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Richard Swift – Buildings in America 7″

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I am quickly becoming a fan of Richard Swift. A few weeks ago I had never even heard the name, but his exceptional keyboard work on Pony ExpressBecoming What You Hate immediately caught my attention. Swift has released a 7” on Velvet Blue Music that only serves to validate my initial impression.

Though only three songs short, Swift makes quite an impression with his captivating vocals and interesting instrument choices; which will catch the attention (and crack a smile) of even the most jaded of music critics. The subjective lyrics on Buildings in America display an area of vulnerability that brought me to tears the first time I heard it. Here’s a sample:

Please remember
To regret it
Don’t be sorry
Just forget it
Please don’t laugh
If I can’t say your name

You’re a plane crash
With a pipe dream
Ruby Tuesday with a broke wing
Please don’t cry
Like buildings in America

I cut your name from your mother’s heart
I won’t be late and I won’t be caught
I try not to be someone to love
I didn’t mean to bleed but it’s so damn tough
I played your heart and I broke two strings
Jesus Christ you’re a lovely thing.

On side B Swift pays tribute to the late Gene Eugene with a cover of Jimmy with nothing but a simple guitar, metronome, and the occasional keyboard and drum kit. It’s very touching.

If you have a turntable already go buy this album. If you don’t have one, then buy a turntable, then buy this album. Shoot, it’s only $4.50!

Buy it from Velvet Blue Music.

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