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Ricky Williams Eyes Yoga-Aided Return To NFL

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What? Like the Miami Dolphins need more headaches mired in the middle of an 0-fer season! Or, is the possibility that Ricky Williams, a devastating game-changer running back when he felt up to it, suiting up for the ‘Fins exactly the shot in the arm this team needs?

I certainly don’t know, as I’ve lost all faith in my ‘Fins. But with word from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that he’s reinstating Williams, at a minimum, it gives Dolphins fans something to think about beyond this miserable season.

When he wanted to be, Williams was a total running back for the Dolphins gaining nearly 4,000 yards in the three seasons he played for the team. Williams was a solid blocker as well, making anyone in the backfield with him that much better. But what has Williams been doing to keep himself in playing shape since going rasta during the 2005 season?

Well, according to a March 2007 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Williams has been practicing yoga as a means to combat his social anxiety disorder – his main excuse for hitting the bong.

“One of my biggest problems is that I’m always so influenced by what other people are thinking about me,” Williams said. “When I smoked, I would achieve some kind of peace, regardless of what people around me were thinking about me. I came here and I was able to manufacture that kind of peace without having to use any kind of substance.”

Okay, cool, so maybe he’s got the pot thing under control. Say what you will about the legality of the substance, bottom line is it’s a no-no in the NFL and Williams fought the law and lost on four occasions. But what about the rigors of football?

Williams, who hasn’t suited up for a professional game since 2005 is still youngish, 29, and in amazingly good shape. A stand-out athlete at every level he’s played, he really is a prime candidate to be able to make the comeback should any team, let alone the Dolphins, decided to give him another chance.

Williams says that his yoga practice will help him when it comes time to hit the field, from the same Chronicle article.

“When you lift weights or run, adrenaline kicks in and that’s a form of instinct. But when a football player gets into the zone and they’re just feeling everything, that’s intuition. When you really learn to focus your mind and tap into intuition, it’s so much stronger than instinct. You have to give up one to get the other. So I might not have the edge, but I’ll have the ability to get into that heightened state any time I want.”

So what will this all mean? No one knows for sure except that it’s yet another in the interesting saga that is Rickey Williams. If I’m the Dolphins, I take the chance and get this guy back into a uniform, he genuinely seems ready to play again having found a purpose to his football career.

And lord knows, the Dolphins have absolutely nothing to loose at this point.

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  • Rico

    YES!!!…Fins should def let Ricky run again!!!!!

  • RJ

    The guy talks just like a total stoner…oh, wait…

  • Tan The Man

    If Williams was an alcoholic, I’m sure not many people would care. When you put weed and other illegal drugs into, then it’s a huge problem.

    It would be funny if Williams has killer performances for the rest of te season and the Dolphines win the rest of their games. Then Williams would look like the bad guy, or would it be coach Cam Cameron who didn’t really want Williams to rejoin?

    Either way, Williams SHOULD be playing football…

  • RJ

    “If Williams was an alcoholic, I’m sure not many people would care.”

    I know what you’re saying, but I’m pretty sure the NFL would frown upon alcoholism as well. They tend to suspend players who have DUIs or other alcohol-related incidents, although not for as long.

  • Tan The Man

    Yeah, they’re both big problems, but drinking has always been more socially accepted.