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RJ’s 2010 NFL Picks – Week Seven

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I went 6-8 last week. That puts me at 48-42 for the season. For a comparison, check out the “experts” over at ESPN. Here are my picks for the NFL’s Week Seven:

*Sunday, October 24th*

Cincinnati 2-3 at Atlanta 4-2 1:00 PM [Line: Atlanta by 3.5]

Atlanta is undefeated at home. Cincinnati has scored the fewest touchdowns in the AFC (tied with Miami).

-RJ’s Pick: Atlanta by 10


Washington 3-3 at Chicago 4-2 1:00 PM [Line: Chicago by 3]

Chicago has a much better defense than Washington. Jay Cutler has not thrown a TD pass since Week Three.

-RJ’s Pick: Chicago by 7


St. Louis 3-3 at Tampa Bay 3-2 1:00 PM [Line: Tampa Bay by 3]

The Rams haven’t played well on the road. But then, the Buccaneers haven’t played well at home.

-RJ’s Pick: St. Louis by 1


San Francisco 1-5 at Carolina 0-5 1:00 PM [Line: San Francisco by 3]

Oh, yeah. This has “Game of the Week” written all over it.

-RJ’s Pick: San Francisco by 6


Buffalo 0-5 at Baltimore 4-2 1:00 PM [Line: Baltimore by 13]

You’ll want to have Ray Rice on your fantasy team this week.

-RJ’s Pick: Baltimore by 21


Philadelphia 4-2 at Tennessee 4-2 1:00 PM [Line: Tennessee by 3]

The Eagles are undefeated on the road this season. I believe they will remain that way if they can manage to keep Chris Johnson under 100 yards rushing.

-RJ’s Pick: Philadelphia by 4


Jacksonville 3-3 at Kansas City 3-2 1:00 PM [Line: Kansas City by 9]

The Chiefs have dropped two straight, but are 2-0 at Arrowhead Stadium. Todd Bouman (who?) will likely be starting at quarterback for the Jaguars due to injuries to David Garrard and Trent Edwards.

-RJ’s Pick: Kansas City by 5


Pittsburgh 4-1 at Miami 3-2 1:00 PM [Line: Pittsburgh by 3]

The Steelers have given up the fewest points in the NFL (by far), and are allowing the fewest rushing yards per game. The Dolphins are winless at home.

-RJ’s Pick: Pittsburgh by 11


Cleveland 1-5 at New Orleans 4-2 1:00 PM [Line: New Orleans by 13.5]

The Super Bowl champs finally won a game convincingly last week. They should do so again this week.

-RJ’s Pick: New Orleans by 18


Arizona 3-2 at Seattle 3-2 4:05 PM [Line: Seattle by 6]

Looking at Arizona’s statistics, it’s a little difficult to understand how they are 3-2. They have the numbers of a 1-4 team. Seattle’s defense is solid against the run, so it will be up to rookie quarterback Max Hall to give the Cardinals a chance to win on the road.

-RJ’s Pick: Seattle by 9


New England 4-1 at San Diego 2-4 4:15 PM [Line: San Diego by 2.5]

Okay, wrap your head around this. San Diego has the top passing offense in the league, and is also first in yards per game. They have scored the fifth most points per game in the NFL. Defensively, they are number one against the pass, and allow the fewest yards per game in the league. But their record is 2-4. They’ve lost four close games on the road and won two blowouts at home. Now 4-1 New England comes to town with the top scoring offense in the NFL, but a porous defense. I expect a close, high-scoring, very entertaining game.

-RJ’s Pick: San Diego by 6


Oakland 2-4 at Denver 2-4 4:15 PM [Line: Denver by 8.5]

You gotta give the Broncos the advantage, since they are playing at home. But by 8.5 points?

-RJ’s Pick: Denver by 3


Minnesota 2-3 at Green Bay 3-3 8:20 PM [Line: Green Bay by 2.5]

Two somewhat disappointing teams playing in a crucial divisional matchup with the Brett-Favre-goes-back-to-Lambeau-Field storyline thrown in for good measure. I guess I know what channel I’ll be watching on Sunday night. (Hint: It has three letters, and starts with N B C.) At least I won’t have to worry about muting the TV when Keith Olbermann comes on anymore.

-RJ’s Pick: Minnesota by 2


*Monday, October 25th*

New York Giants 4-2 at Dallas 1-4 8:30 PM [Line: Dallas by 3]

This will be low-scoring and close. And fun to watch.

-RJ’s Pick: Dallas by 1


(Bye Week Teams: Detroit 1-5, Indianapolis 4-2, New York Jets 5-1, Houston 4-2)

If you’re interested, here is the full list of Danny Sheridan’s odds.

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  • C2E

    Glad you had time for some comments this week! We differ on the Chicago-Washington matchup and Tampa Bay-St. Louis. Not sure why I picked Washington, but I picked Tampa Bay because it’s close to Anna Maria Island, a place I love. So, in this instance, I obviously believe that Geography is on Tampa Bay’s side and is therefore influencing the outcome of the game. Or something like that.

    Falcons over Bengals
    Ravens over Bills
    49ers over Panthers
    Redskins over Bears
    Steelers over Dolphins
    Eagles over Titans
    Buccaneers over Rams
    Saints over Browns
    Chiefs over Jaguars
    Seahawks over Cardinals
    Chargers over Patriots
    Broncos over Raiders
    Vikings over Packers
    Cowboys over Giants

  • RJ

    Thanks for the picks, C2E!

  • C2E

    Whew! Close one. Ravens were my Survivor pick. Who would have thought the Bills would have played them so close? Lost 8 with the Saints game and might lose 4 more with the Oakland-Denver game.

  • RJ


    ATLANTA 39, BENGALS 32 – RJ 1-0 [1-0 ATS]

    WASHINGTON 17, BEARS 14 – RJ 1-1 [1-1 ATS]

    TB 18, RAMS 17 – RJ 1-2 [2-1 ATS]

    CAROLINA 23, SF 20 – RJ 1-3 [2-2 ATS]

    RAVENS 37, BILLS 34 (in OT) – RJ 2-3 [2-3 ATS]

    TENNESSEE 37, EAGLES 19 – RJ 2-4 [2-4 ATS]

    KC 42, JAGUARS 20 – RJ 3-4 [2-5 ATS]

    STEELERS 23, MIAMI 22 – RJ 4-4 [2-6 ATS]

  • RJ


    BROWNS 30, NO 17 – RJ 4-5 [2-7 ATS]

    SEATTLE 22, ARIZONA 10 – RJ 5-5 [3-7 ATS]

    NE 23, SD 20 – RJ 5-6 [3-8 ATS]

    OAKLAND 59(!!!), DENVER 14 – RJ 5-7 [4-8 ATS]

  • RJ


    GB 28, VIKINGS 24 – RJ 5-8 [4-9 ATS]

  • C2E

    This week, 7-7; overall 55-49. I’m keeping my day job.

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Giants 41, Cowboys 35 – RJ 5-9 [5-9 ATS]

  • RJ

    Through 7 weeks:

    53-51 straight-up

    48-50-6 against the spread

  • RJ

    ESPN’s NFL “experts” in Week Seven:

    Allen 8-6
    Golic 10-4
    Hoge 6-8
    Jaworski 7-6
    Mortensen 9-5
    Schefter 6-8
    Schlereth 9-5
    Wickersham 8-6
    Accuscore 8-6
    Pick ’em 11-3

  • RJ

    ESPN’s NFL “experts” through 7 weeks:

    Allen 50-54
    Golic 62-42
    Hoge 55-49
    Jaworski 57-39
    Mortensen 66-38
    Schefter 56-48
    Schlereth 64-40
    Wickersham 55-49
    Accuscore 62-42
    Pick ’em 62-42