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R.I. fire, a year on

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CMU reports:

It is one year since that tragic club fire at a Great White gig in Rhode Island killed 100 people, including the band’s guitarist Ty Longley.

A ceremony was held in the town of West Warwick last week for the survivors
and their families. Governor Don Carcieri paid tribute to those who died,
while local firemen and paramedics rang a bell 100 times to commemorate
those who lost their lives. Other memorial events were due to take place
over the weekend.

Great White frontman Jack Russell, meanwhile, spoke to Massachusetts radio
station WKKB-FM. Once again he reaffirmed his stand that the owners of the
club gave the band permission to use the pyrotechnics that started the blaze: “You play these places every single year. That’s your bread and butter. Why would you go somewhere and do something that’s going to piss somebody off so they’re not going to let you play there next year? That’s just bad business. I understand why they denied [giving permission], you know what I mean. I could see them trying to cover their ass. But, I mean, something this big, you got to stand up and take your lumps.”

As previously reported club owners Jeffrey and Michael Derderian deny being
informed about the pyros being used in the show. The Grand Jury led investigation to decide who is to blame is yet to reach court.

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