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Rhapsody – Power of the Dragonflame

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“Power of the Dragonflame” is the fourth full-length album by this Italian outfit. Whether or not you might like this album depends on how you would react to a band that I’d describe as sounding something like a cross between Yngwie Malmsteen and the operatic bits of Queen.

Describing themselves as “Symphonic Epic Hollywood Metal”, Rhapsody play what I would describe as operatic pomp-metal with Dungeons and Dragons lyrics. I’m not kidding here, you can hear the polyhedral dice rolling. Song titles include “Knightrider of Doom”, “March of the Swordmaster”, “Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse and “Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness”. The whole thing is part four of the “Emerald Sword Saga”, a rather corny generic-fantasy epic of the type churned out by the likes of David Eddings or Robert Jordan.

Musically, what we get is power-metal mixed with massive choirs and an orchestra. The album begins with the operatic intro “In Tenebris”, sounding very much like something out a swords and sorcery film soundtrack, typical of Rhapsody’s approach. The rest is in a similar vein to Rhapsody’s previous output; speed-metal riffs and solos, orchestral interludes, huge operatic choruses. The odd verse or chorus, and one entire song, is sung in Italian rather than English.

Overall, it’s in a very similar vein to previous Rhapsody albums, if you like this one, you’ll probably like those earlier releases as well.

This album is released under Wizards of the Coast‘s d20 licence – Requires the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook in order to listen.

OK, so I’m kidding about the d20 licence.

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