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RJ’s 2010 NFL Picks – Week Five

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I went 6-8 last week. That puts me at 33-29 for the season. For a comparison, check out the “experts” over at ESPN.

Here are my picks for the NFL’s Week Five:



Jacksonville 2-2 at Buffalo 0-4 – 1:00 PM [Line: Bills by 1]

Jacksonville has a poor offense and an awful defense. But Buffalo has arguably the worst offense and worst defense in the league. The Bills shouldn’t be favored here, even at home. If it was December, maybe. But it’s not going to get too cold in upstate New York in early-to-mid October.

—RJ’s Pick: Jaguars by 4


Tampa Bay 2-1 at Cincinnati 2-2 – 1:00 PM [Line: Bengals by 7]

This is sort of funny: Chad Ochocinco Cereal boxes accidentally include sex-line number. No word on whether it’s “accidental’ that the cereal tastes like lemur ass.

—RJ’s Pick: Bengals by 11


Atlanta 3-1 at Cleveland 1-3 – 1:00 PM [Line: Falcons by 3]

Fun fact: Cleveland holds a 10-2 edge in its all-time series with the Falcons.

—RJ’s Pick: Falcons by 7


Saint Louis 2-2 at Detroit 0-4 – 1:00 PM [Line: Lions by 3]

The Rams won one game last season, and it was against the Lions–in Detroit. Still, I’ve gotta pick my team to win, especially since they are actually the favorites this week.

—RJ’s Pick: Lions by 12


Kansas City 3-0 at Indianapolis 2-2 – 1:00 PM [Line: Colts by 7.5]

The Chiefs aren’t getting much respect, as they are seven-and-a-half point underdogs despite being the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. But winning in Lucas Oil Stadium is a difficult task for any road team, and Kansas City’s defense is overrated. Look for Peyton Manning to pass for 300+ yards and three or four TDs.

—RJ’s Pick: Colts by 10


Green Bay 3-1 at Washington 2-2 – 1:00 PM [Line: Packers by 3]

I smell an upset. (Or maybe I just need a shower.)

—RJ’s Pick: Redskins by 1


Chicago 3-1 at Carolina 0-4 – 1:00 PM [Line: Bears by 3]

Todd Collins will start for the injured Jay Cutler at quarterback for the Bears. The winless Panthers have the lowest scoring offense in the league. I don’t expect a lot of points or a lot of excitement. (The over/under for the game is just 36.)

—RJ’s Pick: Bears by 6


Denver 2-2 at Baltimore 3-1 – 1:00 PM [Line: Ravens by 7]

Denver has the worst running game in the NFL. Baltimore is allowing the fewest yards per game in the NFL. Either Kyle Orton has the game of his life, or the Ravens win. It should be a low-scoring game, which means it may be closer than seven points.

—RJ’s Pick: Ravens by 4


New York Giants 2-2 at Houston 3-1 – 1:00 PM [Line: Texans by 3.5]

The Giants rank 7th in the NFL in yards per game, but 21st in points scored. On the defensive side of the ball, the Giants are 3rd in yards allowed per game, but 22nd in points allowed. Clearly, this is a team that is better than its record indicates. Houston has one of the top offenses in the league, but the worst defense in terms of yards allowed per game. I expect a wild, high-scoring one at Reliant Stadium.

—RJ’s Pick: Giants by 3



New Orleans 3-1 at Arizona 2-2 – 4:05 PM [Line: Saints by 7.5]

The Cardinals have given up the second-most points in the league. The Saints have a tendency to play close games.

—RJ’s Pick: Saints by 5


San Diego 2-2 at Oakland 1-3 – 4:15 PM [Line: Chargers by 5]

The Chargers have scored twice as many touchdowns as the Raiders, but they are winless on the road so far this season.

Still, Oakland sucks.


—RJ’s Pick: Chargers by 14


Tennessee 2-2 at Dallas 1-2 – 4:15 PM [Line: Cowboys by 7]

I’m forwarding my Christmas list to Dez Bryant. He seems like a pretty generous guy.

—RJ’s Pick: Cowboys by 2

Philadelphia 2-2 at San Francisco 0-4 – 8:20 PM [Line: 49ers by 3]

Michael Vick injured his ribs last week. He was hurt so bad that when he got home he only had the energy to torture and kill one puppy.

—RJ’s Pick: Eagles by 5



Minnesota 1-2 at New York Jets 3-1 – 8:30 PM [Line: Jets by 5.5]

Will Brett Favre and Randy Moss click? If not, this is going to be a lo-o-ong season for the Vikings.

—RJ’s Pick: Minnesota by 1


Bye Week Teams: Miami 2-2, New England 3-1, Pittsburgh 3-1, and Seattle 2-2.

(If you’re interested, here is the full list of Danny Sheridan’s odds.)

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  • C2E

    “I’m look” = “I’m looking”
    “annunciate” = “enunciate”

    “vocabulary” = “fail”

  • C2E

    Four and ten. Can’t remember a worse week for picks for me. That brings me to 39-37 or 51.3% YTD, only slightly better than flipping a coin. Yet, two ESPN “experts” have a worse record.

    RJ – You beat ALL the “experts” by at least two wins…congratulations!

    I’m look forward to next Sunday’s “Battle of the Underachievers”. The Cowboys visit the Vikings in Minnesota for the Super Bowl of Wasted Talent. Wade Phillips and Brad Childress, both possessing football minds that function like rusty steel traps, will be attempting to annunciate their strategies while masticating huge quantities of Tums. One for the ages….

  • RJ

    Through five weeks I am 42-34 [37-35-4 ATS].

  • RJ

    ESPN’s NFL “experts” through five weeks:

    Allen 36-40
    Golic 42-34
    Hoge 40-36
    Jaworski 42-28
    Mortensen 48-28
    Schefter 42-34
    Schlereth 45-31
    Wickersham 38-38
    Accuscore 43-33
    Pick ’em 42-34

  • RJ

    ESPN’s NFL “experts” in Week 5:

    Allen 4-10
    Golic 7-7
    Hoge 4-10
    Jaworski 6-7
    Mortensen 7-7
    Schefter 7-7
    Schlereth 7-7
    Wickersham 5-9
    Accuscore 6-8
    Pick ’em 7-7

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Jets 29, Minnesota 20 – RJ 9-5 [10-4 ATS]

  • RJ

    Thanks, C2E. We all have good weeks, and we all have bad weeks. My good week just coincided with your bad week. 😉

  • C2E

    I’m a stellar 4-9 thus far. And, given I’ve heard that the Jets have added a few female reporters and a masseuse or two to their defense, I may well be 4-10 in a few hours…

    Congrats on making great picks during a week of big upsets!

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Eagles 27, SF 24 – RJ 9-4 [ATS 10-3]

  • RJ

    Final Scores:

    Raiders 35, SD 27 – RJ 8-3 [ATS 8-3]

    Tennessee 34, Dallas 27 – RJ 8-4 [ATS 9-3]

  • RJ


    ARIZONA 30, NO 20 – RJ 8-2 [ATS 8-2]

  • RJ

    Final Score:

    Redskins 16, GB 13 (in OT) – RJ 8-1 [7-2 ATS]

  • RJ


    RAVENS 31, DENVER 17 – RJ 6-1 [5-2 ATS]

    GIANTS 34, HOUSTON 10 – RJ 7-1 [6-2 ATS]

  • RJ


    COLTS 19, KC 9 – RJ 4-1 [4-1 ATS] (and I nailed the spread!)

    BEARS 23, CAROLINA 6 – RJ 5-1 [5-1 ATS]

  • RJ


    DETROIT 44, RAMS 6 – RJ 1-0 [1-0 ATS]

    ATLANTA 20, BROWNS 10 – RJ 2-0 [2-0 ATS]

    TB 24, BENGALS 21 – RJ 2-1 [2-1 ATS]

    JAGUARS 36, BILLS 26 – RJ 3-1 [3-1 ATS]

  • C2E

    I saw that earlier today, and it’s knocked him down a few notches in my view. I’d prefer to limit my knowledge of athletes to what they do on the field, but clearly that’s not an option. His wife and daughters must be proud…

  • RJ
  • RJ

    Thanks for posting, C2E & as2ros!

  • C2E

    I’m holding at 35-27, but this week I’m either going in the tank or pulling a coup. We differ on FIVE matchups, and now I’m really having second thoughts about some of my picks. Oh, well, here goes…

    Texans over Giants
    Bills over Jaguars
    Panthers over Bears
    Falcons over Browns
    Bengals over Buccaneers
    Colts over Chiefs
    Ravens over Broncos
    Lions over Rams
    Packers over Redskins
    Saints over Cardinals
    Cowboys over Titans
    Chargers over Raiders
    49ers over Eagles
    Vikings over Jets

  • as2ros

    My picks for the week:

    Good Luck!