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You say you got a real solution/Well, you know/We'd all love to see the plan/You ask me for a contribution/Well, you know/We're all doing what we can/But when you want money for people with minds that hate/All I can tell is brother you have to wait. "Revolution" — The Beatles

Calling all rational conservatives, calling all rotational Republicans — HELP! Look, I think your party’s been taken over by the wing-nut, fringe-groups of your realm. It’s got to be, otherwise someone really needs to explain to me just what in the hell is going on around here.

See, I get it — you, they, whoever, they don’t like President Obama. Okay, cool, I get that. I didn’t much care for President Bush (either one of them) it’s pretty much human nature to not like the guy you didn’t vote for … otherwise … you’d have voted for them but holy bejeebus, Batman! I mean come on, when did the right become the party of stupid? I really miss the conservatives like George Will, P.J. O’Rourke, and Andrew Sullivan.

I didn’t and don’t always agree with what they said but they sure knew what they were talking about. Their arguments made sense and was backed up with facts. When an argument against current policies can be debunked with a quick, 90 second Google search, something has gone horrible wrong! I mean “Obama wants to euthanize my grandma” are you serious? Access to a professional medical counselor who will provide the elderly with information on preparing a living will and other issues facing older Americans is a death panel? Holy crap! I guess every time I deploy and have to essentially do the same thing through a Soldier Readiness Process I’m going before a military death panel! Just for the record, probably not.

Birthers, tea-bag movement and on and on and on … really? This is what you’re spending countless hours on? Going rogue? What’s the deal?! What happened to intellectual honesty? What happened to honest debate? What happened to at the end of the day you could look at the other side and while you may not agree with their methodology, you knew that they too wanted the best for our nation? We’re two sides of the same coin here gang.

Look, I know those of us on the left have got our own whack-jobs to deal with and trust me, we do our best to keep them out of sight and off the airwaves less they scare the children. And yes, on occasion they do get out and make a mess of things – kind of like a drunken relative who turns the Christmas party into the start of a weekend bender – OI! Who let Aunt Nancy into the liquor cabinet anyway? That means you Michael Moore, back in the closet, the adults are talking here. But guys, you really got to do something about the likes of the Michele Bachmanns of the world, she’s making ya’ll look like the tin foil hat brigade. And believe me, there is just no way to make Reynolds wrap look good.

So, what do we do here? Do we just continue on like a bunch of kindergarteners on the playground arguing over who hit the four-square ball out of bounds or do we stop this freakin’ nonsense? Do we all stop for a second when we hear something that knee-jerk offends our sensibilities and go figure out the fact from the fiction? Or do we just keep up the frothing at the mouth? See, my fear is that unless we do figure something out, someone out there is going to mistake that frothing for rabies and try to put us down. What do we do? Make no mistake, there are serious issues of the day that need honest, open debate and I emphasize honest and open.

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