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RJ’s 2010 Senate Race Predictions

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A total of 37 Senate seats are up for grabs this year. The current composition of the US Senate is 59 Democrats (two of whom are actually independents who caucus with the Dems) and 41 Republicans.

What follows are my predictions for each Senate race. First, the seats currently held by Democrats (of which there are 19):


Connecticut: Dick Blumenthal (D) vs. Linda McMahon (R)

Despite the fact that Blumenthal a) lied repeatedly about serving in Vietnam, b) apparently has no idea how private sector jobs are created, and c) looks sorta creepy, he is well ahead in the polls. Blumenthal by 8, Dem Hold


Delaware: Chris Coons (Marxist-Democrat) vs. Christine O’Donnell (Wiccan-Republican)

This is Joe Biden’s old seat. Mike Castle would have won this election easily. Let’s just say the Tea Party overreached a little bit by nominating the cute-but-kooky chick with the blank résumé. Coons by 14, Dem Hold


Illinois: Alexi Giannoulias (D) vs. Mark Kirk (R)

This is Barack Obama’s old seat. Giannoulias is a mob banker. You’d think that would disqualify him for election to such a high office, but remember that this is Illinois. He is, however, currently trailing in the polls. Kirk by 3, GOP Pickup


Indiana: Dan Coats (R) vs. Brad Ellsworth (D)

Dan Coats is headed back to the Senate. Coats by 18, GOP Pickup


North Dakota: John Hoeven (R) vs. Tracy Potter (D)

Potter’s website is here. Check it out sometime. You could even be the site’s 100th visitor! Hoeven by 38, GOP Pickup


West Virginia: Joe Manchin (D) vs. John Raese (R)

This is the Senate seat that was held by Robert Byrd for about 9,000 years until he died earlier this year. Manchin is West Virginia’s popular Governor. He was for ObamaCare before he was against it. Since President Obama is about as popular in West Virginia as black lung, and Raese is doing everything he can to nationalize the election, this is a very competitive race. Raese by 2, GOP Pickup


Pennsylvania: Joe Sestak (D) vs. Pat Toomey (R)

This race has tightened, but Toomey still has the lead. I wonder if Obama will offer Sestak a job if he loses? Toomey by 6, GOP Pickup


Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln (D) vs. John Boozman (R)

Lincoln is going to experience the kind of defeat that Senate incumbents almost never suffer. Boozman by 22, GOP Pickup


California: Barbara Boxer (D) vs. Carly Fiorina (R)

In a just world, everyone would be calling Barbara Boxer “ma’am” beginning next January. Alas, life is not always fair, and sometimes horrible human beings who are bereft of any actual accomplishments other than duping stoned idiot voters every six years win in the end. Boxer by 4, Dem Hold


Colorado: Ken Buck (R) vs. Michael Bennet (D)

It’s definitely close, but Buck is tied or ahead in every single recent poll. Buck by 2, GOP Pickup


Hawaii: Daniel Inouye (D) vs. Cam Cavasso (R)

Inouye has been in the Senate since 1962. To put that in perspective, Hawaii has only been a state since 1959. This race is a rematch; Inouye faced Cavasso in 2004, and won by…55 points. Not much polling has been done for this race because it is assumed to be a safe seat for the Democrats. However, I expect the results to be quite a bit closer than six years ago. Inouye by 20, Dem Hold


Maryland: Barbara Mikulski (D) vs. Eric Wargotz (R) 

Fear not, D&D fans. The Senate’s lone Hill Dwarf is safe for another six years. Mikulski by 21, Dem Hold


Nevada: Harry Reid (D) vs. Sharron Angle (R)

The only reason this one is close at all is due to the fact the Republicans nominated a gaffe-prone right-winger with an apparent speech impediment. Harry Reid is easily one of the most hated politicians in the country; he has no business getting reelected. Thankfully, Angle has been able to raise a ton of money, she won their only debate, and she holds a slim lead in the latest polls. Angle by 3, GOP Pickup


New York: Kirsten Gillibrand (D) vs. Joseph DioGuardi (R)

This one would have been competitive if Pataki or Giuliani had thrown his hat into the ring, but neither of them did. This seat is up for election again in 2012, so maybe then. Gillibrand by 16, Dem Hold


New York: Chuck Schumer (D) vs. Jay Townsend (R)

Sigh. Schumer by 30, Dem Hold


Oregon: Ron Wyden (D) vs. Jim Huffman (R)

Wyden will win, but don’t be surprised if it’s relatively close. Wyden by 10, Dem Hold


Vermont: Patrick Leahy (D) vs. Len Britton (R)

I understand there is a movement in Vermont to secede from the rest of the country. I’m okay with that. Leahy by 34, Dem Hold


Washington: Patty Murray (D) vs. Dino Rossi (R)

Patty Murray has been in the Senate for 18 years, but she hasn’t really accomplished much of anything. When I think of Murray, the only thing memorable that comes to mind is her praising Osama bin Laden for his supposed charitable work not long after 9/11. Dino Rossi was absolutely robbed in the 2004 gubernatorial election. Murray has a slight lead in the most recent polls, but it is extremely close. This could very well be the election that determines who controls the Senate in the 112th Congress, and we may not know the winner until the wee hours of the morning…or several days later. Hopefully Rossi learned his lesson from 2004 and has a few thousand lawyers ready to be airdropped into King County on November 3rd. Rossi by less than 1, GOP Pickup


Wisconsin: Russ Feingold (D) vs. Ron Johnson (R)

I’m really quite surprised that this race isn’t closer. Every major poll except one since September has Johnson ahead by at least six, and the lone outlier still has him up by two. Johnson by 6, GOP Pickup


Now, the seats currently held by Republicans (of which there are 18):


Florida: Charlie Crist (I) vs. Marco Rubio (R) vs. Kendrick Meek (D)

Rubio hasn’t polled below 39% in a major poll since the beginning of September. Couple that with the fact that Crist hasn’t polled higher than 33% since early September and Meek has polled steadily between 16% and 24% since July, and it’s almost impossible for Rubio to lose. Rubio by 10, GOP Hold (P.S. – I’m a Florida voter, so I figured I’d throw in some additional “analysis” of the candidates. Kendrick Meek is too left-wing for my taste, but he honestly seems like a decent guy. Marco Rubio is presidential timber. He’s young (just 39), so keep an eye on him. Charlie Crist, on the other hand, is soulless, opportunistic scum. But hey, now that his political career is almost over, Crist can look forward to spending more time at home with his “wife.” LOL.)


Kansas: Jerry Moran (R) vs. Lisa Johnston (D)

This won’t be close. Moran by 40, GOP Hold


Kentucky: Rand Paul (R) vs. Jack Conway (D)

Paul has been ahead almost the entire campaign. Conway’s recent attempts to portray Paul as some sort of pagan death cult member appear not to have worked. Paul by 8, GOP Hold


Missouri: Roy Blunt (R) vs. Robin Carnahan (D)

Look at the polling. Blunt hasn’t trailed in a poll since…2009. Blunt by 10, GOP Hold


New Hampshire: Kelly Ayotte (R) vs. Paul Hodes (D)

Ayotte has not trailed in a poll…ever. Ayotte by 8, GOP Hold


Ohio: Rob Portman (R) vs. Lee Fisher (D)

Fisher is just getting annihilated in the polls. Four years ago he won a statewide election with 61% of the vote to become Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor. This year he may not even get 41% of the vote against a former Bush administration official. Ouch. Portman by 18, GOP Hold


Utah: Mike Lee (R) vs. Sam Granato (D)

No contest. Lee by 32, GOP Hold


Alaska: Joe Miller (R) vs. Scott McAdams (D) vs. Lisa Murkowski (Write-in)

This is probably the most difficult election to predict, because it’s so hard to poll a three-way race with a credible (in fact, an incumbent) write-in candidate. Recent polls suggest that Miller and Murkowski are roughly tied, with McAdams a distant third. If it stays this close on Election Day, expect a long, drawn-out legal battle over misspelled write-in ballots and such. But in a way it doesn’t really matter whether Miller or Murkowski wins, since either one will caucus with the GOP. I want Miller to win because a) he’s the more conservative candidate and b) Murkowski is a sore loser who thinks she owns that Senate seat because her daddy gave it to her. Miller by 1, GOP Hold


Alabama: Richard Shelby (R) vs. William Barnes (D)

Yawn. Shelby by 28, GOP Hold


Arizona: John McCain (R) vs. Rodney Glassman (D)

This one would have been a lot more interesting if J. D. Hayworth had won the Republican nomination. McCain by 20, GOP Hold


Georgia: Johnny Isakson (R) vs. Michael Thurmond (D)

Remember when Democrats could win in Georgia? Isakson by 26, GOP Hold


Idaho: Mike Crapo (R) vs. Tom Sullivan (D)

Sullivan has to hope that Crapo is found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy sometime in the next five days. Crapo by 42, GOP Hold


Iowa: Charles Grassley (R) vs. Roxanne Conlin (D)

Zzz. Grassley by 22, GOP Hold


Louisiana: David Vitter (R) vs. Charlie Melancon (D)

Eliot Spitzer is sooo jealous! Vitter by 10, GOP Hold


North Carolina: Richard Burr (R) vs. Elaine Marshall (D)

No one has been able to explain to me why Burr is viewed as weak, or why he is allegedly unpopular. He has not trailed in a single poll. Burr by 14, GOP Hold


Oklahoma: Tom Coburn (R) vs. Jim Rogers (D)

Rogers looks like a homeless man. He does not appear to have a campaign website. Coburn by 48, GOP Hold


South Carolina: Jim DeMint (R) vs. Alvin Greene (D)

Greene has a lot going for him: He’s unemployed, he lives with his parents, he’s been indicted on a felony charge of showing porn to a teenager, and he appears to be mentally retarded. In other words, he has a lot in common with his party’s base. [Rimshot!] DeMint by 44, GOP Hold


South Dakota: John Thune (R) [uncontested]

This is the only uncontested Senate seat this election cycle. Thune by 99, GOP Hold


So. My prediction is that the GOP will hold on to all 18 of their Senate seats that are up for election. Additionally, the GOP will pick off 10 of the 19 Senate seats that Democrats currently control that are up for election this year. If this result comes to pass, the GOP would control 51 Senate seats in the 112th Congress, just enough for a majority.

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About RJ

  • emo

    WA Rossi by 1 will mean vote fraud recount in King County

  • RJ


    You definitely have a point, but I think Rossi will be smart enough to fight back HARD before the Dems can steal the election this time around.

  • I believe that all of your predictions are pretty much spot on, RJ, with the exception of the Alaska senate race. Benefiting from fierce momentum on her side in what is essentially the closing week of the campaign, and Miller being swept away in a tidal wave of ethics violations, I see Murkowski winning by roughly two to five points. Connecticut might be closer than expected as well, which would be a very good thing in my book as Blumenthal is on par with Charlie Crist in terms of personal character and integrity.

  • rockland steel

    I think the matrix is wrong, it seem’s that most of these folks, who are forcasting the out come of our upcoming election have missed the boat.

    They are looking at the wrong matrix, this is not 1994 where the generic ballot had the two parties only points apart.


  • Ruvy

    I’m disgusted with what the Democrats have turned into in the United States. But for all that, it will mean nothing if the Republicans control the Senate. America is going down.

  • scaraway

    I also have to disagree with you on Boxer and one of the New York races. Tea party polling data is skewed 60% of T-party participants have not voted before this adds a 9% error to the figure. I am predicting 12 maybe 13 senate seats. CA, Oregon, New york. Congressional polls in NY and CA show voters wont split their vote on Senate.4 seat P/U in CA and 3 seat P/U in NY House 84 seats.

  • Baronius

    New York has three major races, and all of them are one-sided. It’s going to be a blood-bath.

  • Cannonshop

    Unlike 2004, there are no actual POLLING PLACES in King or Snohomish Counties in Washington-combined with the Seattle Machine, Rossi’s not going anywhere unless Murray somehow manages to piss off the Democratic Party Brass in this state.

    and it will be a hell of a lot harder to track now-with vote-by-mail now standard, a dedicated King County crew can cook up as many voters/votes as necessary and it is virtually untraceable (Unlike 2004, where the evidence WAS traceable, the Feds just refused to investigate/prosecute in spite of massive evidence of fraud-mostly because to have jurisdiction it would have required a request from the Attorney General-who happened to be the winner of that Gubenatorial Election.)

    Statewide elections in Washington are thoroughly compromised and corrupted, so Rossi has zero chance. After all, it’s not who votes, or how they vote, it’s who counts the votes that counts here.

  • RJ

    Thanks for the info about the WA Senate race, Cannonshop. I wasn’t aware that they did vote-by-mail exclusively.

  • Cannonshop

    #9 it’s been that way since 2006, RJ.

  • zingzing

    that’s not true. i lived in seattle for several years and i never voted by mail. i last voted there in 2008. maybe now it’s all mail, but it wasn’t in 2008, and i never heard anything about mail voting at that time.

  • Arch Conservative

    I’ve never been to Seattle but I’ve heard it’s where those who find northern California too conservative take refuge….

    Don’t think I’ll be visiting any time soon.

  • zingzing

    good thing too, archie. all those damn liberal hippies can smell your type. they’d be on you like a pack of zombies within seconds of your plane touching down.

  • Arch ConscienceStain

    It’s true Mr. ZingZing. If they got hold of AC, they’d put him through that dreaded liberal hazing ritual: chicken fucking.

    Everybody knows liberals are sub-humans.

  • Archie is right, though, believe it or not, although Portland is the place (and Seattle, too, I suppose, by association.)

    I beg to differ, though. Hippies are way better than liberals.

  • I love the way Republicans yell about “massive” voter fraud all the time, yet never seem to be able to prove it. Like Shangri-La, it’s always just out of reach.

    Part of the Breitbartian maxim: yell invective at every opportunity; facts are optional and often get in the way. Eventually the gullible will begin to believe you, and you’re all set.

  • zing, according to Wikipedia, King County [Seattle] switched to all-mail voting in Feb 2009. Pierce County [Tacoma] is now the only county that still has polling stations. All other counties have gone postal, so to speak.

    Sounds great to me, but this has not caught on back east. We can’t even vote early in NY.

  • Cannonshop

    Handy, I was HERE during the 2004 “Election”, multivoting (that is, voting multiple times in multiple places), fictional people voting (Hey, a mailing address that is the Elections office? how awesomely convenient is THAT??), Dead Votes (some registered in 1920 or so), “Finding” ballots inside machines that were cleared (900 or so) and sealed thirty days later? Two districts in SEATTLE were the only material change between election day and the final recount-but what a change! somwhere around six thousand additional votes in those districts, just enough to put queen Christine in the Governor’s mansion.

    Snohomish County went in 2006, King in 2008-9 (depending on city).

    with mailfraud voting, there is literally no way to prove a voter even EXISTS. You can already register your cat to vote (so long as you don’t TELL them it’s a cat), now your Cat can vote in Washington (however YOU vote), and there’s no way to confirm that your cat is even a citizen of age-it’s that easy, so easy a couple radio stations have actually pulled this stunt as publicity stunts-at least, the registration part.

    Democrats squeal and squawk about “Exclusion” but that’s because the preferred method is to “include” however many votes/ballots they need to win, regardless of whether there are actual people connected to those ballots or not.

  • Cannonshop

    In 2003 I was a “moderate”, after 2004, I’m not-and I was probably one of the few who feel this way who VOTED for Gregoire on election day (that weren’t, say, party-line dems who’ll vote no other way or election office fictions.)

    Now, I vote not because I think it will do any good, but because I hope to god I’m wrong about what’s happened here.

  • zingzing

    cannonshop, i was there as well in 2004. did you really vote multiple times? i didn’t.

  • Irene Athena

    That’s what he said: There he was in 2004, multivoting, casting multiple votes in multiple places. I never pictured Cannonshop as the sort of guy who’d get excited enough about a candidate to vote for him more than once.

  • zingzing

    i don’t think he did. who would take the time?

  • Irene Athena

    Herd mentality. Powerful stuff.

  • zingzing


  • Arch Conservative

    If the Democrats/[Edited] truly wanted an honest voting process they wouldn’t oppose the requirement of id.

    But they don’t, so they do, every chance they get.

    All the black panthers, acorn operatives union thugs, and boxes of ballots found in the trunks of cars won’t be able to save the Dems from their fate next week. We won’t be Frankened again.

  • STM

    If I knew what the f.ck this was all about, I’d leave a comment.

    Some kind of important election happening over that neck of the woods? Isn’t it actually THE REALLY important election??

  • STM

    I’ll leave one anyhow, since this is the most important issue in the good part of the Southern Hemisphere tonight, although possibly only sports nut RJ will be even half interested.

    Australia just beat New Zealand 26-24 in a dead-rubber one-off rugby Test match for the Bledisloe Cup, bizarrely played in Hong Kong, with the Wallabies scoring a five-pointer out wide after the hooter in extra time and then converting it for a two point victory … breaking a 10-match losing streak against the All Blacks, the world’s top-ranked team.

    They have been threatening NZ in their past three games and were unlcky to lose the last outing in Sydney after surrendering a big half-time lead and missing a couple of crucial penalty and conversion kicks.Both sides now head to Europe for their spring/northern autumn Test tours of Europe.

    Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has been on a crusade to bring new blood to the Australian side, which also twice beat world chasmpions Aouth Africa during the tri-nations tournament this season, and his strategy has been proved correct a year out from the next Rugby Wiorld Cup, with the Wallabies now a genuine threat in that tournament.

    NZ still look pretty f.cking good, though.

  • Arch Conservative

    Hey STM…I’m looking in your direction and making the universal handjob gesture with my right hand. That’s what I think of your bullshit post.

    “Charlie Crist, on the other hand, is soulless, opportunistic scum.”

    Why don’t more people say that on a daily basis RJ?

    Rubio on the other hand, may be the GOP’s answer to Barry O.

  • Cannonshop

    #25 Yes you will, Arch.

    #21 It’s fun to see how you people take things out of context. In 2004, I thought the process had safeguards and it wasn’t the 19th century with Tammany Hall anymore. I voted once, then, during the ‘recounts’ saw the evidence racking up-a lot of it they didn’t bother to try to conceal with more than the most ridiculous excuses, Irene.

    900 votes is a HELL of a lot of paper to leave in a machine, Irene, and the multivoting was DOCUMENTED (including one case where a woman in her current home district voted (R) and in her former address of ten years prior, somehow found time to vote (D), and a couple cases where the voter in question DIED before casting their vote-also documented.)

    The telling points are thus, however: Three districts turned up six thousand votes all by themselves to reverse the electoral trend in the rest of the STATE.

    It wasn’t worth investigating because the winner thus created, was a democrat and beloved of the Party Machine in Seattle.

  • Cannonshop, I wasn’t calling you out for recounting reports of multi-voting by OTHER people. Go back and look at the comment you made before that. You did in fact say that YOU were multivoting, even if you didn’t mean to. I thought Zing was playing the grammar Nazi. The herd mentality remark was made (by me) because I had no reason to believe that there WEREN’T a lot of votes (by OTHERS–imaginary, dead, or multivoting people) being cast in that election.

    You should be grateful that I defended your reputation (to any other insomniacs who wandered into BC at 3 a.m.) as someone who was too cynical, and honest, to engage in that sort of thing. Apology accepted in advance.

  • Unless you were just PRETENDING to be angry. There’s a lot of that going on in the threads these days. In which case, you may accept MY apology…which…actually, if you WEREN’T pretending to be angry, is what you were looking for in the first place.

    Apology accepted, delivered, lobbed over the net a few times, whatever you want to do with it is fine by me.

  • STM

    Arch Con writes: “I’m making the universal handjob gesture with my right hand.”

    You’d be pretty good at it too, Arch, considering all the practice you’ve had with the real thing.

  • STM

    Just don’t lose the magnifying glass and tweezers.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Explains why he’s always hanging out at truck stops…

  • Cannonshop

    Sorry about that, Irene. I’ve been getting polling-calls all day for a week-while fighting a cold and going to work, brain gets fuzzy and fuse gets short with that.

  • Baronius

    There are two close races that revolve around cities that have questionable vote-tallying reputations: Seattle and Baltimore. If every major race breaks for the Republicans except Rossi and Ehrlich, that’ll be suspicious.

  • RJ

    BONUS: RJ’s House prediction:

    Republicans pick up 73 seats.

  • My prediction is that the candidate who gets the most votes will win.

  • Baronius

    Dread, I hope you’re right. There are stories coming out of Nevada that when you begin voting, Harry Reid’s name already has an X next to it. Similar stories of North Carolina machines defaulting to straight Democratic. These could be early bugs, or false rumors.

  • After the farce of 2000 one might have expected that you Americans by now would have gone back to putting a simple, old, honest-to-fucking-goodness X on a piece of paper and stopped buggering about with computers and Rube Goldberg voting machines.

    But frankly I think you all just want to have one more “stolen freedom” to kvetch about.

  • #39: give us a break

  • Baronius

    Yup, Dread. We should get rid of credit cards and go back to strictly paper money, too. And email is too impersonal. We should take a pen to parchment to finish this conversation. Why, back in my day, we did our multiplying and dividing by hand, not with these fancy calculators!

    Another good thing about paper ballots is that they can’t be faked, destroyed, lost, or miscounted. The moment you fill one out, angels carry it to the Secretary of State’s office.

  • You got me, Baronius. I want to go back to paper ballots because they can easily be forged. Electronic voting machines are no good, because the companies that make them are owned by right-wingers and they won’t let the likes of me tinker with them. Not that the mere notion of entertaining the possibility of even thinking about rigging a vote would even consider entering the lily-white paradise of virtue that is a conservative’s mind.

    Being left-of-centre politically, you see, disenfranchising you is the only think that keeps me going. It’s all I think about. You see, I know that no Democrat could possibly be legitimately elected to office. I skip days from work just to go and help steal elections. I go to sleep at night devising new ways of making votes disappear and/or magically appear from nothing. The more unsubtle and blatant the better.

  • RJ


    You never told me you worked for ACORN! :-/

  • In New York, after 50 years or so of clinky-clanky mechanical voting machines, we now have the method that seems to combine the best of low tech and high tech: Paper ballots that are fed into an electronic scanner. The votes are tabulated by a computer, but there is a paper backup for recounts or whatever.

  • Doc, as often, managed to express that better using humor than I ever could just complaining about Republican paranoia/false charges.

  • ACORN? Those amateurs?


  • RJ


    That’s the kind of system I like.

  • RJ

    So far my predictions are looking pretty good. I don’t think I’ve gotten any wrong, although some of my percentages are probably way off.

  • RJ

    Okay, it looks like I was wrong in WV…

  • RJ

    Hmmm…Wisconsin looks close…

  • Baronius

    I did not pick Thune. I realize that was a mistake.

    I had to stop watching Tom Brokaw. It’s unhealthy for me, how much I enjoy watching him get angry at voters when they disagree with him. The woman sitting next to him (I think she’s the White House correspondent) said that the House is “gone”. I’m sure she meant that in a non-partisan way.

    It’s odd how many of the most interesting Senate races are going to be late reporters. Colorado, Nevada, Washington…and I don’t expect any verifiable results from Alaska for a week.

  • It doesn’t matter. It’s a statement against Obama’s lukewarm agenda, trying to play both ends against the middle and keep everyone reasonably happy, In more prosperous times, it might have worked. In times of hardship, it’s a recipe for disaster. He promised the world and delivered nothing.

  • RJ

    Shit, Toomey could lose? Wow, the Senate races have been somewhat disappointing so far…

    Rubio won in a landslide though. Charlie Crist is human garbage. Let me be clear: Charlie Crist is lower than pond slime.


    There. Now I feel better.

  • I hope to be able to express that same sentiment to the deeply repellent Pat Toomey. I’ll hold off a while though.

  • Russ Feingold’s defeat is quite telling.

  • That’s actually one of the sadder results, because Feingold is far from an Obama footsoldier or a lefty robot — he’s always been his own man, and ethically is Mr. Super-Clean. Beaten by a self-financing rich non-politician by 15 points.

  • Exactly.

  • Michele Bachmann and Eric Cantor both submitted to hostile group interviews on MSNBC tonight. “Are you hypnotized?” says Chris Matthews to the glassy-eyed Ms. B. Cantor breezily evaded answering Lawrence O’Donnell’s questions about the necessity of raising the debt ceiling and how that will go over with Tea Partiers. I guess you could say Cantor’s a good sport — he subjected himself to Jon Stewart recently too. But he does come off as very slippery and insincere.

  • RJ

    MSDNC is a joke.

  • So is Michele Bachmann. =)

  • RJ, I may be wrong, but something gives me the impression that Mr Crist would not be at the top of your wedding guest list. Please let me know if I’m reading too much into it.

  • Baronius

    Kudos to the Alaska election supervisors for announcing how many write-in votes there are.

  • But they don’t yet know how many people wrote in “Liza Minnelli” — or “Joe Miller”

  • Baronius

    …or “Lisa Mikowsky”. But it’s remarkable how many write-ins there were. None of the polls saw this coming.

  • But it’s remarkable how many write-ins there were.

    Our local incumbent for the House was running unopposed, and he’s a useless GOP robot, so my wife wrote in her own name.