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Ripping Off Apple Again

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Pay attention now, HP and Microsoft are not just trying to copy Apple. Oh sure, “It may not be a coincidence that the Athens PC resembles an Apple machine, with rounded corners, a translucent case and a flat, wide display.” But that doesn’t mean anything, right? Just because “HP executive Louis Kim acknowledged the similarities, noting, ‘Apple is on a similar track in that they’re designing with the end-user in mind and they’re integrating hardware and software.'” doesn’t mean anything, right? After all, he said, “There was no intent to try and mimic Apple here,” so it must be true, right?

Look for Windows Media Player to mimic iTunes soon. Oh what? It already does? No, it can’t be. I mean, look at that top ten list. Just ’cause iTunes already minimizes to a fully-functional mode (#1) doesn’t mean anything – you can’t change the color with a single click (#2), so they’re different. I don’t even begin to understand how #3 is supposed to be a “feature” of WMP at all, so I’ll skip it. WMP’s playlists appear to be woefully inadequate, so obviously Microsoft hasn’t thought of copying Apple’s “Smart Playlists” yet (#4). Hmm, I guess they both do pictures now (#5). And WMP plays “some” VCDs, so that puts them a step beyond iTunes, right? Assuming that you think a music player ought to play video (or vice versa), yes it does (#6). Um, it’s not as dreadfully slow as previous versions (#7). So that seems like a good thing. Gee, you can rate each song? How nice they finally got that feature (#8).

Privacy options? What the !#@$ does “privacy” have to do with anything related to music? Why is this even a question? Remind me never to play a single song on any program that has to promise to be careful with any of my personal information, okay? This is insane (#9).

And oh yeah, it won’t encode to MP3 format. Yeah, that’s a big plus. Why do people use this crap again? They’re not learning anything from Apple – they’re moving backward.

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  • “But he said the Athens was designed for functionality, not fashion.”

    Implying Apple designs for fashion? HP can suck it. Thanks for the review.

  • It’s even worse than I realized! When WMP9 was introduced, even CNET felt compelled to point how many new features were copied from iTunes.

    I’m telling you, WMP will include a $.99-per-track music store any day now…

  • jadester

    come on. You’re doning one of those “Microsoft is gay!!!!11!11111!!!!!!!111!”-type reviews (saying ms is bad for the aske of it)
    SO, you don’t think a Media Player should be able to play media other than sound files? but then it wouldn’t be Media Player, it’d be Music Player.
    And if you’re concerned about privacy, why not mention Real Player…

  • face it, despite the microsoft mantra of “innovation”, they haven’t actually pulled off an innovation in many, many years (if ever).

    acquire and rename is more like it.

    oh ya, they’re “in awe of our potential” too.


  • Jadester, did you actually read anything I wrote? Did I say that WMP shouldn’t be able to play video files? No, in fact I suggested that with that one feature, WMP is a step beyond iTunes. Except that iTunes plays music videos within the new iTunes Music Store, thanks to QuickTime, but I didn’t mention that at the time because I hadn’t discovered it yet. Trying to start an argument based on how Microsoft names their products seems pretty, well, silly. Frankly, I don’t care whether the product is called Windows Media Player, Windows Music Player, or Windows Player. They can do whatever they want with it, including copy Apple’s every idea. But to deny doing so is just silly.

    But it’s not the silliest thing you said. A defense of anything that is based on the idea that something else is just as bad is pretty shabby, jadester, so your privacy concerns are simply foolish.

    The point of my article was not say that Microsoft is bad for the sake of it, but to list specific instances in which Microsoft is (again) copying Apple, only this time they’re lying and saying they aren’t. It is a good thing when Microsoft copies Apple, since then Microsoft ends up with some pretty good stuff.

    I didn’t post a knee-jerk article, but you posted a knee-jerk comment. Next time try reading the article before commenting, please.