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Examination of posts by bloggers using the term revolution provides a reminder that there have been, throughout history, very many changes to which this label has been attached.

Going right back, you can start with the Neolithic revolution, occurring in different times in different parts of the world, which saw the human race of wanderers settle down to farming.

Moving into historical times, there have been many political revolutions; most historians would say that the French was the real biggie, but for truly modern history the Iranian Revolution stands out.

Moving right up to the present day, there's talk of a green energy revolution.

After you've seen all of that, do be careful about applying the term to, say, changes in the fashionable length of skirt…

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An editorial by Thomas Keane Jr. on why CDs and the music industry in general are on their way out – nothing terribly new to Blogcritics readers, but a great line makes it worthwhile:

    Still, the RIAA fundamentally believes that its customers – largely the young – are pirates; given a chance, they’ll steal music rather than pay for it. (This makes the music industry and perhaps the penal system the only two businesses that believe all of their customers are crooks.) [Boston Herald]

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