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Rioters Make Nazis Look Good in Toledo, Ohio

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An aborted attempt at a march in Toledo, Ohio on October 15th, 2005 by about 15 people identifying themselves as “America’s Nazi Party” ended up with riots and looting and arson by the locals. TOLEDO BLADE STORY

Mayor Jack Ford declared a state of emergency this afternoon following a violent uprising in North Toledo that erupted following an aborted march by a group of Nazis.

He issued a citywide curfew starting at 8 p.m. tonight, tomorrow, and possibly Monday.

Mr. Ford said those protesting were mainly male gang members in their 20s. He said the protests were not triggered by race relations but by gang members with grievances.

“We went to talk to them. Most of them were gang members in full colors,” the mayor said. “Their anger was based on some long-standing things but also that we had allowed the [Nazi] walk to occur in the first place.”

North Toledo descended into chaos for several hours this afternoon after angry crowds who turned out to protest a planned march by a small group of National Socialist Movement calling themselves “America’s Nazi Party” erupted into violence.

A mob of at least 500 people threw bricks and rocks at police and vehicles, looted a bar at Central and Mulberry and started it on fire, and overturned a car at a North Toledo gas station and burned it.

There were reports of minor injuries to police and numerous arrests.

You’ve really got to be a major jackass to make self-described Nazis start to look good, but these Toledo residents have managed to do it. Rioting is just far, far worse than a few idiots with swastikas talking some trash. As riots unfolded before the Nazis even started, the city cancelled their march for them, and sent them packing. They apparently left peacefully and without any incident on their part.

Before sending in police in force to make arrests at around 3:30 p.m., Mayor Ford and Toledo Fire Department chief Mike Bell approached the mob and attempted to negotiate a compromise. But as they talked, and as the crowd yelled and screamed at them, looters broke into the bar at Central and Mulberry and began taking merchandise.

Mr. Bell eventually began walking back toward a large group of police shaking his head.

“No more negotiating,” he said. “We’re done. They just set a building on fire.”

Holy negative stereotypes, Batman!

Not to put too fine a point on this, but the local Negroes here did about a thousand times more to make their point for them than some handful of Nazi idiots could ever possibly have done. If they had simply ignored them, these dozen odd schmucks with police escort would have simply looked like pathetic museum pieces. Or if the locals unstrategically but understandably had lined the streets and cussed the Nazis, the Nazis would have still just looked like fools.

But the first sign of someone merely even planning to say things they didn’t like became an excuse to go burning and looting. What? This is just exactly the kind of behavior that Nazis or Klansmen would accuse them of.

It’s unfortunate and unfair that the behavior of a few hundred folk will be taken as a reflection on other black folk who had nothing to do with this, but you’d be asking the near impossible to expect everyone to not notice nonsense like this.

We struggle to be colorblind, but pattern recognition is basic to human psychology. Mayor Ford announcing the official line that we’re pretending this is not race related does not change the facts. It’s not white guys from the suburbs or even my backwards cracker neighbors that go burning and looting at the drop of a hat. That such patterns end up coloring the perceptions of many people who do not actually conform to those negative stereotypes is nearly impossible to avoid. Putting it very gently, foolishness like this doesn’t help.

The Nazis didn’t NEED to march in Toledo. The locals made their argument for them.

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  • At least my hate crimes in Toledo don’t disturb the peace.

  • Mike

    You’re totally right! We already watched Detroit burn a few decades ago and now I can’t take my family to the Toledo Zoo tomorrow for fear of having my car flipped over, my wife raped and my kids killed. They probably won’t even refund my damn tickets. Congrats to the folks that attacked their own neighbourhoods and made themselves look like animals. It’s hard to make Nazis looked civilized, but congrats again to the folks in North Toledo for doing that as well. I guess any excuse to riot will do…

  • This wasn’t that far from me. A few miles, if that.

    Very few of the local news stations had anything for a while. It was weird to see this being picked up by CNN and Fox News, but none of the local stations (other than a scroll during the college games). One of the stations came on with their “special report” graphics and music, then cut back to Blues Clues.

    Freaky day to say the least, and I was all for people chucking rocks at Nazis, but once they start trashing stores, blasting police, and setting buildings on fire, it’s impossible to believe in humanity anymore.

    From what some people on the ground said, it wasn’t too bad until the Nazi’s were escorted out. The cops apparently gave them a ton of protection, and that only ticked people off more. They said to expect more tonight, but so far it’s been quiet. Curfew must be working.

  • now I can’t take my family to the Toledo Zoo tomorrow

    It’s on a completely different side of town, not even close to the riot area. I don’t see any danger there.

  • Hari

    After what happened in New Orleans, (and Benton Harbor, LA, Detroit, ect) this kinda behavior shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone….

  • Mike

    Thanks Matt. I did a quick mapquest and plotted the zoo location versus the corner of Central & Mulberry where the trouble was and noticed many miles in between. I was most concerned that because of the “declared state of emergency” that public areas like the Zoo would have to close their doors. I was being a drama queen with the “burning, raping and killing” comments to highlight the contempt I hold for the people who were acting like neanderthals. I’ll keep an eye on the news and see what things are like in the morning. Hoping this was isolated and no repeats tomorrow. Glad you’re OK. Windsor media has picked up on it, but CNN has the best coverage, as they LOVE to sensationalize anything.

  • Anyone else find it ironic that Neo Nazis planned to rally against gang violence?

  • Anyone else find it ironic that Neo Nazis planned to rally against gang violence?

    They knew exactly what they were doing. They claimed they needed no police presence, when even ignorant fools like them know they’ll get it. Now they can go to wherever it is they came from and say they made their point.

    While it’s hard to refute that everyone involved was pretty damned stupid, the catalyst was the Neo Nazi group. They were the problem and when you have that much hate and anger in a single area like that, hell will always break loose, regardless of color.

  • Coooooon

    Fools tend to attract foolishness. I’m not surprised…and I’m black! I’m so pissed at my people that I’m going to go rape the next white woman I see. When is the freakin’ White revolution going to start so all us coloreds can get sent back to where we came from?

  • Dave chisom

    All you holier than thou nitwits should just shut up. The rioting was very unfortunate but you all could have made your points without displaying innate and full blown bigotry. I guess you’re probablly no different from those Nazi clowns.

  • Cooooon

    Hey! I resent that Dave! The socialist Neo Nazis are just trying to protect their often-persecuted Race! They want a Country where not only is the Government a huge welfare state, but all non-whites are killed or expelled. I suppose anyone darker than cream will be “removed”…as blonde Jesus intended it to be.

  • Oh boy… here goes this thread…

  • What can I say? My city hates Nazis and they don’t care who knows it!

    (This city is so freakin’ weird. We had a mayoral candidate who said she was God’s chosen one to build an amusement park and turn the government into God’s government. There’s a Hooters across from a Catholic elementery school. Katie Holmes lives here. God bless home.)

  • Cooooon

    …and Katie Holmes should be protected from our Negrodom! She shouldnt have to be subjected to spinning rims and Nike Air-Force ones!

  • Frank

    It is time to rid society of both Nazis and Black racists/criminals. The times of trouble are beginning. Make sure you have more than one gun and thousands of bullets, and friends. Join together to smash the criminals, Rise up and take back your country!

  • Francine

    Yes, I agree, Farakhan says we hate him and his people. Well, we dont, but maybe we should!
    Let’s Go get ’em!
    Push em back, Push em back, wayyyy back!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I read the various stories about “anti-Nazi” violence in Toledo and said “huh? – how did Americans get so intelligent?” Then I read further and saw that the Nazis were protesting gang violence – and the gangs were on hand to let the Nazis who had dissed them know just who was boss.

    Well, I gotta say, it is better than reading about the traitorous government we have here giving land away to our enemies and pretending they’re making peace.

    Looking at all this from a third of a world away, I have to say that the neo-Nazi clowns did make their point rather well. Mind you, had it been me in charge, the neo-Nazis would be dead now, killed by the gang members they protested against. I have no love for the Neo-Nazis. Nevertheless, the black gangs (sorry, there is just no getting around the race issue here) displayed the same immense intelligence that the Arab rioters who streamed into Gush Katif displayed – destroying hot houses that Jews were forced to abandon a month or so ago.

    Those hothouses would have made the Arabs millions of dollars – but the Arabs had to let their rage rule – and kill their own futures. That is what the gangs are all about, too. Letting rage rule so that it kills one’s own future.

  • i live in toledo, and watched this whole thing progress on the news today.

    i agree 100%. the nazis did little more than show up and maybe yell some comments into the crowd before the walk was cancelled. the crowd took upon themselves to prove exactly what the nazis wanted to show. and they fell for it. i find it pretty pathetic.

    personally if it was my neighborhood, i wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of upsetting me. i wouldn’t set a plan to be home and protest it. let them do what they want and move on. they won’t be back if there isn’t the reaction they are looking for.

  • KJ

    The White Nationalist say the Jews and Blacks are out to destroy them.

    The Blacks say the Jews and Whites are out to destroy them.

    The Jews say the White Nationalist and the Arabs are out to destroy them.

    The Arabs say the Jews and Whites are out to destroy them.

    Everyone is afraid of everyone.

    I forgot where I was going with this….

    The End.

  • Justin Berry

    All I want to know is where the hell was FEMA? Some poor looter could have gotten hurt!

  • David

    why is everyone blaming the gangs.. i live in east l.a. and you’re damn right a riot is gonna break out if the police are protecting an organization that wants us to be slaves again. I dare racist to show there hoods in my city and expect not to get beat down. all the t.v. is showing are the poor nazi bastards being protected. In my opinion there is a greater thing to learn.. the pigs are not on our side they are here to protect and serve the upper class. if you really sympathize with the nazi’s you should really take a look at what side of the line you are standing on. The media is trying to make it look like the real hate group are blacks and minorities. Not So.. What is needed is a multi-racial organization that fight for the interest of the working class.. BREAK WITH THE DEMOCRATS.. FOR A WORKERS PARTY!!!

    ‘Labour cannot emancipate itself in the white skin where in the black skin it is branded.’

  • brian

    i dont sympathize with the nazis. the media isnt trying to make the blacks and minorities look like hate groups.

    how can you try and justify the fact that these people today were committing crimes and destroying their own neighborhoods and local businesses over 10-20 idiots? they more than stepped to the level of nazis, they went below – and for that the nazis won. this rioting/looting went on for hours AFTER the “walk” was cancelled.

    i definately do not like hate groups, but rioting and looting and destroying property that has NOTHING to do with the nazis is unacceptable. the police were there to protect EVERYONE. what about media, rescue workers and innocent people. they were all affected and some vandalized and injured from these idiotic acts.

    at LEAST the damn nazis left in peace and did no physical destruction or caused injuries to people.

  • The Nazis have been doing their little rallies for a long long time now. We have always allowed it because of freedom of speech, just like we allowed that huge black rally in D.C. today.

    So why are the blacks getting mad now??? They are not. This rally was even conceled. Those Black gang members were just looking for an excuse to rob and make a scene.

    If I was living in Toledo I would have grabbed my shotgun, then opened my door to attract the looters to my house, then hide around the corner and the second the looters started pouring in a would have blew all their heads offs.

    Then reload and go outside and start a riot of my own.

  • brian

    EXACTLY. it is always ok for black conventions, gatherings, million man marches, etc.

    yes there were a shitload of “gang” members or dressed to be gang members. how does looting the bar, stealing cases of beer, lighting it on fire, flipping cars, have anything to do with any hate group?

  • Justin Berry

    There exists a very simple test to determine if the race of the rioters played a part in their actions.
    Here’s the plan- Have farakhan plan a rally in a predominately white racist stronghold (i.e. Jasper,TX) If the whities go crazy and tearup their own town,then race played no factor.

  • I say we should have any kind of convention we want and other people should respect it. We should be able to have Klan meetings and Million Man Marchers.

    And don’t say, “But the Klan is based on hate, and the MIllion Man March is based on positiveness”, because that is bullshit. I watched Farakan’s convention today and I witnessed a lot of Hate speeches about the white race, cops, Republicans, and basically anyone else who isn’t Black.

    The fact is “Freedom of Speech”. We respected the right of the Blacks to have the Million Man March thing eventhough it was based on Hate, so why don’t they respect a small Nazi group meeting in the Park???

  • KJ

    I’m a Black Republican. “Republican” and “Black” aren’t antonyms, Anthony. There are some of us that aren’t reactionary communist that believes the “man” is out to get us, trust me. The Nazis have the right to march PROTECTED anywhere they please. Those gang members simply took advantage of the Nazi presence to loot. It was wrong.

  • KJ, you’d be just the kind of person what I would think would be particularly disgusted by this. You could be a black Republican, or a respectable Democrat, or just any apolitical black person what doesn’t like idiots destroying their neighborhood and reflecting badly on everyone there while they do it.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Why does everybody blame the gangs, David? Well, let’s see – they make life miserable for the folks living in their neighborhoods, sell drugs that white men (and Arabs from my neck of the woods) pro