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Ripper’s solo plans

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Though former JUDAS PRIEST vocalist TIM “RIPPER” OWENS has already confirmed that he is a committed member of ICED EARTH, his contract with the band lets him also pursue a solo career. In a recent interview for Rollingstone.com, he talked about how he envisions a future solo album will sound, and discusses the demos he’s currently working on. “Vocally it’s going to be traditional metal. It’s gonna be what I grew up with – Dio and Priest – what my voice fits. But I listen to a lot of different music. I do listen to some modern music. If it creeps in there, it creeps in there. I’ve written the guitar parts and everything, so I doubt it. It could be kind of a Sabbath/Priest type of music. I’m also very influenced by ANTHRAX. But the thing is I’ve written the guitar riffs and it’s not rocket science music. It’s not going to be DREAM THEATER, it’s not going to be Iced Earth, it’s not going to be Anthrax, because that stuffs just above my playing. I want to do something that kids listen to and remember the guitar riffs and remember the choruses. That’s my goal to make that kind of metal, not something that’s just way out there. I’m recording demos now and I don’t know what the hell it sounds like. I’m gonna try to get a deal, so I’ve gotta put something down. It’s hard because people don’t understand your vision of stuff. I’m in Iced Earth now, but I don’t want people to think my solo material will sound like Iced Earth. Vocally there might be some similarities, but the music is not. But it’s still going to be basic old heavy metal. I’ve put down drum tracks for six songs and I’m working on three and recording them. They’re written, it’s just a matter of putting all the parts down and doing the vocals. I’m really happy, it’s pretty good stuff. A local friend named Tim is playing drums. We just went in and busted them out live. I think he got all six songs in one take. It’s just a demo. A buddy of mine is playing guitar. I’ve written all the parts and put them down , and now I’m having them kind of play it in the studio. It’s good, it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to getting a deal and putting my first record out.”

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