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RI: Club had 100 more people than allowed

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CMU reports:

Following yesterday’s comments from the Great White’s Jack Russell on the
aftermath of the fire at the Rhode Island club that left 100 of the band’s fans dead, a Rhode Island newspaper has published a report suggesting the venue was 100 people over capacity on the night of the tragedy.

As officials continue to investigate who was responsible for that tragedy,
the Providence Journal has said it reckons there were 412 people in the 317

capacity venue on the night of the fire. They have found 192 survivors who
confirmed they were at the club that night, and those people have confirmed an additional 120 were there too. Added to the 100 people who died that puts the venue nearly 100 people over capacity.

If true, these figures are bad news for the club’s owners Michael and Jeffrey Derderian who have been trying to deflect responsibility for the fire by claiming they weren’t aware of the pyros used by the Great White in their set. Even if that was so the brothers were negligent for allowing the audience to go so far over legal capacity.

However lawyers representing the families of those who died say the latest
report won’t do much to change their cases against the clubs owners because,
while these crowd size estimates are higher than previous counts, it was already accepted that the venue was over capacity.

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  • Yeah, they can’t really blame the band for playing in an over capacity setting. Playing to a standing room only crowd, even if it is only 400 or so people is a dream for most artists.

    Well, maybe not Great White, who at one time played stadium venues and had success and then over time became a “do you remember them?” band.