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Richie Rich Goes Digital Thanks to Ape Entertainment

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Ape Entertainment is at it again. This time with “the poor little rich boy” himself Richie Rich instead of a pocket full of pygmies. The all-things-comics company today announced the launch of the first-ever digital comic for Richie Rich and it’s available on the App Store as a free download with a free preview of the first issue. That’s a sweet deal, but of course additional issues cost $.99 for the classics and $1.99 for the all-new Rich Rescue. The classics look amazing and so do the new issues.

The app features digitally restored and color corrected original master copies of the classics as well as new adventures under the title of Rich Rescue, which were created by Ape. The new series features an updated look that emphasizes the character’s altruistic side as the world’s richest kid becomes a globe-trotting adventurer who uses his wealth to help people in need around the world. These new adventures are available digitally within the app as well as in print at local comic book shops nationwide.

“I grew up reading Richie Rich comic books and am proud that Ape Entertainment is now offering the first-ever digital version of this classic on iOS,” said Brent E. Erwin, Ape Co-Publisher. “Working with Classic Media and iVerse has been an extremely great experience and we’re looking forward to offering fans another way to enjoy Richie Rich.”

This isn’t all that Ape has been up to. In the last week they’ve launched the first-ever Strawberry Shortcake digital comic as well as the Cut the Rope Comic based on one of the best-selling iOS titles of all times and their Pocket God Comic series hit 500,000 downloads. I’m told they have a lot more in store as well for the new year.

The first issue of the new Rich Rescue issue, entitled “The Boon Under the Bay!” was written by Bill Williams and the art done by Marcelo Ferreira and Dustin Evans with the cover created by Jack Lawrence. As the story goes, Richie is on a mission in South America with the gang and they stumble on a map that leads to ancient ruins and a conquistador’s mystical, long-hidden treasure. When Reggie accidentally triggers an ancient time traveling device, it launches the crew back to the time when the ruins were first built and dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Will Richie Rich be able to figure out how to get the gang back to the present, or will they be trapped in the past forever

The app was developed by iVerse Media, Ape’s digital distribution partner, and is available immediately on the App Store as a free download for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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