth back and healthy… between him and Westbrook, McNabb should have all he needs to give them some breathing room.

    Seattle (4-2) at Kansas City (3-3)… Kansas City. My grandparents live around that area and I want them to have something to cheer for.

    San Francisco (2-4) at Chicago (6-0)… Chicago will continue their lossless season. In style.

    Tampa Bay (2-4) at N.Y. Giants (4-2)… Tampa Bay beat Philadelphia… but barely. They got most of their points on McNabb mistakes… then their kicker somehow found it in him to kick the 3rd longest field goal in NFL history. As long as the Giants play a good, relatively mistake-free game they should find themselves with a win.

    St. Louis (4-2) at San Diego (4-2)… San Diego.

    Indianapolis (6-0) at Denver (5-1)… This game could go either way (though, to be fair, ANY of these games could go either way)… I want to see two 7-0 teams, so Indy.

    N.Y. Jets (4-3) at Cleveland (1-5)… I would love to see the Dog Pound get a win, but even though the Jets are the worst team in the NFL over .500 they should get another V here.

    Pittsburgh (2-4) at Oakland (1-5)… Oakland finally has a win. And even though Pittsburgh is horrible and banged up they’ll pull it out on the road.

    Dallas (3-3) at Carolina (4-3)… I just want to see Dallas lose and put America’s team in the clutches of dispair. Carolina, at home, should take care of a worse-than-expected Cowboys.

    New England (5-1) at Minnesota (4-2)… Minnesota has been a lot better than I was expecting. Good for them. This game will either make them into real contenders or will knock them on their heels. I have to pick NE.

  • RJ

    “Arizona (1-6) at Green Bay (2-4)… Green Bay may be running on Favre’s quickly-emptying tank, but it is still a tank that can take on the lowly Cards. Arizona.”

    Did you mean Green Bay?

  • yeah. Not sure what I was typing there. But I did mean GB.

  • DOM

    Interesting.. 4/7 experts are taking Minnesota. And no one is taking Cleveland or Denver.

  • I just notice RJ you picked every favorite this week, also noting that every favorite is a home except Pitts this week. Interesting.


  • rj

    Interesting observation, Thumpnerin. I don’t check the lines before making my picks, though, so it’s just a coincidence.

  • I know its a bit last minute but here you go:

    Green Bay
    New Orleans
    New York
    San Diego
    New England

  • Wow! Cool site redesign! I think the left sidebar needs a little work though… :-/

  • Hey? How come the sports section got the nifty textured green side bars that no one else got?

  • Final Score:

    Bears 41, 49ers 10 – RJ 1-0

    Thomas Jones and Rex Grossman both looked unstoppable…but then again, they were playing against San Francisco…

  • Final Score:

    Jags 13, Philly 6 – RJ 1-1

    Fred Taylor had a great game, and Jacksonville’s defense was able to stifle Philly in this upset road win.

  • Final Score:

    Atlanta 29, Bengals 27 – RJ 1-2

    I knew it would be close…Vick was MVP-like in this one…

  • Final Score:

    Packers 31, Cardinals 14 – RJ 2-2

    The weather wasn’t as cold as I thought it’d be, but the result was the same: Green Bay finally wins one at home. Both Ahman Green and Vernand Morency rushed for over 100 yards for the Packers.

  • Ahem.

    That should have been:

    Packers 31, Cardinals 14 – RJ 2-2

    The weather wasn’t as cold as I thought it’d be, but the result was the same: Green Bay finally wins one at home. Both Ahman Green and Vernand Morency rushed for over 100 yards for the Packers.

  • Final Score:

    KC 35, Seattle 28 – RJ 3-2 (and I nailed the spread!)

    Kansas City tried to fumble the game away, but Seneca Wallace proved unable to capitalize for Seattle. Will David Greene be starting at QB next week?

  • Final Score:

    Ravens 35, Saints 22 – RJ 3-3

    New Orleans scored 15 unanswered points in the 4th quarter, but they had already dug themselves too deep a hole in the first 45 minutes to come away with a win. Hey, maybe Jim Fassell was the problem with Baltimore’s offense!

  • Final Score:

    Tennessee 28, Houston 22 – RJ 4-3

    David Carr got benched mid-game, so Sage Rosenfels (who?) nearly led Houston back from a 28-10 deficit in the 4th quarter. But it wasn’t enough as Vince Young ran for a TD, threw for a TD, and then let his defense and special teams do the rest to give Tennessee a two-game winning streak.

  • Final Score:

    Giants 17, Tampa Bay 3 – RJ 5-3

    Tampa Bay’s offense looked pathetic in this embarrassing loss.

  • ESPN’s “experts” –

    Theismann 5-3
    Salisbury 4-4
    Hoge 5-3
    Jaworski 4-4
    Schlereth 5-3
    Allen 6-2
    Mortensen 4-4
    Golic 3-5

    I’m ahead of 4, tied with 3, and only Allen is ahead of me, so far…

  • Final Scores:

    SD 38, Rams 24 – RJ 6-3

    Indy 34, Denver 31 – RJ 6-4

    Oakland 20, Steelers 13 (!) – RJ 6-5

    Browns 20, Jets 13 – RJ 7-5

  • ESPN’s “experts” –

    Theismann 7-5
    Salisbury 6-6
    Hoge 7-5
    Jaworski 6-6
    Schlereth 7-5
    Allen 8-2
    Mortensen 5-7
    Golic 5-7

  • Oops!

    Mortensen is actually 4-8, not 5-7…

  • Final Score:

    Dallas 35, Carolina 14 – RJ 7-6

  • Sadly, my rather poor performance this week still has me either tied with, or ahead of, 7 of the 8 NFL “experts” over at ESPN…

    Theismann 7-6
    Salisbury 6-7
    Hoge 7-6
    Jaworski 6-7
    Schlereth 7-6
    Allen 8-5
    Mortensen 4-9
    Golic 5-8

  • DOM

    ya i cant belive Tampa!.. I just needed 1 more TD! I had them in a trip parley with Atlanta and Oakland.

    neways… 8-5.. not too bas considering what the “experts” and my friends did… we’ll see wut happends tmrw.

  • 7-6. Which is better than I was expecting while I was watching the scores ticker yesterday.

    Good call on the Browns win, RJ. I totally didn’t see that one coming.

  • I know I haven’t been makin’ picks lately. But baseball’s over, so I might have time for it now.

  • Final Score:

    NE 31, Minnesota 7 – RJ 8-6

  • NFL “experts” –

    Theismann 7-6
    Salisbury 7-7
    Hoge 8-6
    Jaworski 7-7
    Schlereth 7-7
    Allen 8-6
    Mortensen 5-9
    Golic 5-9

    I beat six and tied two. So, for the 3rd week in a row, not a single one of ESPN’s NFL “experts” has had a better record than me.

  • I’m 72-42 for the season so far. Here is where ESPN’s “experts” are –

    Theismann 63-43
    Salisbury 70-44
    Hoge 72-42
    Jaworski 71-43
    Schlereth 72-42
    Allen 70-44
    Mortensen 61-53
    Golic 72-42

    So, I’m leading five and tied with three. Not a single one of them has a better W-L record than me, and we’re nearly halfway through the season. Will I suffer a huge second-half letdown? Stay tuned…

  • I’m at 72-40. According to the numbers I’m two picks shy of RJ… i know the one is the first game of the season because it happened on a Thursday… and I didn’t think to pick until Friday or Saturday. I’m not sure where the other discrepancy is, though… either my addition went haywire… or somewhere I missed something.

  • DOM

    79-35… catch me if u can 🙂

  • MCH

    Michael Vick has passed for over 570 yards, five touchdowns, and 60% completions in Atlanta’s last two victories. Not bad for the “most overrated quarterback in the NFL”…

  • Indeed, Ron Mexico finally learned how to be a consistent — nay, great — passer this year.

    But eek, MCH, somebody fed you some bad statistics:

    v. Pittsburgh: 232 yds, 4 TD, 2 INT, 60%
    v. Cincinnati: 291 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT, 74
    = 523 yds, 7 TD, 2 INT, 65.5%

  • So much for non-breaking spaces

  • MCH

    yeah, what you said.

  • Where is the new week’s list???

  • buzmeg

    Will there be Week #9 picks? I need to submit my pool picks by this evening.

  • Yeah, RJ, where are they? People here need you.

    In the meantime, check out a couple of David Mazzotta’s spread picks.

  • Week Nine is up! 🙂