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Rio fine for Rush

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Rush in Rio

Another live Rush album…too much of a good thing? Well, no, much like the recent Iron Maiden album and DVD, this one has enough to make it worthwhile. Granted, you probably have most of this on album and CD, but it has never sounded so good. Rush were in top form at their huge gigs in Rio, that is for certain. As this was done on their last tour, you get a smattering of material from their last studio album (‘Ghost Rider’, ‘One Little Victory’ and ‘Secret Touch’) which was one of their best for many a moon. As with other recent Rush live releases you get a great deal for your dosh. This 3cd set contains 30 tracks (2 of which are bonus board bootlegs: ‘Vital Signs’ and ‘Between Sun & Moon’). As you would expect with a Rush live set, this is more of an entire afternoon’s worth of listening rather than the norm for new releases. Be prepared to be amazed by just how good this trio is after all is said and done. This is by no means an essential purchase for anyone, save the most hard-core of Rush fans. (Wait are there any other type?) Does that mean you shouldn’t buy it or it isn’t good? Not by a long shot. This is great stuff.

Rating: 4/5

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