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“Rhinos are not particularly intelligent animals”

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Rhino humps car, occupants barely escape with their reputations:

    Sharka, a two-ton white rhino, got amorous with Dave Alsop’s car when he stopped with three friends to take pictures of the animal mating with his partner Trixie at the West Midland Safari Park.

    The 12-year-old rhino tried to mount the Renault Laguna from the side, denting the doors and ripping off the wing mirrors before Dave drove away with a puffing Sharka in pursuit.

    “He was a big boy and obviously aroused,” Alsop told the Sun newspaper on Thursday.

    “He sidled up against us. The next thing I know he’s banging away at the car and it’s rocking like hell.”

    A spokeswoman for the park, which says “rhinos are not particularly intelligent animals” on its Web site, said Sharka was a hit with the female rhinos and had fathered two calves in the last five years. [Reuters]

Now that’s autoerotica.

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  • Cerulean

    Naked celebrities deserve the same freedom that we all enjoy. I hope you do free them! Good luck.

  • Cerulean

    Umm, so no one thinks I’m insane, the above posting was in reference to some comment spam about “free naked celebrities” It’s been removed.

  • Eric Olsen

    I thought maybe you meant the rhino

  • PseudoErsatz

    Hilarious! It always amazes me that for some reason, people want to get snaps of animals mating. Perhaps to share with family and friends later.

  • Eric Olsen

    perhaps to refer back to for tips