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RJ’s 2010 NFL Picks – Week Nine

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I went 10-3 last week.. That puts me at 63-54 for the season. For a comparison, check out the “experts” over at ESPN. Here are my picks for the NFL’s Week Nine:


Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00 PM – LINE: Atlanta by 8.5

Tampa Bay is 5-2 overall and 3-0 on the road. Atlanta is 5-2 overall and 3-0 at home. Atlanta has a much better offense.

RJ’s Pick: Atlanta by 13


Chicago at Buffalo (in Toronto) 1:00 PM – LINE: Chicago by 3

The Bears (4-3) have dropped two straight. The Bills (0-7) are the only remaining winless team in the NFL and have given up the third-most points in the league.

RJ’s Pick: Chicago by 7


New England at Cleveland 1:00 PM – LINE: New England by 4

The Patriots (6-1) have the best record in the NFL. The Browns (2-5) have scored the fewest points in the AFC.

RJ’s Pick: New England by 14


New York Jets at Detroit 1:00 PM – LINE: New York Jets by 4

The Jets (5-2) are undefeated on the road. The Lions (2-5) have won two of their last three.

RJ’s Pick: Detroit by 1


New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 PM – LINE: New Orleans by 6.5

The Saints (5-3) have one major weakness: No running game, and Reggie Bush is unlikely to be ready to play this Sunday. Carolina (1-6) has scored the fewest points in the league.

RJ’s Pick: New Orleans by 10


Miami at Baltimore 1:00 PM – LINE: Baltimore by 5

The Dolphins (4-3) are undefeated on the road (yet winless at home). The Ravens (5-2) remain undefeated at home after barely beating the hapless Bills in overtime in their last game.

RJ’s Pick: Miami by 2


San Diego at Houston 1:00 PM – LINE: San Diego by 3

The Chargers (3-5) remain the best team in the league…at least on paper. The Texans (4-3) have lost two of their last three and are allowing over 400 yards of offense per game.

RJ’s Pick: San Diego by 8


Arizona at Minnesota 1:00 PM – LINE: Minnesota by 8

The Cardinals (3-4) have lost two in a row and have allowed the most points in the NFC. The Vikings (2-5) are the laughingstock of the league but ought to be able to win this one at home.

RJ’s Pick: Minnesota by 12


New York Giants at Seattle 4:05 PM – LINE: New York Giants by 6.5

The Giants (5-2) are the studs of the NFC East. They’ve won four straight and have scored the most TDs in the NFC. The Seahawks (4-3) sit atop the NFC West and are undefeated at home, but their offense is awful.

RJ’s Pick: New York Giants by 11


Indianapolis at Philadelphia 4:15 PM – LINE: Philadelphia by 3

The Colts (5-2) have won three in a row. Peyton Manning has a QB rating of 101.4 and has thrown just two INTs all season. That’s amazing when you consider he throws the ball over 40 times per game. The Eagles (4-3) are just 1-2 at home this season.

RJ’s Pick: Indianapolis by 6


Kansas City at Oakland 4:15 PM – LINE: Oakland by 2

Kansas City is a surprising 5-2. Matt Cassel has a QB rating of 90.4, but has thrown for more than 200 yards just twice this season. Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles make for an excellent combo at RB. The Raiders (4-4) also have a strong running game with Darren McFadden at RB. Oakland is 3-1 at home.

RJ’s Pick: Oakland by 5


Dallas at Green Bay 8:20 PM – LINE: Green Bay by 7.5

Dallas (1-6) has lost four straight. The Packers (5-3) shutout the Jets last week on the road.

RJ’s Pick: Green Bay by 15



Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 8:30 PM – LINE: Pittsburgh by 4.5

The Steelers (5-2) have allowed the fewest points in the NFL. The Bengals (2-5) have dropped four in a row.

RJ’s Pick: Pittsburgh by 9


(Bye Week Teams: Denver, Tennessee, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Washington, Jacksonville)

If you’re interested, here is the full list of Danny Sheridan’s odds.
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About RJ

  • I hate to say it, RJ, but you’re probably right about that Jets score.

  • RJ

    Hey, I gotta pick my Lions! 🙂

  • C2E

    Don’t have my laptop at the moment, so not sure of my overall – but it’s worse than your record. We have a few differences this week. In my Survivor Pool, I was left with Vikings at home over Cardinals or Jets away over Lions. Picked the former, just because I wasn’t as confident about the latter. Been drinking heavily since then…


    Falcons over Buccaneers
    Ravens over Dolphins
    Bills over Bears
    Saints over Panthers
    Patriots over Browns
    Texans over Chargers
    Jets over Lions
    Vikings over Cardinals
    Giants over Seahawks
    Raiders over Chiefs
    Eagles over Colts
    Packers over Cowboys
    Steelers over Bengals

  • RJ

    Final Scores:

    Atlanta 27, TB 21 – RJ 1-0 [0-1-0 ATS]

    Bears 22, Bills 19 – RJ 2-0 [0-1-1 ATS]

    Browns 34, Patriots 14 – RJ 2-1 [0-2-1 ATS]

    Jets 23, Lions 20 (in OT) – RJ 2-2 [1-2-1 ATS]

  • RJ


    NO 34, CAROLINA 3 – RJ 3-2 [2-2-1 ATS]

    RAVENS 26, MIAMI 10 – RJ 3-3 [2-3-1 ATS]

    SD 29, TEXANS 23 – RJ 4-3 [3-3-1 ATS]

    MINNESOTA 27, ARIZONA 24 (in OT) – RJ 5-3 [3-4-1 ATS]

    GIANTS 41, SEATTLE 7 – RJ 6-3 [4-4-1 ATS]

    EAGLES 26, COLTS 24 – RJ 6-4 [5-4-1 ATS]

    RAIDERS 23, KC 20 (in OT) – RJ 7-4 [6-4-1 ATS]

    GB 45, DALLAS 7 – RJ 8-4 [7-4-1 ATS]

  • RJ

    That Lions loss was absolutely heartbreaking. And Stafford is hurt again. Ugh.

  • RJ


    Congrats on your Survivor Pool pick. Overtime games are fun, amiright? 😉

  • C2E

    One more OT game and either my heart or my liver will give out… I had the Ravens in Week 7, the Chiefs in Week 8 and the Vikings this week. That’s three OT survivals in a row! We’re down from 170 to the “Final Fifteen”.

    Agree about the Lions…I picked the Jets but would not have minded if the Lions won. Bad news about Stafford.

    I’m 9-3 so far for the week and feeling like I’ll go 10-3 once the Steelers beat the Bengals tonight!

  • The Caffeine-Free Herbal Infusion Party

    “RJ’s Pick: Green Bay by 15”

    Close – well, close-ish – but no cigar. What a lopsided scoreline that was.

    You could see in the hunched shoulders and facial expressions of the Dallas players and their coach towards the end of the game that they just wanted to get out of there and lick their wounds. They simply looked inept to me, and right across the park too, in every area of their game.

    It looked like one of those long days at the office when you just want the game to end and get down to the pub.

    They asked no questions of Green Bay, and had no answers. Green Bay looked pretty good to me, though, untrained though my eye might be. Their for-and-against points differential compared to the other NFC north teams is telling, too, even before the easy points they managed to rack up over the weekend.

    I wouldn’t be holding my breath if I were a Dallas fan for a win – or anything even close – against the Giants next game in New York from what I saw on Sunday: more long travelling time, and another old-fashioned bashing is my prediction (jumping the gun on ya, RJ).

    On that effort on the weekend, not even wounded Cowboys will get ’em home.

    They’ll have to leave the lights on for that.

  • The Caffeine-Free Herbal Infusion Party

    And just in case you thought I’d let you off the hook RJ, Wales vs Australia on Saturday at Millenium Stadium, Cardiff. Not as good as last week, but a tough and bruising hit-out against the Welsh, as always. It’d been pissing down all week, the Wallabies had travelled half way across the world from Hong Kong after their victory over the All Blacks and the Welsh left the roof off the stadium, probably hoping the wet track would give them an advantage.

    It didn’t. They DID push the Aussie scrum all over the place, but Wales had no answer to the slashing yellow shirts of the Australian backline.

    Australia now have a midweek game against Gloucester and next weekend, they head to London to play England at Twickenham, followed by France in Paris.

    The other two southern hemisphere powerhouses also had wins on the Spring/Autum northern hemisphere tour: New Zealand beat England before a packed house at Twickenham, and struggling world champions South Africa just squeaked home by two points after a late charge by Ireland in a torrid and physical thriller at the newly revamped Lansdowne Road stadium in Dublin.

    I will be writing you a piece during the week on the two different styles of play in the two heimspheres. (yes, it’s me, STM).

    Cheers mate 🙂 Let’s keep the festival of the boot coming!

  • RJ


    Thanks for the clip. Pretty entertaining stuff. That one Welsh player looked like an extra from “Clan of the Cave Bear.” Yikes! And I can’t believe those guys don’t wear elbow pads…

    LOL @ “sin bin” …

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Steelers 27, Bengals 21 – RJ 9-4 [8-4-1 ATS]

  • RJ

    Through nine weeks:

    72-58 straight-up

    64-59-7 against the spread

  • RJ

    ESPN’s NFL “experts” in Week 9:

    Allen 8-5
    Golic 9-4
    Hoge 10-3
    Jaworski 10-2
    Mortensen 10-3
    Schefter 8-5
    Schlereth 10-3
    Wickersham 9-4
    Accuscore 12-1
    Pick ’em 9-4

  • RJ

    ESPN’s NFL “experts” through nine weeks:

    Allen 64-66
    Golic 77-53
    Hoge 72-58
    Jaworski 75-45
    Mortensen 83-47
    Schefter 70-60
    Schlereth 83-47
    Wickersham 71-59
    Accuscore 81-49
    Pick ’em 78-52

  • STM

    Thanks RJ. I’ll try to keep you entertained during the northern hemisphere tour. The big game is against England next weekend.

    I found the Green Bay Packers to be looking a cut above on Sunday (Monday, my time:). Granted, Dallas looked inept, but I went through and had a look at some of the stats for Green Bay on the NFC north table and they kind of tell the story.

    It’s always good for a team to smell blood and keep the foot on the throat; it means they want to win, and they will go about in the most ruthless fashion.

    Nothing wrong with that. I am trying very hard to look at this game with fresh eyes.

    That’s the trick I reckon. Comparisons are useless (but inevitable). They are what they are, and you love ’em or you don’t on that basis.

    Like I say, I really dislike Australian Football. I’d much rather watch a game of NFL because I at least understand the strategy behind it. Moving upfield in the face of extreme difficulty and getting an oval-shaped bag of wind over a line.

    What else is there??

  • zingzing

    ahem, as a minnesota fan, and i know, i know, look out, because green bay better keep playing as well as they did sunday. the worst of our schedule is over and, while we’ve lost a lot of games, we were always there in the final two minutes. this ot victory is just the thing we need. we’ve got patsy for a while here, and i predict a run of the fucking table. 11-5, here we come.

    i wish they had shown some patience with moss though. damn if that wasn’t stupid. but a win’s a win.

    –a possibly delusional, but hopeful fan

    stm–i genuinely wanted to watch that game saturday, but such is the media coverage of such events here, i completely forgot about it. so when is this game “next weekend?”

  • STM

    RJ: “That one Welsh player looked like an extra from “Clan of the Cave Bear.”

    Lol. Mate, you are dead-set right about him. Most rugby forwards DO have pretty shocking melons, but he’s at another level altogether. However, as bad as he is, wait till you see some of the English and French forwards … the ugliest men in world rugby. Some guys do occasionally wear soft pads on their elbows, BTW, under the strapping tape. A lot have soft shoulder pads too and as you’ve seen, some also wear padded headgear. It’s a matter of choice, but if you’ve been knocked out or conscussed, it’s a good idea to use one.

    Zing: I’ve put a highlights clip up for you guys. The Twickenham game against England is a 2.30pm Saturday afternoon London time kick-off, so how many hours behind you are in New York will give you the goodies. If you are looking for keywords, rugby and Investec Internationals.

    England’s forwards will try to dominate up front in with their tight five and at the set pieces (scrums and lineouts); Australia traditionally are only competitive (and not always) in that area, but are known for getting their go-forward through their loose forwards (like Dave Pocock and Rocky Elsom), good ball retention at the breakdown of play and their backs (Kurtley Beale, young O’Connor, Drew Mitchell, et al).

    Kurtley, the guy who kicked and regathered and then didn’t quite score, is a mate of my son, and a really nice young bloke. They went to boarding school together, played together there and then against each other later when my young bloke decided to go over the wall and moved to an arch-rival college.

    My boy tells me the trick is not to get mesmerised by him but to practice your line speed in defence, leave no gaps, and to move up really quick so he has no room to move.

    Easier said than done. He tells me it sometimes – sometimes – works. Unfortunately, Kurtley creates gaps where none previously existed.

    RJ, what game should I be watching this week apart from Monday night football?? We don’t get every game but they tend to do the pick of the bunch and then the Sunday and Monday night games.

  • STM

    zing, in case you missed it, I put the kick-off time there for you. Cheers. At some point, I am going to get to see your team, the Vikings, right?

    Let’s hope they have a win that day or you’ll be on the beer and valium.

  • zingzing

    heh. the vikes play every sunday, mostly at 1 pm eastern, except for on 12/20 when they have the night (8 pm) game. the next few weeks ought to be interesting. two in-division games, against two very beatable opponents. chicago is a mess right now, but they’re managing to win games. and green bay… well, we would have beaten green bay except for the referees handed them a win.

    sigh. that rugby match is on saturday morning here. 9:30 am. it’s very unlike me to get up on saturday mornings.

  • RJ


    Your best bets for this week are the Thursday Night game (if you can get it), the Sunday Night game, and the Monday Night game. Really, most of the rest of the games this week are either mismatches, or between two mediocre teams.

    If I had to pick one of the Sunday afternoon games? Either the Vikings-Bears or the Cowboys-Giants. Watching Brett Favre play is usually worth it (hey, it might even be his last season!), and the Cowboys have a new head coach now so it will be interesting to see how they play this week.

  • RJ

    Also, both of those games are between division rivals, which usually adds a little something to it and often means a close game.

  • The Caffeine-Free Herbal Infusion Party

    I’m going the Vikings-Bears game. Get to see zing’s team AND Favre. Might catch Dallas over the next few weeks and see if they’ve improved any from last week. Thanks RJ. Cheers.