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Rihanna Tales of Pain and Success – RiRi Does It the Way She Knows Best

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Rihanna is indeed a head turner in more ways than one. A lot of things have been happening down on RiRi lane and for sure, things will get more interesting in the near future. Well, only RiRi can magically draw good things from something that is quite tragic. And this is just one aspect in the life of the music artist. Rihanna, the consummate music artist and Rihanna, the private person, are tales that are akin to a dizzying rollercoaster ride. Her singing career is just as interesting and engrossing as her personal travails and misfortunes.

This is just one part of the Rihanna story. She has been staying on center stage and well within the radar range as she prepares for the November 19 release of her upcoming album, Unapologetic, her seventh studio album. This one will be her fourth album in four straight years.

The Tormentor Becomes Her Close Friend

Rihanna may have finally confirmed where she is coming from when she unraveled her innermost thoughts and feelings towards Chris Brown during her heart-tugging talk with Oprah in August. She admitted that they have already “built a trust again” and despite all the bad things that happened in the past, they still love each other and probably will for the rest of their lives.

The highlight of that interview came when Rihanna admitted that she had to force herself to put on a poker face every time they bump into each other because she remains deeply in love with him and confessed that her tormentor is the love of her life.

RiRi Shines Bright Like a Diamond

And here is another reason for the pop star to celebrate. Her latest single “Diamonds” snatched the top spot of the U.K. singles chart earlier this month, and dislodged YouTube phenom Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style” to second spot in the process. “Live While We’re Young” by One Direction and “Skyfall” by Adele took the third spot and fourth spot, respectively.

The new single hit radio stations and became available at iTunes over three weeks ago. Rihanna strayed from the usual electronic elements that were present on her last studio album, Talk That Talk. For “Diamonds,” RiRi comes up with something new – strong vocals that tend to overwhelm the rhythm, and the beats are driven by the drums and backed by synths in a relatively subtle way.

In a related development, Rihanna has confirmed that she will again hit the road next spring for her “Diamonds World Tour,” and this will start with her scheduled performance at the First Niagara Center on March 8 next year. With the initial success of “Diamonds,” our pop princess is showing to all and sundry what she can achieve if she puts that unbeatable voice of hers to good use. 

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