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Ripley’s believe it or not

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Just how much did you like the “Alien” movies? Well, now you get a chance to prove your love. On December 2, Fox is releasing all four of them in a 9 disc, interconnected set that stretches five and half feet long. That’s more than 62 hours of material! It’s listed at $99.98, but amazon.com has it for $69.99 (they routinely knock 30% off everything that comes out: just one of the many reasons I buy 100% of my books, DVDs, tapes, and CDs there. My UPS guy thinks I own stock in them – I don’t). I loved “Alien,” the first one; the second was OK, but I got really scared, so I passed on the third and fourth. But you don’t have to! Good story in today’s New York Times, by Peter M. Nichols, on the method behind the apparent madness.

Fox is calling it “The Alien Quadrilogy.” Wonder where they got that word? Made it up, I guess. I like it!

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  • jadester

    “quadrilogy” sound slike it could be a real word – the alternative (i.e. if it’s wrong) i’d guess would be quadology or possible even qualogy
    Anyway, Alien3 was about as good as Aliens. It has a little less putright action, more gore and more of a return-to-Alien-style horror atmosphere. It’s disappointing it doesn’t follow the “proper” Aliens plotline (apprently having the aliens reach earth would’ve been too costly to do justice to back then)
    Alien 4 is, however, a major letdown. The plot is, tbh, godawful, and there isn’t much of a “feel” of any kind to the movie.

  • Alien addicts are encouraged to take a look at Todd McFarlane’s latest Movie Maniacs series, which has stunning (as usual) recreations of the Queen, Warrior, and Dog Aliens. I told Santa I need all three this year.

  • Since I already have the four movies on VHS, and Aliens on DVD (the extended version), I think this will be a rental.

    Apparently there is an interview with Joss Whedon, who wrote Alien Resurrection, and had major problems with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The set is supposed to include his original script. Joss seems to have bad luck getting decent movies made of his scripts. However, Alien 4 is interesting since it seems to be the kernal for Firefly (which is also coming out on DVD in December).